Seeking Clean Health Supplements That Are Kind To You & The Environment? Meet Seaforest!

The beauty of science and tradition
By: agnes
August 10, 2022

Leading Malaysian consumer health firm Polylab Biotech has introduced Seaforest, a line of pure, entirely natural, plant-based health products. As a result of realising how difficult it is to find high-quality health goods in Malaysia, Seaforest has combined science and tradition to provide a range of products that are both beneficial to people and the environment.

Importance of self-care and wellness

Products from Seaforest are designed for customers that place a high value on wellness and self-care. They are knowledgeable about the most recent holistic and health goods and actively look for new ways to enhance their diet, lifestyle, and general well-being. Aside from frequently taking dietary supplements, they also have a strong concern for the environment and are conscientious of what they consume and put into their bodies.

“Choosing the right supplement takes a lot of work and research. So we decided to cut through the noise to create a range that’s easy, environmentally friendly and free from all the no-nos. Seaforest is our way of saying nature is the best medicine — from our 100% natural ingredients down to our sustainable packaging,” said Chua Gee Hou, Co-Founder of Seaforest.

The importance of health and well-being has increased as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the pandemic serving as a reminder to take care of oneself and adopt healthier living practices, consumers have become more health-conscious.

Natural and sustainable

Seaforest’s line of supplements is made up entirely of natural components that have been demonstrated to nourish both the body and the mind in peer-reviewed scientific journals. All Seaforest products are produced locally in Malaysia with premium ingredients acquired from all over the world and are endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The company uses only organic herbs and fungus as part of their all-natural approach, with no excipients, fillers, or chemicals.

Seaforest extends its commitment to sustainability and cleanliness to the materials used in packaging. The business uses recyclable and recycled products to lessen its impact on the environment as much as feasible. Their supplements’ containers are made of FDA-approved, 100% post-consumer plastic, and their capsules are composed of organic pullulan, tapioca-based gelatin that is both vegan- and non-GMO-certified. The tea packaging from Seaforest is printed with soy-based ink on paper that has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, making it easier to recycle.

A look at the Seaforest Range

1. Organic Mushroom Complex – Wellness Supplement

Since their use in Traditional Chinese Medicine is said to have been established in the 12th century, mushrooms have a significant place in traditional medicine, particularly in China. The Organic Mushroom Complex includes immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms like turkey tail, maitake, reishi, shiitake, and chaga. Since studies have revealed that fruiting bodies contain a higher concentration of beta-glucans, which have been proved in clinical trials to have antitumor and anti-osteoporotic characteristics, Seaforest uses fruiting bodies rather than mycelium extract.

Quantity: 60 organic pullulan capsules

Price: RM299.90

Where to buy: Click here

2. Organic Golden Turmeric – Wellness Supplement

The Organic Golden Turmeric utilises the properties of over 200 concentrated turmeric compounds and is manufactured using a highly accessible version of curcumin in a natural turmeric matrix. It is a spice that has attracted a lot of interest from the culinary world as well as from the scientific and medical communities. Turmeric has long been valued for its anti-inflammatory effects in Ayurvedic medicine, and studies have shown that it also benefits skin, respiratory, and digestive health.

Quantity: 30 organic pullulan capsules

Price: RM139.90

Where to buy: Click here

3. Inner Bloom – Herbal Tea Blend

Inner Bloom is a natural blend composed of chrysanthemum, senna, and Garcinia Cambogia extract, a tropical fruit indigenous to South Asia and Southeast Asia. It combines both conventional Chinese and Ayurvedic techniques. Together, these carefully chosen herbs assist the body’s normal digestion and detoxifying functions and encourage healthy weight management. Before going to bed, sip on this floral tea blend, which has undertones of honey and a moderately sweet flavour.

Quantity: 25 tea bags

Price: RM43.80

Where to buy: Click here

4. Sweet Spot – Herbal Tea Blend

Yerba Mate leaves, chrysanthemum, and bitter melon extract are used to create the herbal mixture known as Sweet Spot. Mate is a traditional South American beverage that has been long consumed for providing greater energy and sharper mental focus, among others, while bitter melon has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels and increase the metabolism of glucose in the body. This potent, earthy blend is ideal for use after meals because it maintains normal blood sugar levels, boosts metabolism, and generally promotes wellbeing.

Quantity: 20 tea bags

Price: RM39.90

Where to buy: Click here

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