ZALORAYA 2024: Our Top Picks From The Runway!

From modern designs to traditional classics and back again.
By: Iffah Salleh
March 5, 2024

Last Thursday, Zalora unveiled its spectacular Eid collection at ZALORAYA 2024, hosted at Pavillion Sentul. The event was a stunning showcase featuring an array of exquisite designs from both local talents and renowned Indonesian designers.

This year, Zalora has curated an impressive lineup to help you celebrate Eid with style and grace. From the chic creations of byfm and Afiq M to the timeless elegance of LÚBNA and MASLEA, there’s something for everyone. Notably, Zalora is proud to introduce exciting new collaborations with esteemed Indonesian designers such as EMBARA and RIA Atelier by Kepompong.

This Raya season, immerse yourself in the beauty of these collections and share your favourites with us! Without further ado, here are our top picks from the runway.

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Glitz’s ZALORAYA 2024 Top Picks

1. MASLEA, Kebaya Cik Maryam + Kain Ikat

MASLEA continues to excel in capturing nostalgicelements in her pieces, and this year is no exception! Staying true to its signature look and theme, MASLEA brings forth the allure of timeless elegance with classic silhouettes.

From her ‘Detik Mekar’ collection, we instantly fell in love with Kebaya Cik Maryam. Its flowy design and traditional charm remind us of days gone by, as if we’re taking a glimpse through old photos at our grandparents’ house. Pair it with any kain ikat of your choice, and we’re confident that we won’t have to worry about dining elegantly on our first day of Eid!

Price: RM341.05(Kebaya Cik Maryam), RM122.55 (Kain ikat)

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2. RIA Atelier by Kepompong, ARUMI Top + CHILA Skirt

RIA Atelier by Kepompong effortlessly mesmerised the audience with their ‘Bubble Bloom Spring Summer 2024’ collection. They brought to life a dreamy garden theme that exudes innocence and clarity through floral elements. Celebrating the festivity in full bloom, the collection features delicate florals and flowing fabrics that evoke feelings of delight and joy.

The star of the show that captured our hearts is the Arumi top, adorned with floral embroidery and a flexible knot that allows for versatile styling at the back or front. Paired with the CHILA skirt or any kain ikat of your choice, this ensemble is sure to make a statement. According to the designer, Ria, you can style it however you like, and it will work effortlessly, bringing you natural style and grace.

Price: RM339.15 (Arumi Top), RM169.15 (CHILA Skirt)

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3. LÚBNA, DARA Ribbons Lace Kurung

LÚBNA’s exclusive designs have been a staple at ZALORAYA for many years. Their collections are known for being affordable compared to other brands on our list, both this year and in previous ZALORAYA events. LÚBNA has garnered a loyal following among locals for its modern yet trendy designs. 

This year’s collection, ‘Once Upon a Lúbna’, caters to a wide range of tastes, from kids to adults. From traditional styles to those with a modern twist, and even fun and cute options, there’s something for everyone. One standout piece from this year’s collection is the Dara Ribbons lace kurung. This modern baju kurung features a cute petite ribbon in pink, adding a touch of sweetness to the wearer’s look. Definitely a must-consider!

Price: RM211.65

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4. EMBARA, Rumi Top + Inner Sleeveless Dress

Source: Instagram

Allow us to introduce you to one of the two new additions to ZALORAYA from Indonesia: Embara, designed by Risha, co-founder of the brand. This collection marks its debut in the Malaysian market, featuring ‘The Heritage’ series. Embara offers an enchanting array of classy yet feminine looks.

We especially admire the Rumi top paired up with a sleeveless inner dress for its elegant and graceful appeal to the wearer. Whether paired with skirts or pants of your choice, it exudes timeless fabulousness!

Price: RM358.90 (Rumi top), RM152.15 (Sleeveless inner dress)

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Did any of our picks catch your eye? Will we have the pleasure of seeing you in one of these outfits this Eid?

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