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Glitz is built on the platform of Beauty Insider, Malaysia’s leading Beauty & LIfestyle Media.

It is the sister platform of Beauty Insider Singapore, which is the #1 Beauty Media, Marketplace and Rewards platform in Singapore.

Glitz is your quintessential go-to platform for everything lifestyle. It attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis providing them with the latest trends and stories. 

Our readers are an affluent group of consumers, searching for their next recommendation or looking to discover something new in entertainment, fashion, dining, travel, wellness,  fitness,  shopping and more.

With a stellar track record in media and publishing that started in 2006, we ensure every piece of content published is of high journalistic value. You are thus partnering with a content specialist team with a pedigree in media that spans nearly two decades. 

So, if you are searching for brand exposure, awareness, leads & conversions from a well-healed, affluent, and socially active group of individuals, speak to us. 

Let us feature your promotion and brand in our high-ranking SEO listicles or speak to us regarding social media amplifications, videos,  interviews and more. 

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