Jovynn Is The Phenomenal DJ Taking Over The Scene And Our For You Pages

Blowing up the DJ industry
By: Cherelle Lim
July 21, 2023

From fangirl to fan-favourite, Jovynn is the hottest new DJ in town! Skyrocketing to fame, Jovynn shares her journey and where it’s taken her so far. Take a look at what fuels her passion and how DJ-ing from home turned to international stages. If you didn’t know, Jovynn has many trending tracks on TikTok which have gone viral. Bringing together creators from across the world with her witty and hypnotizing remixes! With over 10 million followers on TikTok, it’s hard to hide from this class-act DJ taking over our screens.

A Little Bit About Jovynn

Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you love doing, fun facts about yourself or even a party trick!

Hey! I’m Jovynn, a 21-year-old girlie from Malaysia who’s found her love for music ever since I was a child! I picked up DJ-ing about 2 years ago and learned it within 6 months. It’s one of the easiest musical “instruments” I’ve used my whole life. I’ve also been obsessed with film photography lately, it’s a side hobby of mine. I’ve also picked up journalling during the pandemic – making music and writing is the most significant form of therapy for me.  

Fun fact: I learned the piano and guitar growing up and I can raise just one eyelid just by pushing the roof of my mouth! (It looks a bit funky in real life but I’ve learned the cause of it is from an eye muscle imbalance)

When did you discover your love for music?

Since I was a child really, I remember picking up the first CD my parents bought of Michael Jackson. I’d have it on repeat from the CD readers in the olden days and would memorise every lyric so I could sing karaoke with my family. From there I remember collecting a lot of my favourite artist’s albums; Britney Spears & Avril Lavigne, and Justin Bieber and have never stopped! When I picked up the piano, I remember how excited I was to buy the guidebook of High School Musical so I could play their songs on the piano. Since getting that book, I’ve was always so excited to go to class every week & would practice every single day! Music has always played a huge part in my life since I was born,  and it’ll always be! 

When was the moment you decided that you wanted to be a DJ and turn it into a career?

Before the pandemic hit us, I had the opportunity to learn DJ-ing from a local academy and whilst going through that, I realised it was super enjoyable and it was my “escape” at the time. Learning to DJ was quite an easy skill to pick up and when the pandemic started to hit and we couldn’t physically go out, I didn’t want to lose that skill. So, I  got my own decks and started pursuing it further, teaching myself more advanced skills. I was on TikTok at the time and I was heavily inspired by what Ian Asher did. As a creator then, I realised I could curate sounds with DJ-ing, so I  did that to enhance my content and for other content creators as well. So I posted a couple of TikTok sounds which eventually became trends! Ever since then I never stopped posting consistently and it became my niche. I started performing live when I got the opportunity to play in Dubai as soon as the pandemic settled. Since then, more organizers and brand event managers have been contacting me to play at their events, which I find so much joy in doing! It’s definitely more interesting than playing to a virtual crowd!

Climbing The Ladder Of Success

Did you ever imagine finding so much success so quickly? How was the process?

Not at all, everything happened pretty quickly. I got my first international gig 6 months after I  started posting music-related content – it was surreal. Then after a couple of months, I  managed to release my new debut single “Your Attention” with a great friend of mine, Alex Iva. I never thought I’d end up being a DJ but I knew I’ve always wanted to be in music.  I’ve loved every second of this journey, I can’t imagine being in another industry.  

What is the process for you to come up with song remixes? What inspires you the most?

@itsjovynn you already know i had to make a song out of this 😂 #attenzione #trend #dj ♬ Attenzione pickpocket x montagem – jovynn

I think the most time-consuming part of creating a mashup is thinking of the best match. It only takes me about 10-15 minutes to execute a short mashup on TikTok, but thinking about the tracks that complement each other and being creative with the mashups are the parts that are most challenging. but I’ve been doing this every day, so it’s been getting easier! It was only tough in the beginning because I lacked the skills and wasn’t really familiar with the decks yet. The trends on TikTok are probably what inspires me the most. I could hear a track and think it needs a stronger drop and that’s when I start using the Spotify in my brain to see which other track would match it best! Sometimes I like mixing comedy with music, or soundtracks that are trending, so other creators can use it for their own content too. 

Have you received any negativity and how do you confront it?

Absolutely, and I don’t. I realised the more you pay attention to it – the more it comes to you,  and the more it affects you. I’ve learned to just focus on working on my own stuff and ignoring what others have to say about it. Especially if it doesn’t relate to my work at all. I’m always accepting of criticism to improve on my work, but if it’s hatred of other things that aren’t of relation – I’d brush it off. 

What Being A DJ Is All About

What do you think was the lowest moment in your career so far?

I don’t think I’ve had the lowest moment yet, but I remember having to keep a smile on my face on stage and having to be in that bubble of energy when I was going through a  personal situation. It was tough because I always try to give my 100% on stage. Which means putting out all the energy I can. Because I realised, the crowd would always mirror the  DJ’s energy. If you’re not moving – they’re not either, and if you’re dancing – they’d dance too! But there were times I had to put on the biggest smile and act like everything was okay even though I really wasn’t feeling my best. 

To counter, what has been your biggest high so far and what opportunities has being a DJ brought you?

Playing at festivals and at shows where my community’s present. I’d get the strongest adrenaline rush! A lot of opportunities as well! Almost every opportunity that I have now or have done is from being a DJ. It’s also allowed me to connect with my favourite artists which makes my little fangirl heart super happy hahaha! But the best opportunity DJ-ing has brought me is that I get to travel to so many different places to explore and learn about different cultures. I’m super grateful!

Have you ever thought of quitting and what kept you motivated to keep going?

There were times that I’d think of quitting but I can’t imagine working another job.  Whenever I go through challenging times I’d just reflect and tune in to my inner child to remember my roots and why I started out what I started out. Also, I kind of gaslight myself sometimes because I see life as a game and games aren’t games without challenges!

This Is Only The Beginning

What genre of music do you love the most and will you be venturing into different genres in the future?

I’ve been obsessed with house music for as long as I can remember, but recently I’ve been enjoying techno a lot! I’m not sure if it’s just a phase but the energy goes crazy whenever I  blast techno. I might experiment with techno in the future, we’ll see! 

How does it feel to produce and make your own music? What made you want to make your own music and what was the process?

It feels amazing! Kind of like building a baby. Being a DJ, you’d constantly play tunes of other artists. It feels great to be able to play your own songs live and to have your own ideas come to life.

It took me a long time to learn music production because it’s a completely different process from DJ-ing (a lot of people don’t know the difference still)! but when I left school, I committed most of my time to learning and practising by making remixes. I’m not the best, but I’m still learning every day!

Is there any upcoming music of your own you’d like to tease us with? Or can we expect new music from you soon?

I released my new single “No Drugs” last month and I’m still focusing on that for now! I’m thinking of working with a rapper on the next one, or maybe a techno track! I’ve got loads of ideas in mind so stay tuned!

Lastly, what advice would you share with up-and-coming DJs and beginners?

It may seem a bit overwhelming at the start, learning new things, but follow your heart and your passion and just do it! As cliche, as it sounds, you never know if it may work out for you. I joined with no expectations and it turned out to be the best! And that could happen to you too! If what you do brings you joy, pursue it no matter the circumstance.

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