REVIEW: Yes. Yes, You Should Watch The Barbie Movie

and you should dress up for it too!
By: Farah Khan
July 20, 2023

Barbie this, Barbie that. It will be a while until the hype dies down. AS IT SHOULD! The talks about the Barbie movie has been non stop since the trailer was released, and now it’s finally time for us to watch it on the big screen. To say that the excitement meter was at its limit would be an understatement, but suffice to say we were NOT dissatisfied.

With a star studded cast, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and America Ferrera, to a brilliant director, Greta Gerwig, plus the magic of nostalgia, the Barbie movie had all the tools for success and a good audience rating. On top of that, the marketing for the movie was extravagant to say the least!

Now, you might already know all the released details about the movie. So, are you ready for the review?

Pavilion’s Pink Carpet

Before we get into the review though…

Has there ever been a better reason to dress in Pink since Baskin Robbin’s Pink Day? Celebrate the historic (and iconic) moment of Barbie’s release by walking the pink carpet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and snapping all those Insta worthy shots.

They’ve rolled out the pink carpet like a fabulous welcome mat, signaling to shoppers that they’ve entered a world of Barbie bliss. The Longest Barbie Street will have you strutting your stuff like the fashion icon herself, and don’t be surprised if you catch yourself voguing at the stunning Barbie Pop-up displays – they’re just that mesmerizing! It’s a Barbie extravaganza that’ll have even the fiercest divas gasping for breath. And don’t worry, fellow Barbie enthusiasts, the shopping paradise awaits with all the latest and greatest Barbie collections. Get ready to raid the racks at Aldo, Cotton On, Fossil, Zara, and more, to find that perfect outfit that screams, “I’m a Barbie, in a Barbie world!”

And when you’ve maxed out your credit cards, head to EL&N, the best of Instagrammable cafés, for a tea break fit for the dollhouse of your dreams. So, pack your pink purses and bring your most fabulous friends, because Pavilion KL is serving up a dose of Barbie fever that’s hotter than Ken on a beach vacation (that’s pretty hard to do)! Now, who said shopping malls can’t be a fashion statement themselves? Pink is the new fierce, darling! Snap, snap!

Oh and yes, when you’re done with all that catch Barbie at DADI Cinema at Level 5 cause there’s no other way to end the day!

Barbie Movie 2023 Review

The movie was truly an emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Technically, it’s a visual wonderland, and the sassy tone is like a slap of witty brilliance. It’s so jam-packed with immaculate details that you’d need a week-long marathon to catch it all. Greta Gerwig and her Barbie cast didn’t just bring Barbies to life, they set them on fire with infectious energy and a knowing smirk.

Prepare to snort with laughter as “Barbie” drops gag bombs like no other. From the pink paradise of Barbieland to the uproarious fish-out-of-water moments and those snazzy pop culture references, it’s a riotous ride. However, let’s admit it – we might have encountered a few of these genius moments in the hype-laden marketing campaign. Damn you, anticipation industrial complex!

Now, here’s the story you already know: Barbie (Margot Robbie), the queen of all Barbies, faces an existential meltdown and jets off to the human world to find her true purpose. And guess who’s on the trip of a lifetime with her? The hunky Ken (Ryan Gosling), who’s got some serious existential FOMO. Together, they unveil uncomfortable truths and forge unexpected friendships on their journey to enlightenment. We actually thought of “The Truman Show” a lot during the movie, although a similar concept, the distinction between the two movies are quite obvious.

Laughter, happiness, and awe aside, the movie did have some tear jerking moments. Remember how we said it was a emotional rollercoaster ride? We weren’t kidding. Bring a box of tissues with you because you will be crying from laughter, nostalgia, sadness, and everything that makes life what it is.

Overall, the movie was a masterpiece among Greta Gerwig’s other work of arts.

Spoiler Alert

The movie is NOT out yet so thread lightly when you scroll pass this warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

EFF the patriarchy! There’s a clear message behind the whole movie, but it’s not what you think it is. Yes, we hate patriarchy but while highlighting the struggles of women in the real world, Greta did not fail in highlighting the struggles of men too. And that was *chefs kiss* brilliant.

From Ken realising the real world is a “Men’s World” and finally admitting that he really just likes horses not patriarchy, to America Ferrera’s character’s epic speech on the expectations on women, the movie highlights both the struggles of men and women in a flawed society built by ourselves and unrealistic standards.

Plus, we can’t help but mention the hilarious fourth wall break by Helen Mirren’s narration either. A witty touch to a serious moment.

In the end, Margot Robbie’s Barbie made a beautiful discovery of what it truly means to be human accompanied by Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” that was perfectly in tune with the moment.

Verdict: 4.5/5 Rating. Watch it. Watch it now.