The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist For A Day All To Yourself!

Self-love is important so create your self-care checklist now!
By: Cherelle Lim
March 31, 2022

The ups and downs of life can sometimes take a toll on our health. Whether it is emotional, physical or mental, we should be able to take care of ourselves when we’re feeling down. Self-care is an important step in life as it helps keep you sane and happy when times get tough. Self-care is something we all should be doing on a monthly basis because it is important to our health as well. How do you feel about yourself? A question many can’t seem to answer when asked. It is important to constantly ask yourself, how are you feeling? Are you happy, sad or confused? This helps identify your needs to create a self-care checklist. 

Having a self-care checklist can be beneficial as you can always come back to it when you need it. Even assigning a specific date to have a self-care date with yourself is a great way to be consistent! A self-care checklist is a great way to plan and customise according to your own needs. So, let Glitz show you how to relax and what to add to your self-care day checklist!

How To Use A Self-Care Checklist

So how should you go about using a self-care day checklist after creating one? Since your checklist will most probably be in list form, it makes sense to go through it from top to bottom. As you go through your self-care checklist for the day, it is better to do some of the activities you love first. Rather than go through the list and do all the things you least enjoy. So, although going through it from top to bottom is ideal, there’s no harm in completing the list however you want! 

Furthermore, you can also mark the activities you want to do the most with a star. Then once you’ve completed it, you can even mark how good it made you feel! Easy right? Also, remember that there is no right or wrong way to go about a self-care checklist. Do whatever makes you happy and you will be! So, stop watching all those YouTube self-care videos of other girls. Stop trying to do it like them, and start doing it like you!

Why You Should Keep A Self-Care Checklist

Now some people might ask what’s the point of keeping a self-care checklist? Why not just do whatever you want when you’re feeling down? That’s the thing. For most of us, it can be hard to choose something to do when there’s so much to choose from! A checklist is a perfect list to help you decide what to do with yourself in a moment. Furthermore, a self-care checklist helps you maintain your designated habits. It also helps monitor yourself whether you are following it or not. Aside from that, a self-care checklist is also used to track your progress and change up your plans accordingly if needed. 

A self-care checklist can also help maintain a healthy body and mind. Making your life less worrisome and less stressful. Self-care is a form of self-love and it is completely personal. Thus, it is up to you how you want to shower yourself with love. While others might choose to spend money and take themselves on a vacation, others might just want to spend a day walking around a park, picking flowers and visiting the beach. 

What To Add To Your Self-Care Checklist

1. Take Yourself Out On A Date

The best thing to do on a self-care day is to take yourself out on a date! Who says you can’t go on solo dates? Visit a cafe, take a trip to a museum and enjoy time getting to know yourself! Splurge on your favourite foods and take your time eating in a lovely cafe. Aside from that, you can even vlog your trip. Act like a YouTuber reviewing the cafe or just film yourself to keep as a memory. Trust us, because when you look back and watch the video, we guarantee you’ll be smiling like a dummy. 

2. Exercise 

Exercising is great for keeping your body healthy. Honestly, if you don’t feel like it, don’t exercise. But, if you do find the motivation, we suggest doing so with a scenic view! That might help and you don’t have to confine yourself to the gym. Exercise outdoors if it makes you feel better! Go for a run at your favourite park, or drag a friend along to make it more fun! 

3. Get A Massage

Time to relax and be stress-free by getting a massage! Forget about everything else and enjoy your time by getting a massage! It can be extremely therapeutic and helps you relax too. Getting a massage can also be a form to engage in physical intimacy for some. If you crave physical touch, a massage might make you feel better. Or, you can always pay a visit to your family and cuddle with them for as long as you like! 

4. Visit A Pet Cafe/Play With Pets

Cats or dogs are what will always make a pet lover happy. So, if you don’t have your own pet, you can visit a pet cafe instead! Just looking at those adorable kittens and puppies will instantly make your heart swell. Whatever you were stressing about, will also be forgotten! If you feel up to the challenge and have the means, then it’s time to get yourself a pet too! This can be the best act of self-love you can do. Adding this to your self-care checklist can even make you look forward to your self-care day! 

5. Movie Night

Is it nighttime and you don’t know what to do? Well, put on a movie, get some of your favourite snacks and have a movie night! Watch your favourite or comfort movies that give you all the feels. Whether it’s an action-adventure movie or a chick flick, it is all up to you. Pop some popcorn and make your favourite drink. Grab a blanket, dim the lights and snuggle up for an hour or so! 

6. Baking For Therapy

Some of us may find that baking helps relieve stress too. What’s more is that once you’re done baking, you get to enjoy some scrumptious desserts. If you’ve got a favourite cookie recipe, bake a batch and have it all to yourself. Or, you might be more of a cake person. If so, bake a whole cake and eat it yourself! No sharing this time around. When else are you going to get the chance to eat a whole cake by yourself!

7. Colouring Time

 A bit of mindfulness never hurts anybody. So, grab your colour pencils and colouring book, because it’s time for some colouring! Enjoy this activity for at least an hour and see what you can accomplish! If you don’t just want to colour something in, draw on a blank piece of paper and colour it in yourself too! The best part about colouring is that there is no rule to it. Colour outside the lines and draw something completely different if you want. 

Self-Care Checklist Templates 

1. Taken from The Fabulous

self-care checklist

2. Taken from Snacking Sneakers

self-care checklist

3. Taken from Learning To Be Free

self-care checklist

4. Taken from Laren’s Journey

self-care checklist

5. Taken from Poster My Wall

self-care checklist

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