The 12 Fashion Trends That You Need To Hop In Before 2021 Ends

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By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
September 15, 2021

Fashion has always been the ultimate mood-booster. Feeling down, stressed up, or desperately in need of a good new photo to flaunt on Instagram? You know what you go to do—getting dressed up and dolled up with the trendy outfits of your choice. And while half part of the world is still suffering from the ongoing pandemic, the fashion business doesn’t seem to slow down. In fact, they’ve become stronger with the rise of new trends at the start of 2021, with vibrant colours and waist floss came into play.

And even though we have already entered the third quarter of the year, there are still few fashion trends that are still yet to make a statement—and for you, a consumer, to try. From monochromatic looks making its way back down the fashion industry, to the infamous fancy bralettes and midriff flossing getting its own cult following, which one of these have you yet to agree to whirl on? But to be honest, most of us are working directly from home nowadays, so how are we expected to put on these outfits and flaunt on our social media anyway? Question for philosophy!

Anyhow, there are still widely-common trends that you could always get behind on like the wide leg trousers, floaty sheer maxi dress or a boujee sportswear that are guaranteed to nail a statement wherever you go. Whatever your vibes are, just know that these are 12 of the biggest fashion trends in 2021 that we, at Beauty Insider, urge you to hope on before the year ends! 

1. B&W Monochromatic Look 

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Let’s get it straight, monochromatic looks have never really left the fashion industry. But for the year of 2021, the monochromatic pressed on the version of black and white, making them the perfect trends to kick off the freshly renowned loungewear aesthetic. Big brands like Prada, Chanel, Giambattitista Valli and others, showcased a predilection for this universal colour. 

2. Open Back 

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We have seen the ultimate debut of this fashion trend on the half of 2021. And this is something that everyone seems to get behind. Open back trends are perfect for women who prefer to flaunt some part of their skin while maintaining the aura or mood or sexiness, especially in the humid weather. Brands like Hermes, Acne Studio and Victoria Beckham favour this trend. 

3. Fluffy Shoulders 

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A huge tribute to the victorian-era. A big, fluffy, and puffy sleeve is seriously making its comeback in 2021—but this time, with a minimalist appearance. The key here is to choose the fluffy shoulders that are cut off at the elbow or above. A draggy buff shoulders can drown your figure, though. Thanks to Givenchy, Balmain, Isabel Marant and a few others for this trend!

4. Wide Legs

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Gone are the days where we only favour tight, skinny jeans. We’re now living in an era where wide, comfy pants are the way to go—aligning with our current life situation where we prioritize wearing relaxing clothes at home. These trousers are rapidly becoming the influencers in the fashion industry. 

5. Waist Floss 

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Now onto the glamour part, one of the stylish trends ever being created in the year 2021. It’s all about proudly showcasing your bare-midriff, with some thin straps securing the fabric. This trend is the go-to choice for a fancy beach vacation or a romantic date-night look. It’s giving total Kylie Jenner vibes. Brands like Jacquemus, Versace and Paco Rabanne serve as the main character in creating these looks. 

6. Sheer Gown

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If you’re looking for a comfier alternative, but still giving that alluring, seductive vibes, then you need to get behind these sheer gown trends. Long sheer gown is very universal and definitely suitable for either relaxed or a special night situation. 

7. Bralettes 

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If we’re being honest, this trend has long been a part of the fashion world but this year, designers began to put a twist on it. We started to see more offering in designs, fabrics and tailoring. Pair it with high-waisted trousers, and you’ll look like you’re walking straight off the fashion show in Paris.

8. Starry & Sparkly 

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Told you, the year 2021 is all about making a statement—bold ones. Big brands like Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Chanel all prioritized their sparkle and shine collection. How can they not? These are the closest things we can get to feeling the clubbing nights. 

9. Cut Outs

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We’ve seen the open backs and waist floss, now get ready to familiarize yourself with the cut outs trends in the forthcoming. Similar to wait floss, cut outs trends are most likely to be seen around the waist area, but you can also expect some clothes that offer stomach cut outs or along the neckline. 

10. Netting 

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Netting is big right now—especially in bags categories. But hey, if you’re into these bold pieces of clothing and you don’t mind exposing a huge portion of your skin to the public, go ahead. We suggest you invest in some good-looking lingerie, though. 

11. Fuschia Colour 

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Who says pinks are boring? Not if you’re rocking Fuschia colour outfits! With their striking, eye-catching, vibrant appearance, best believe that this colour totally suits everyone no matter what skin tones you are. They’re the best in enhancing and glamourizing your look. 

12. Fashionable Face Mask 

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Ohh! We’re definitely not surprised seeing these little friends made the list under fashion trends this year. Wearing a bland blue, white or black coloured mask is so tacky, am I right? Why not find something that goes along with your outfits? We’re talking about stylish face masks!