Meet lullaboy: The Hopeful Romantic Club President Spreading Love Through Music

A melodic escape from the worries of the wonder.
By: Iffah Salleh
July 18, 2023

We’re about to have a dreamy and heartfelt conversation with the president of the hopeful romantic club himself, lullaboy! 

You will be enchanted by this Singaporean singer-songwriter, who will undoubtedly steal your heart. With his sweet-mellow voice and his humble nature, it won’t be a surprise if one might wonder if he’s single. Well, that’s a question for another time, perhaps.

But let’s not get distracted by his mesmerising looks, there’s so much more to him. His songs weave a compelling narrative of the millennial generation through his music, delivering lyrics that will never leave you feeling alone. His music is like a comforting embrace on a rainy day, accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa and wrapped in a cosy blanket, offering warmth and solace.

And guess what? You can catch lullaboy live at the upcoming Good Vibes Festival 2023 (GVF 2023) at the Sepang International Circuit. But we bet you’re itching for more details, right? Glitz is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with him, delving into his latest updates and thoughts. 

He’s even graciously agreed to play along with some light-hearted, yet potentially challenging questions. Curious to know more? Keep scrolling, lullafam!

GVF 2023

With so many incredible performances lined up at GVF 2023, we’re curious: which artist or band are you most eagerly anticipating seeing? Whose stage presence and talent are you most excited to witness?

I remember watching The 1975 almost 10 years ago with my ex since they were her favourite band. Now sharing the same stage with them on the same day will be one of those iconic full-circle moments for me. 

I wonder if she’d be proud or jealous haha. Watching them is gonna be a trip for sure. I’m also looking forward to catching my favourite DJ, Gryffin, on day 3 so catch me in the crowd with y’all!

Apart from GVF 2023, which performance in your career so far stands out as the absolute best? Share with us the memorable highlights and what made it such an incredible experience for you.

The huge audience shows in front of thousands of people are amazing but to be honest I don’t need the clout and chasing the glory isn’t ever my priority. The most memorable highlights for me are the small intimate shows where I can really have a heartfelt experience with the fans. My last intimate show in Malaysia was a blast, I wish I could relive it over and over again. If you were there, you know what I mean.

Fashion and Style

Your impeccable style has caught my attention, I must confess that I’ve taken a peek at your Instagram feed. It feels like watching an enigmatic yet charming ‘oppa’ unfold before my eyes. 

Considering your fashion prowess, would you kindly disclose your current favourite fashion selections and any unique looks you’re currently exploring? On the contrary, what fashion styles or choices do you strongly avoid or consider a big no-no?

Haha, you are far too kind. I’ve always believed in self-expression so fashion is really important to me. What we wear is an extension of ourselves so I think a general rule is that our clothes should make us feel complete. 

However, as people, we are constantly changing so don’t stress out about switching up your style. I used to hate the New Balance look and now I have 2 pairs. I’m also still deciding where to donate all my skinny jeans haha. 

The ‘oppaness’ probably comes from me living in Korea for long periods of time and just falling in love with the style and music culture. Half my closet is from Seoul and that will stay constant. As for no no’s, I have no no no’s haha. (Isn’t he just so cute with his wittiness!)

Music Journey

“I write for two main reasons, so my listeners don’t have to ever feel alone, and I know I’m never alone either”


Since your debut, your journey must have evolved. How has your practice and approach to music changed over time? Are there any key lessons or experiences that have shaped your growth as an artist?

On more than one occasion, I sent my demos out to labels I admired and got a lot of criticism back. One told me to change my style and make more “masculine” music because that’s what men need to be. 

I was crushed for the longest time until I decided to just release the music and share who I was with the world. Fast forward and now I’m living my dream. I love love and that will never change. That is who I am and I’m proud of it. 

The key lesson that shaped my growth as an artist is, “In all your life decisions, be yourself and follow your heart”.

Get in the vibe!

Your music exudes a serene, hopeless romantic atmosphere and manages to have a calming impact through relatable lyrics, making me feel both immersed in this world and reassured in my solitude. 

We’re captivated by your creative process: what are the recurring daydreams that often occupy your mind and fuel the inspiration behind your music? Please share some of the intriguing thoughts that shape your artistic journey.

When we get to meet in person, I’m going to give you a hug. No one has ever expressed this to me before, and I really am honoured to make even the slightest impact in your life. 

As someone who is religious, the concept of love has always been especially captivating and elusive for me. It’s like the more I know, the less I comprehend, so all I can do is create music that expresses how I feel. 

I write for two main reasons, so my listeners don’t have to ever feel alone, and I know I’m never alone either.

Unique Moments

Can we expect any upcoming releases that were inspired by unique moments, like your shower sessions, or 2 AM thoughts? And do you have any interesting stories behind any of your creations or encounters along the way?

Coming up I have the song I’m using to propose, a song I wrote while sobbing in a train, a song about psychos… and more haha. Every song I write is inspired by unique moments. 

The highest of highs, the lowest of lows, or moments that are just plain wild. That’s why I hope people can agree that there’s a lullaboy song for every sunny day and lonely night.

Let’s connect with lullaboy on Discord!

Can you give us a glimpse of what keeps you busy these days? We’d love to know what exciting projects or ventures you’re involved in.

I’ve been spending so much time with my Discord community actually! It’s been so lovely getting to know my listeners from all around the world and we have a really unique discord because we’re all hopeful romantics figuring out the answers to love and life and helping each other along the way. 

Come and join the lullafam discord or else. On top of that, I’ve got new music in the works, and personally, they’re some of my favourite songs I’ve ever made. Stay tuned for special collaborations as well! 

Lastly, get ready for something out of the ordinary! If you had to measure your height in Oreos, how many delicious Oreos tall do you imagine you would be? Let’s have some fun and see your creative estimate.

New bucket list addition… to try this in real life. I’m 188cm so my guess is at least 2 Oreos.

Some music videos and songs from lullaboy that we recommend!

1. Shortcut to Heaven

This song is all about that special person who makes our hearts race and brings out the best in us. They’re like our saving grace, an express ticket to heaven. It’s the kind of song that will lift you up and put you in a dreamy state. I can’t help but blush when I think about the heartfelt and cute lyrics.

2. Cool

Honestly, this song is an absolute favourite of mine from lullaboy. It brought the emotional in you. the verge of tears from the moment the music play, and understanding the lyrics made it even more impactful.

It taps into individual emotions and makes you feel vulnerable but in a good way. It’s like getting a warm, invisible hug and realising that I’m not alone in this world. There are others out there who face the same struggles, and it helps deliver the strength to rise above it all.

3. Nervous

In this song, you get to experience lullaboy’s softer and more intimate voice. It’s as if he’s confessing his feelings, expressing nervousness, doubt, and curiosity.

The song’s tone captures the sweetness of budding love, making you unconsciously smile and daydream about your crush. It triggers that blissful feeling of wondering what could happen if our paths crossed.

4. Van Gogh

This song epitomises the essence of the hopeless romantic with its soft, warm melody that feels akin to gazing upon the stars. And it’s delivered by none other than the president himself. It has the potential to become the club’s anthem.

The song revolves around unrequited love, where a man deeply falls for his muse. He becomes blinded by love, yearning for mutual affection. Day by day, he patiently waits, even as the pain of rejection grows stronger. Despite the challenges, he remains determined, doing everything in his power to win the heart of his muse

So, grab a cup of tea, get cosy, and indulge in these captivating tunes from lullaboy. They’ll transport you to a world where emotions run deep and love is at the forefront. Enjoy the musical journey!

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