Park Seo-Joon Enthusiastically Welcomed by Malaysian Fans at #JomMinumMILO Event

Park Seo-Joon is Sahabat MILO!
By: Farah Khan
February 26, 2023

Korean actor Park Seo-Joon graces fans with his presence in Malaysia for the first time as Sahabat Milo (Friend of MILO). Making his arrival at KLIA on Friday night, where hundreds of fans were already waiting to welcome the soon-to-be Marvel star, Park Seo-Joon then celebrated the MILO x Park Seo-Joon collaboration the next day at Sunway Pyramid, Ice Rink.

Park Seo-Joon Sahabat MILO


The crowd was insane at yesterday’s #PSJSahabatMilo event with the attendance of the dashing Korean actor, Park Seo Joon. What was your favourite moment? #PSJSahabatMilo #MILOMalaysia #JomMinumMilo #PSJ #ParkSeoJoonMalaysia #PSJMalaysia #MILO

♬ 시작 – 가호

As early as 7:30am Saturday, fans were already gathered at Sunway Pyramid, ready to grab the best spot to watch the event that scheduled to start at 11:00am. Arriving at 12:30pm, Park Seo-Joon was greeted with screams of thousands of fans that filled every floor of Sunway Pyramid. Throughout the event Park Seo-Joon shared his experience as Sahabat MILO, how he makes his favourite MILO drink, and more!

The event came to an end around 2:00pm on Sunday but the fun did not stop! MILO prepared exciting activities for the many who came to celebrate the event. With roadshows, special promotions, and MILO trucks parked in front of Sunway Lagoon, every fan of MILO got a taste of the delicious MILO 3-in-1, confessed to be the favourite of Park Seo-Joon.

MILO Stick Pack Variants

For adults on the move who want convenience and variety with the amazing flavour of MILO, the MILO Stick Pack Variants provide a wide selection of nutrient-dense goods. The variations include Park Seo-Joon’s favourite, the MILO 3-in-1, MILO Original, MILO with Whole Grain Cereal, MILO Less Sugar, and MILO HI-FIBRE. These MILO stick pack variations offer more deliciousness and additional nutritional advantages to fulfil the changing demands of customers, like Park Seo-Joon, who must maintain his hectic schedule and active lifestyle.

“I heard that MILO is a brand that is loved by all Malaysians. And seeing everyone gathered here today I can truly feel how much MILO is being loved in Malaysia.” said Sahabat MILO Park Seon-Joon at yesterday’s event.

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