10 Of The Best TV Shows to Catch Up On Before 2022 Ends

A list of good tv shows to binge watch during…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
December 19, 2022

In this generation, not only do we have easy access to varieties of TV shows, but networks such as HBO, Apple TV+, and Disney+ Hotstar have also demonstrated their ability to remain in the business by introducing series that are not only dominating the numbers each week but also social media’s hype. And with the rise of social media users each day, there’s always a show or a series that can keep the conversations going. 

In 2022, we witnessed some series say their farewells, while others are only just getting started, but all of them served as a testament to the power of the small screen this year. So before 2022 decided to close its curtain, Glitz wrapped up some of the must-see tv shows that are available to stream in Malaysia. 

Best Tv Shows in Malaysia 2022

1. The Crown Season 5

Credit: Netflix

The latest instalment of The Crown proceeded the marvellous-but-harsh dissection of Charles and Diana’s crumbled relationship, with Dominic West played the Prince of Wales and Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki portrayed Princess Diana, her famous downcast-chin-upward-eye tilt perfected to striking likeness. 

The season follows Charles and Diana’s “second honeymoon,” an explicit conversation between Charles and Camilla that was revealed to the tabloids and has since lived in hazy memory, and Diana’s dramatic interview with Martin Bashir, all with various levels of authenticity to true events.

Watch The Crown on Netflix  

2. Interview With the Vampire

Nearly three decades after the cinematic flop starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in 1994, 2022 finally delivered the Interview With the Vampire that Anne Rice fans had been waiting for. Rolin Jones’ version is lavish, explicit, and unapologetically sensual, telling the old narrative of two deceased lovers locked in a disastrous romance with some clever revisions.  

For this version, Louis is not a white Creole plantation owner in this bustling metropolis (as portrayed in the 1994’s version), but a Black businessman owning a bar in the red light zone, where he struggles with his sexual identity and endures endless racial horrific acts.

Watch Interview With the Vampire on AMC

3. House of The Dragons

We entered House of the Dragon with a fair amount of cynicism and judgement after being burnt by the Game of Thrones season finale, but the show not only outperformed viewers’ expectations for what a show about the devastating Dance of the Dragons might be, but it swiftly rose to the top of HBO’s list as favourite show of the year. 

The house rivalries are gone—the Starks and Lannisters now serve as supporting characters to the numerous morally murky Targaryens vying for the Iron Throne. Of course, the dragons are showy and entertaining to see, but the series’ appeal resides in the squabbling of this incredibly incestuous family.

Watch House of The Dragons on HBO

4. Moon Knight

Moon Knight was a departure from Marvel’s usual spectacular team-ups, opting towards something a little more contemplative, but no less fun and crazy. The studio ventured into unknown terrain with the series, which deals with mental health issues and identity crisis. 

With Oscar Isaac portraying two altars of the system called as the Moon Knight—Marc Spector and Steven Grant—the show had its own down sides, but it largely executed, delivering the most distinctive and well-played of Marvel’s numerous on-screen offers this year.

Watch Moon Knight on Disney+ Hotstar

5. Wednesday 

It’s never simple to recreate something as iconic and popular as The Addams Family. With so many adaptations throughout the generations, many of which are considered the “precise” version by their followers, it appears that the secret is to infuse a fresh angle into the tale while retaining the core of what made the story so wonderful to begin with. place. 

This is something that Netflix’s Wednesday accomplishes really well. The show, which stars Jenna Ortega as the iconic Wednesday Addams, is part mystery series, half coming-of-age high school comedy, and part supernatural-horror atmosphere that never crosses the threshold into truly horrific.

Watch Wednesday on Netflix

6. The White Lotus Season 2

It was the show that gave birth to a slew of TikTok memes and Reddit discussions. The second season of The White Lotus exceeded everyone’s expectations and more. Shifting the prosperity and luxury to Italy, we met disgruntled spouses, opportunist sex workers, a hotel manager in love, three generations of freaks, a bitter personal assistant, and, of course, Tanya. 

Mike White effectively embraces the season’s enjoyment, with diverse characters and humorous conversation, but it also seeks to provide the audience additional lifelines. We have people who remind us of ourselves, and as a result, the narratives are more familiar, and hence more intriguing.

Watch The White Lotus on HBO

7. Severance

Credit: Apple Tv+

The work-setting has long always been a rich environment for television, but nothing like Severance has ever come along. Dark and brooding ’70s horror meets pleasant workplace sitcoms with an element of dystopian sci-fi are the reference points for this tv show on Apple TV+. However, its nine episodes, penned by Dan Erickson and directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, alter shifts with such ease and icy elegance that they feel machine-made for 2022. 

Severance, superbly played and engrossing, is so tuned in to modern fears that we couldn’t stop watching it.

Watch Severance on Apple Tv+

8. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Credit: Amazon

The Rings of Power follows the story of young Galadriel and Elrond, both performed by the captivating Morfydd Clark and Robert Aramayo, who provide new depths to Tolkien’s renowned characters. 

Rings of Power gives insight into the simmering split between man and elf, the mysterious roots of the Dark Lord Morgoth’s deadliest lieutenant, Sauron, and the crafting of the rings of power over the course of eight visually magnificent episodes. Rings of Power has a lot going for it: with such a big investment, it’s no wonder that the show is visually stunning!

Watch The Rings of Power on Amazon

9. Andor

When it was revealed in 2019 that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have a prequel series centred on Cassian Andor, the series finally debuted on Disney+ and rapidly established itself as one of the greatest new series of 2022. 

While previous Star Wars series captivated viewers with The Volume’s remarkable skills and reconnected us with beloved Prequel Era characters, Tony Gilroy found a way to detach a galaxy far, far away down to its essentials and construct a riveting spy thriller that struck directly at the centre of what the franchise could always be.

Watch Andor on Disney+ Hotstar

10. Stranger Things Season 4 

After a pleasant but slightly monotonous third season had us worrying whether it would be diminishing marginal returns from here on out, Netflix’s Stranger Things released a twisting and fantastic Season 4 to reclaim the momentum. And, at this moment, it appears a safe bet that it will not let go until the last episode is out. 

While the people of Hawkins, Indiana have been facing strange occurrences and interfering scientists since the show’s inception, it wasn’t until Season 4 that they finally had an opponent worth fighting against – Vecna a.k.a. Henry Creel, also known as One.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

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