Travelling Soon? Here Are Some Travel Essentials To Make Your Trip Easier

From foldable travel shorts to sleek bottles
By: agnes
April 1, 2022

Malaysia’s borders are finally opening up after more than two years of lockdowns, quarantines, and travel restrictions, allowing you to resume living your best life and travelling the globe! After all, it’s been so long. You might be at a loss for what to pack as you prepare for your next vacation. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the newest travel essentials to keep your suitcase light and beautiful!

1. The most comfortable, mobile, and fashionable pair of shorts available

When travelling (especially in Asia!), having a reliable pair of shorts is crucial. While many shorts give you an ‘unpolished’ appearance, Thousand Miles’ All Day Shorts are the ideal pair to take on the road with you! These are the only shorts you’ll ever need, with an exceptional fit, wrinkle-free fabric, and lightweight fabric that’s easy to pack and quick-drying. Its adaptability gets you from the airport to the beach club in no time! Truly, it’s one of the few travel essentials to have!

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2. Come in; these swim trunks are F I N E.

Let’s not leave all the beach OOTDs to the ladies, shall we? With Eubi’s Swim Shorts, you may reclaim your freedom to roam and embrace your inner fashionista. These bad boys will make you look like the next swimsuit trendsetter with their great fit, whether you’re like the colour-changing magic fabric or the summer-inspired patterns! You’ll be able to dive, splash, and move freely thanks to Eubi’s trademark 4-way stretch material.

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3. The most stylish water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for conquering your adventures, whether you’re on a sunny island or on a beautiful nature hike. Make sure you have a stylish and durable water bottle on hand for all of your drinking needs. We propose MONTIGO’s Ace Bottles, which are one of the few travel essentials you will want. They are attractive, metallic bottles that keep your water (or any other drink *wink*) fresh and chilled. They can also be used as a decorative prop in all of your travel photos!

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4. Underwear to keep your most valuable assets comfortable

You’ll need some comfortable support for your most valuable possessions if you’re on the run all day while producing memories. We advocate keeping all of your essentials warm with Comfort Republic’s (Apollo+) Boxer Briefs + Fly since strength and comfort come from inside. These boxer briefs are soft to the touch (and easy on the eyes…) and will provide you with just the appropriate amount of support no matter what your plans are for your fantasy vacation.

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5. The one and only pair of pants you’ll ever require

We all want to travel light, and limiting your apparel to just one pair of necessary pants is one of the most effective methods to do it. Momentum Long Pants from Bottoms Lab are ideal for any event and are appropriate for any style. From sunrise to sunset, this collection is designed to keep you looking nice and feeling fresh. They’re also simple to wash and dry, and they’re designed to fit you comfortably no matter what you’re doing.

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