AEON Unleashes a Stunning Fashion Preview and Collaborations with iC, WooFiziWoo, and More

Grab your fashionable spectacles because AEON has done it again!…
By: Farah Khan
February 25, 2023

Grab your fashionable spectacles because AEON has done it again! With a knack for finding the most unexpected venues, this time the 2023’s triennial show was held at the Universiti Teknologi MARA, UiTM’s Fine Arts Building at Kompleks Ilham. Who knew that a fine arts building could become a runway, but AEON is all about accessibility and inclusivity!

AEON is notorious for creating opportunities, and this year’s show is no different. Not only will they be showcasing their upcoming new arrivals, but they are also collaborating with three talented UiTM fashion students, Siti Fathimah Md Hanapi, Syazwani Zafirah Saari and Muhammad Aiman Ajwad Baharudin. Identified as Future Designers 2023, they will have the chance to work with Abu Shaef Hamza to understand consumers’ ready-to-wear and prospects for employment or contractual possibilities to launch their next big ideas into collabs or exclusive lines with AEON.

But wait, there’s more! AEON is also collaborating with innercasual or its short, iC. This athleisure brand from Japan champions smart fabric technology that enhances an active lifestyle while remaining affordable. Made from eco-friendly, 100% organic cotton that is grown in fields with no use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, iC promises lightweight, free-flow, long and repeat wearability that is perfect to support agility and movements. Not to mention, their garments are anti-odour, anti-bacterial, and have UV-protection. Who said you can’t look good while breaking a sweat?

Last but not least, AEON is also collaborating with FIZIWOO for an inclusive Lebaran season. Their special collection features five different sets of flowers meticulously embroidered: Chempaka, Orked, Seri, Dahlia and Mawar. With the intention of recalling and preserving childhood memories of flower motifs, each exclusive piece is also embellished with a WooFiziWoo signature. The Kandis Kurta is the perfect traditional attire for the festive season with a round neckline, front button, two side pockets, and available in eight Raya-inspired colours.

Come along for the ride with AEON and witness the incredible collaborations between designers and accessibility for all ages and body types, functionality, sustainability, and affordability.