Caffeine Couture: MOCCONA and MIMPIKITA’s Dazzling Collaboration at KL Fashion Week

When fashion meets coffee
By: Farah Khan
September 19, 2023

In a dazzling fusion of fashion and creativity, two iconic names in their respective realms, MOCCONA and MIMPIKITA, recently joined forces to unveil a remarkable collaboration at the prestigious KL Fashion Week. This unique partnership transcends the boundaries of coffee and couture, demonstrating the potent synergy between the artistry of beverage craftsmanship and the world of high fashion. In an exclusive interview, we delve into the minds of the visionary minds behind MOCCONA and MIMPIKITA to gain insights into the inspiration, innovation, and dedication that brought this remarkable collaboration to life, shaping the future of both industries in the process.

Interview with MIMPIKITA

What inspired this fashion show presented together by MIMPIKITA and MOCCONA? 

To celebrate our 15th year anniversary, Mimpikita took you on a journey to the Kitaverse; where we expanded our brand to an immersive experience of MIMPIKITA coming to life, with an introduction to our new brand, Kita & Co. Embark on a journey with us to The Kitaverse, celebrating our 15th anniversary #KitaLimaBelas, first look at Mimpikita’s redefined iconic prints and introduction of our future.

What is something about MOCCONA and MIMPIKITA that inspires you, personally?

The warm feelings of coffee gives Nurul, the Creative Director of Mimpikita, inspiration on new designs and increased productivity to produce innovative collections.

Was MIMPIKITA’s runway be as fierce as our Monday morning coffee cravings?

Just like MOCCONA coffee, our collection this year is refined into different stages of elements and one of them is fierceness.

MIMPIKITA’s fashion shows are like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, and we’re sure it’s an even stronger shot with MOCCONA in the mix. Can you give us a glimpse into the pulse-pounding inspiration for this year’s extravaganza?

This year, in the realm of style, the curtains rose on Mimpikita SS24, a symphony of avant-garde patterns – from molten florals to mesmerising geometric insignias. These prints don’t just adorn garments; they paint a vivid picture of the uncharted, almost otherworldly, path that lies ahead. The collection weaves a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending ethereal elegance with a bold feminine mystique.

Amidst the sea of designs, floral dresses unfurl like petals in a cosmic garden, while faux-leather two-piece suits exude an aura of confidence that’s both commanding and enchanting. This array of ensembles embodies a harmonious union of delicate grace and a daring edge, inviting every wearer to embrace the spectrum of their persona. As we stepped into this collection, we embarked on a journey where timeless beauty dances with the future, encapsulating the very essence of the ever-evolving fashion cosmos.

Interview with MOCCONA

From classic blends to daring flavours, MOCCONA’s coffee range is a palate’s playground. What about MOCCONA’s coffee played a role in the upcoming fashion show?

We are thrilled to return as the official coffee sponsor of KL Fashion Week for the second consecutive year. KLFW stands as a vibrant celebration of fashion and creativity, and our decision to participate is grounded in our commitment to creating an exciting week filled with moments of pleasure and indulgence for attendees to KLFW. The positive feedback and impact from our engagement in previous year’s event had significantly influenced our decision to continue our involvement. Observing how we could enhance the overall experience for both fashion enthusiasts and designers had propelled us to extend our support once more.  

At MOCCONA, we believe that coffee transcends its role as a mere beverage. It has a unique ability to bring people together, to create moments of connection and joy. This ethos of celebrating even the little moments was deeply ingrained in our partnership with KLFW, especially in our shared philosophy revolving around the idea of embracing indulgent pleasures that enrich our lives. We were genuinely excited to unveil our trio of distinct coffee intensities, each carefully crafted to cater to diverse preferences and personalities. 

Interview with MOCCONA and MIMPIKITA

Fashion and coffee is quite a rare collaboration. How did MIMPIKITA and MOCCONA blend together into one fashion show? 

MIMPIKITA: At the intersection of fashion and coffee, a lifestyle flourishes. It’s more than just a collection; it’s an experience, an expression of individuality. It’s a rendezvous of creative minds and coffee connoisseurs, where sips and style intertwine to create an ambience of refined indulgence. In Mimpikita, coffee has always been our main contributor of producing inspirations and boosting productivity.

MOCCONA: At MOCCONA, we firmly believe that fashion and coffee are not just products, but rather expressions of personal taste and style. As both MOCCONA and Mimpikita shared the common goal of celebrating individuality not only in fashion but also in life itself, our joint partnership in this fashion show was a natural progression. We were thrilled to inspire Mimpikita’s creative journey for this showcase, because we shared the same values of timeless elegance, quality and simplicity.    

The process of crafting this fashion mirrored the art of blending for various coffee intensities to create distinctive flavour profiles. Similarly, Mimpikita’s vision and MOCCONA’s dedication harmoniously intertwined, resulting in a fashion spectacle that embodies the essence of both brands.  

What is one thing that you hope this fashion showcase will show to the audience and fans of Mimpikita and MOCCONA?

MIMPIKITA: Our mission is to break down barriers and perceptions about the ideas of modest fashion by crafting relatable pieces that are versatile and stylish for everyone.

MOCCONA: Our desire was for the audience and fans to draw inspiration from the synergy between Mimpikita and MOCCONA. Together, we aimed to elevate personalised moments through the symbiosis of coffee and fashion. We hope this showcase has encouraged everyone to embrace their unique tastes and find delight in life’s simple pleasures – be it relishing a cup of coffee of their chosen intensity or donning a fashion piece that resonates with their individual style. 

In a world gone digital, how is Mimpikita and MOCCONA ensuring this runway show doesn’t just break the internet, but reinvents it?

Mimpikita: In the realm of fashion, we believe that creativity knows no bounds. The fusion of technology and style has given rise to a breathtaking innovation, so we absorb it for this show – a fashion showcase that embraces the realm of augmented reality (AR). Gone are the days when catwalks were confined to physical spaces; today, we are pushing boundaries by creating immersive experiences that blend the real and virtual worlds.

Each collection presented during the show is accompanied by a digital narrative. As models showcase the designs, virtual elements seamlessly integrate with the physical environment, transporting the audience into different worlds. This fusion of fashion and storytelling elevates the show beyond mere aesthetics, leaving a lasting impact on the spectators.

MOCCONA: By aligning with one of Malaysia’s most significant annual fashion events and presenting a showcase together with esteemed designer Mimpikita, we intended to extend this distinctive experience to fashion enthusiasts across the globe, just as the attendees immersed themselves in the fashion segment. Through the online platforms of KLFW, Mimpikita, and MOCCONA, we aimed to ignite the fashionistas’ imagination with Mimpikita’s designs, serving as a catalyst to explore their creative boundaries. 

Additionally, MOCCONA actively engaged coffee lovers and fashion enthusiasts on social media, curating content and activities. We believe this approach will provide an immersive experience for both coffee and fashion lovers.

If you could describe presenting the show together in 3 words, how would you describe it?

Mimpikita: Elegance, Ethereal, Excitement

MOCCONA: Elegant, Spirited, Optimistic