Han River Police Review: Can You Keep Up With The Pace?

Thrills, twists, and tides of crime-solving on Seoul's waters
By: Iffah Salleh
September 19, 2023

The sensation-packed original series ‘Han River Police’ on Disney Hotstar has finally released its first two episodes this week. 

Now, we anxiously await the release of the next episodes. This feeling of anticipation is a positive one, indicating that the series has started off on the right foot, and viewers are eager to see how the storyline unfolds.

We fondly remember attending the Press Conference for ‘Han River Police’ last week. It sounded like there would be a lot of action, both underwater and above the water, and everything in between. 

Can we keep up with the pace? Well, that’s something we’ll discover in the next few weeks.

Diving Deeper into ‘Han River Police’: The Inside Scoop So Far

Nestled amidst the vibrant heart of South Korea’s bustling capital, a unique rhythm pulses along the mighty banks of the Han River. Disney+ extends an invitation for you to dive headlong into the captivating realm of “Han River Police,” where constables and culprits waltz to the river’s melodious beat.

Allow us to introduce Han Du-Jin (Kwon Sang-Woo), a fervent advocate of justice, ever poised to create ripples in the name of the law. His partner, Police Officer Lee Cheon-Seok (Kim Hee-Won), stands in stark contrast – cool, collected, and the perfect complement to Han’s fiery disposition.

Alongside the vivacious duo of Do Na-Hee (Bae Da-Bin) and the keen-witted Kim Ji-Soo (Shin Hyun-Seung), they compose a diverse team, safeguarding the citizens who gravitate towards the tranquil banks of the Han River while unravelling the intricate tapestry of crimes that unfurl within its waters.

But what enigmas does the Han River conceal? Immerse yourself in this ongoing series and ride the waves of suspense, curiosity, and a dash of wit as “Han River Police” brings you one step closer to deciphering the mysteries concealed beneath Han River’s serene exterior. 

Crime-solving has never felt so invigorating!

Why We Need To Watch It

We’re about to recap the first two episodes that will surely hook you into this series, making it the main event of your weekend, occupying just two precious hours of your time.

How you choose to manage or schedule your weekend is entirely up to you, but we’ll share how we’re doing it – comfortably on our bed, with a big-screen laptop, and some snacks – it’s just perfect!

Episode 1 of Han River Police: A Riveting Prelude to Chaos

Episode 1 of “Han River Police” commences with a gripping hijacking scenario aboard the Han Ara River Cruise ship. The audacious hijackers seize control, taking passengers and the captain hostage, creating a tense atmosphere.

However, the situation takes a surprising turn when a team of soldiers arrives via helicopter, swiftly resolving the crisis by eliminating the hijackers.

SWAT Team & Protester

It is later revealed that this high-stakes incident was, in fact, an elaborate drill, with the Han River Police team acting as the hijackers, and the Seoul SWAT team playing the heroes. Tensions run high when a SWAT member recklessly shoots Sergeant Han during his surrender.

Meanwhile, a lone protester makes a dramatic entrance along the riverbank, opposing the controversial Han River Development Project. Captain Do reprimands Sergeant Han, Lee Cheon-seok, and Kim Ji-Soo for their roles in the chaotic drill, imposing additional training hours as punishment.


Determined to make amends, the trio embarks on a riverbank patrol and cleanup mission, only for their tranquillity to be shattered by a reckless yacht. Upon boarding, Sergeant Han discovers Director Go Gi-seok hosting a lavish party, unveiling a web of corruption involving the Kyungin River Cruise company’s expansion plans.

The episode reaches its climax with a dramatic collision involving the River Ferry cruise ship, plunging it into chaos and necessitating an immediate response from the Han River Police team.

Episode 2 of Han River Police: Turning Tides

In Episode 2 of “Han River Police,” the aftermath of the River Ferry collision unfolds. Director Go clashes with the ship’s Captain, favouring secrecy while the Captain opts for a distress signal. 

Passengers remain unruly, prompting Sergeant Han’s intervention alongside Na-hee. A fight breaks outerupts on the bridge, culminating in Sergeant Han rendering Director Go unconscious.

Heroic Rescue

As the Han River Police team manages the chaos outside, they venture inside to aid trapped passengers. Baek Chul(played by Park Ho San) arrives, unsettling Sergeant Han, but Cheon-seok convinces him to accept help. Heroic actions include saving Hyo-sun from drowning.

All safely ashore, tensions rise between Sergeant Han and Director Go, resolved by Chairman Hwang. The team later bonds over a meal. Director Go seeks guidance from a fortune-teller, while a flashback unveils the strained history between Sergeant Han and Baek Chul. Baek Chul’s visits to his nephew’s hospital draw concern. 

The Secrets

Chairman Hwang’s agenda turns ominous, involving a lethal enforcer. Meanwhile, investigations reveal gold on the ship. Baek Chul agrees to assist Director Go, hinting at a shared past. As they retrieve the gold, a mishap occurs, and the police close in. 

Episode 2 sets the stage for further intrigue and confrontation as the secrets of the river’s depths begin to surface.


Now that you’ve had a glimpse into the first two episodes, you might find yourself craving more, and perhaps you’ve already instinctively started streaming it on Disney Hotstar. 

However, after two hours of captivating storytelling, a sense of longing sets in as you realise you’ll have to wait a few more days to continue this captivating saga. We empathise with that bittersweet feeling.

But let’s not dwell too long on this monumental sadness. For those of you who remain unconvinced, here are some visual aids to help you better understand why it’s essential to keep tabs on this series until the very end. Enjoy!

Stream Han River Police now on Disney Hotstar.

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