HoTD Season 2 Confirms More Battles, More Dragons & The Return of The Starks!

More Fire & Blood coming our way
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 25, 2022

**Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers for Season 1

HBO’s House of The Dragon Season 1 has officially closed its curtains, but before we discuss the jaw dropping finale, ravens came and brought us two fittingly major news. 

The good news is HoTD is renewed for the second season—it is confirmed to feature more dragons, more epic battles and we’ll seemingly return to Winterfell up in the North. However, the bad news is that we have to wait another 2 years before it airs. 

The second season was confirmed back in August, following the premiere of its first episode. Twenty million viewers across all networks were sufficient to establish that Game of Thrones passion has not subsided following the main series’ 2019 end.

Source: HBO

According to an article by Watchers on the Wall, the series will return to the King’s Landing stand-in city of Cáceres next spring, while shooting on the new season beginning roughly in April 2023. Considering the amount of time it takes to film a season of dragon conflict, House of the Dragon season 2 is expected to premiere in 2024.

Which Characters Will Return in Season 2? 

Though HBO is yet to announce the season 2 cast, George R.R. Martin‘s primary source hints that upcoming seasons will not take the type of temporal leaps that marked season 1. We can expect Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best, Tom Glynn-Carney, and Ewan Mitchell to return.

Martin has indeed verified one new character: Daeron Targaryen, Viserys and Alicent’s fourth child, who was supposedly in Oldtown during season 1 and “we just did not have the time to fit him in this season,” Martin noted in an early October posting.

Source: HBO

Besides from the House of the Dragon, fans are certainly anticipating the debut of the Game of Thrones world’s other most important family: the Starks. The wolves of Winterfell will be involved in the coming conflict, as demonstrated by Jacaerys Velaryon’s (Harry Collett) dispatch to Winterfell on a recruitment expedition. In addition to that, the current Stark Lord (Cregan Stark) in command of the North is a fan favourite.

Which Angle Will The Season 2 Picks Up?

Okay so… remember that dragons chase scene that took place at Storm’s End in the season finale? Sources confirm that Season 2 Episode 1 will hoist from that event. After Aemond seemingly lost control over his 100 years old dragon, Vhagar, and killed Lucerys and his dragon, Arrax, news broke to Dragonstone and Queen Rhaenyra is ready to call the banners. However, according to books, Rhaenyra was reluctant to start the war and would readily mourn the death of his son in silence, but it was her husband Daemon’s words that she then continued to engage in the civil war. 

“Blood and Cheese” is the name of the scene being discussed. We won’t say much more than that. If there’s one major event you don’t want spoiled, it’s definitely this one. If you can’t stand it any further, feel free to Google it. Also, there’s a whole Dance of The Dragons summary available for you to read on Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Source: HBO

Eventually, the Fire & Blood book lists 26 separate identified battles in this conflict. We barely went through four of them in season one, and of the 22 renamings, about 13 might be regarded as a major war. 

Which Dragons Will Make Its Debut? 

House Targaryen is at the pinnacle of its dominance under King Viserys I’s reign. It’s no surprise that the pinnacle occurs to correspond with the family owning the most dragons. The House of the Dragon will ultimately feature up to 17 clawed monsters.

Source: HBO

Do note that everyone with the name Targaryen and Velaryon (except for Corlys) is a dragonrider. We are yet to see Aegon II’s dragon (Sunfyre), Helaena (Dreamfyre), Baela, (Moondancer), Rhaena (Morning) and few other dragons that remain riderless residing in the cave of Dragonstone: Vermithor, Silverwing and Sheepstealer. 

And while Laenor Velaryon has fled Westeros with his lover, it is rumoured that his dragon, Seasmoke, remains somewhere either in Dragonstone or Driftmark. So we might see the return of the dragon. 

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