Meet Fazleen Nazri, The Mastermind Behind The All-Women Adventure Club ‘Pajelin Trip’!

What started as a mere hobby has now blossomed into…
By: Iffah Salleh
September 19, 2023

Glitz had the privilege of personally meeting Fazleen Nazri,  the visionary behind the all-women adventure club, Pajelin Trip. We delved into the captivating journey of how her adventure club began as a hobby and transformed into her life’s true calling.

As an ardent explorer, she has voyaged across the globe, conquering towering peaks and picturesque landscapes. With her wealth of knowledge and experiences, she observed a notable absence in Malaysia – an all-women adventure club, at least one that is established and reputable.

Taking matters into her own capable hands, she embarked on a mission to share her love for nature with kindred spirits among ladies who yearned for camaraderie. And thus, Pajelin Trip was born! 

Their noble aim is to connect and unite women with a shared passion for nature and adventure. Without further ado, let’s dive into this extraordinary interview with Fazleen Nazri.

Into The Existence and Concept: Pajelin Trip

What inspired you to create ‘Pajelin Trip,’ and could you share the meaning behind the name?

I began hiking as a personal passion and a way to unwind after long work days. Over time, my deep appreciation for nature grew, and in 2017, I founded ‘Pajelin Trip.’ The goal was to inspire more people, especially women, to embrace nature, regardless of their physical fitness levels.

Usually when people look at hiking or camping, they tend to have a stigma that they need to be strong and healthy. Well, I want to create a safe space for women, just to enjoy, regardless of stamina, simply to unburden the stress and be one with nature.

The name ‘Pajelin’ is a playful twist on my birth name, ‘Fazleen.’ It came about during a conversation with a friend, and I added ‘trip’ to give it a complete travel concept. Interestingly, even our logo and the first Pajelin Trip to Rinjani, Lombok, were collaborative efforts with friends.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to me, the Pajelin Trip feels like a semi-glamping experience — neither too luxurious like glamping nor quite like traditional camping. Could you elaborate on the concept of Pajelin Trip?

Yes, I consider it a form of semi-glamping, especially when it comes to our all-women camping experiences at Pajelin Trip. We offer two types of trips: all-women camping and travel.

In the case of all-women camping, we embrace a semi-glamping concept. It’s perfect for solo explorers, outings with your besties, or special occasions like reunions. We prioritise comfort by providing amenities such as air mattresses, camping chairs, and tables. 

However, we still want our campers to savour the genuine camping experience, to connect with nature while enjoying a touch of comfort. 

We don’t go full glamping, as we don’t offer fans or carpets. Instead, we aim to enhance the camping experience, making it more accessible and in harmony with nature. 

This way, you can immerse yourself in the natural mud and puddles, feel the invigorating morning breeze, and greet the day with the refreshing morning dew.

Growth and Expansion

I’ve known about Pajelin Trip for about a year now, and I’ve noticed the impressive growth, from women’s camping to now catering to kids and even offering international trips! Let’s talk about how Pajelin Trip has evolved. Please share some highlights!

Pajelin Trip began humbly, rooted in local experiences like semi-glamping. Over time, as we gained traction, we expanded beyond Malaysia. As you can see on our Instagram page, we’ve amassed a substantial following of 16K followers, and I’m proud to say it’s all organic.

I can still vividly recall when we operated solely at one camping site. Now, we’ve had the opportunity to venture further, offering new destinations and comprehensive tours all across Malaysia, including Johor, Melaka, Perak, Pahang, and more.

Looking ahead, I have a vision of elevating our all-women camping experiences to an international level. 

Currently, for our international travel trips, we welcome men to join. However, we maintain a priority for women’s comfort and safety. We consult with each participant to ensure the settings align with their preferences and needs.

Passion for Camping

How did your passion for camping begin, and how did you gather all the camping gear–because it was and still is EXPENSIVE? So little help for the budding campers out there.

It all started when I personally fell in love with nature during a hike to Gunung Tahan. 

During that trip, there was a base camp for sleeping, and it was there that I fell in love with the river, the warm reflections, and the natural melodies that soothe your soul. At that time, I wished I could stay longer, but I needed to continue my journey to the mountain’s peak. 

When the world was hit by the pandemic, my friends and I began exploring rivers and camping sites across Malaysia. From there, the idea developed, and the rest is history.

Regarding equipment, it can be quite expensive, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. To maintain and expand our gear collection, we pooled our resources, and fortunately, it worked out. 

Here’s some advice for budding adventurers: First, invest in a tent that is wind and rain-resistant, which is a must for Malaysia’s weather – ensure you set up your tent securely.

Secondly, consider a sleeping pad; it doesn’t need to be fancy, something like a yoga mat is sufficient. Lastly, do not forget a sleeping bag or blanket for comfort during the night.

If you’re looking to add a little extra, consider a stove and utensils to enhance your camping experience. Hope this is helping!

Encouraging Women

Women can achieve anything they set their minds to. For those who may hesitate about women’s camping but are eager to try it out, do you have any comforting words for them? Also, is there any age limit for ladies to participate?

Just try (chuckle).

I understand these feelings – questions like ‘Is this okay?’ or concerns about being a burden or labelled as ‘weak.’ This is precisely why I created this platform. 

From our perspective, there’s no need to worry, as we welcome everyone. Typically, those who join us share similar values and support each other, often forming lasting friendships and even planning future trips together.

From your standpoint, I encourage you to find someone who can provide you with moral support, and be open to trying something new. Every experience, every person, and every place has its unique charm and significance.

At Pajelin Trip, we don’t set an age limit, but if you’re under 18 years old, we will require permission from a guardian.

The Joy of Getaway

What joys and memorable experiences can participants expect and take back home after a weekend getaway with Pajelin Trip?

The true joy for me comes when I receive wonderful feedback from our participants. Among the feedback I’ve received, a common theme emerges: they thoroughly enjoy their weekend getaway. 

They arrive with happy hearts, eager for a stress-free experience, a connection with nature, delightful meals, and when it’s time to return home, they do so with much lighter hearts.

In one particular case, a doctor joined our camp directly after a long and strenuous shift. They sought nothing more than a peaceful sleep away from the bustling city, a chance to immerse themselves in nature, and an opportunity to shed the stress that had weighed them down – and they did!

Undoubtedly, what every participant cherishes is our Bonfire Session, which takes place around 9 pm. It’s a time for all participants to gather around the bonfire, relax, and engage in wonderful conversations.

Nature and Folklore

Some people believe that there are unseen forces in the forest that should not be trespassed. What are your thoughts on this, especially considering that Malaysia still embraces folklore and beliefs about mythical beings like “Bunian (Whistling people/ elves)”?

That’s absolutely true. I always advise all participants to maintain self-control and show respect for nature when we’re in the forest. 

For Muslim participants, I recommend reciting prayers. It’s important to be mindful of the creatures that inhabit the forest, and avoid anything that might provoke unwanted attention from them. 

However, there’s no need to be overly anxious or let your imagination run wild. Just relax, and you should be fine.

Camping Menus

In your opinion, what are the best and easiest camping menus that you would recommend? And why do you find them particularly suitable?

The must-have camping item that stands out is Maggi (instant noodles) ! Picture savouring it after a day filled with adventure, whether it’s playing in the river or engaging in evening activities, simply divine!

For beverages, coffee and tea are fantastic choices. At Pajelin Trip, we take pride in our food offerings, and our participants have often likened it to soul food.

Our menu at Pajelin Trip covers lunch, tea time, dinner, and, during the bonfire, we offer marshmallows. We conclude the experience with breakfast on the last day of the trip, typically serving Nasi Lemak sourced from the local village or English toast.

Since our camping experience is kind of flexible, we don’t impose strict eating schedules. Lunch and tea time are optional because some participants arrive later in the evening and prefer to head straight to dinner and other nighttime activities.

For dinner, we often feature steamboat and chicken grills, which consistently rank as participant favourites. As a recommendation, I highly suggest incorporating soup into your camping menu. Not only does it help keep you warm, but it’s also straightforward to prepare.

Glimpse Into The Future

Lastly, what can we expect from Pajelin Trip in the future? Could you sum up Pajelin Trip in just five words? 

As for the future, I see Pajelin Trip as a going concern. 

My vision is for it to remain a platform where women feel safe and comfortable while camping with us. I aim to inspire more people to explore nature, and perhaps, your future camping buddies might be found right here.

I hope Pajelin Trip will continue to flourish and reach new heights, even if someday I’m no longer in charge. Regardless of who leads it, my hope is that the values that birthed this platform will endure. Furthermore, I aspire for this platform to inspire others.

Five words challenge: Safety and Comfort for Women.

We hope that her story will inspire you too! So, dust off those trusty hiking boots and embrace the great outdoors! Find out more about Pajelin Trip here.

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