Signature Market Teams Up With Lisa Surihani To Launch The Perfect Platter This Ramadan

Share the love and create memories with Suri, an exclusively-curated…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
April 1, 2022

This Ramadan, Signature Market has teamed up with renowned Malaysian actress, Lisa Surihani launching a special, luxurious gift box—SURI Ramadan Platter—for consumers to enjoy during the holy month of fasting. Described as the perfect sharing platter, the SURI Ramadan Platteris made to be enjoyed with friends and families in the hopes of spreading more love and making memories with one another.

Exclusively curated and selected by Lisa Surihani, the gift box includes a variety of Signature Market’s delicious, healthy bites that are perfect for guilt-free snacking especially during sahur or breaking fast. Along with many of the brand’s famous treats, customers will also get to try Suri’s favourite picks which include Tempeh Bites, Tangy Tomato Chickpea & Lentil Chips, Omega-3 Trail Mix, Mini Sun Dried Apricot and more. 

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“As an advocate of positivity and practising healthy habits for the mind and body, I’m proud to be able to work with a brand like Signature Market who shares the same belief. As we observe the fast, it’s important that we keep healthy and energised which is why I’m glad to be able to share with the public this uniquely-curated gift box filled with snacks that are enjoyable for anyone, without having any sense of guilt. I hope consumers can enjoy and benefit from it whilst also gaining tons of energy and good nutrition during this holy month” said Lisa Surihani.

SURI, From Lisa Surihani

“At Signature Market, we’re always about positivity and practising healthy habits which is why we’re thrilled that Lisa Surihani has partnered with us on this campaign as we share the same beliefs. We see families and friends come together every Ramadan season, which is why we came up with this “platter”–to truly offer our customers a way to bond and share their love with one another. We wanted the SURI Ramadan Platter to enable our customers to also celebrate the fasting month with all the extra nutrients needed to sustain the body throughout the day and allow them break their fast without feeling guilty,” said Edwin Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Signature Market. 

Priced at RM109, the SURI Ramadan Platteris housed in a deep green box with simple chequered patterns to symbolise ‘luxury in simplicity’. The messaging behind the phrase was inspired by Signature Market’s and Suri’s belief of luxury being as simple as the priceless time spent with loved ones, exemplifying the true essence of both the wholesome snacks and the Ramadan season. 

What’s In The Box?

In the box, you can find::

  • Omega-3 Trail Mix (50g)
  • Tangy Tomato Chickpea & Lentil Chips (100g)
  • Khalas Dates (80g) 
  • Classic Nut Mix (50g)
  • Tempeh Bites-Original (150g)
  • Low Carb Mix (50g)
  • Dark Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies (Gluten-Free) (180g) 
  • Dried Mariami Dates Mini Pack (50g)
  • Vegan White Chocolate Almonds Mini Pack (70g)
  • Mini Sun Dried Apricot (200g)

For the well-loved Suri fans, the gift box also includes an exclusive greeting card with Lisa Surihani’s Signature and best wishes!

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