Best Body And Face Massage Devices In Malaysia

a simple and easy relief
By: Nina Shahriman
August 10, 2022

You may have regularly experienced stress symptoms, such as muscular tightness, whether they were brought on by work, physical activity, or overall exhaustion. Prior to recently, only physical therapists, chiropractors, and licensed masseuses could do deep-tissue massage. But when you’re at home and want a simple and easy relief without driving up to your nearest spa so that’s when you reach for massage devices. There are many types of massage devices for different areas of your and Glitz is listing out our all-time favourites!

The appropriate massager may reduce lactic acid accumulation, improve circulation, increase range of motion, reduce tension, and relieve pain and stiffness while also promoting muscle healing. Such instruments come in a wide variety on the market, with variations in their form, size, and purpose. It is still widely accepted that massage chairs are the best devices for completely relaxing consumers.

Benefits Of Using Massage Tools

Reduced muscle soreness

People frequently have sore muscles as a result of strenuous exercise, participating in sports, or working all day while seated or standing. Because muscles are interrelated, it’s sometimes challenging for patients to pinpoint the precise cause of discomfort. Lactic acid causes muscle soreness when it builds up around the tissue. The only way to stop the build-up of lactic acid is to massage the afflicted regions to increase blood flow.

Mood enhancer

Because of their relaxing and reassuring effects, one of the most amazing advantages of utilising massage tools is that they help people promote pleasant moods. For example, massage chairs employ a mix of compression, heated air, and rollers to lessen the unavoidable sense of tension and worry, so enhancing mood. After a stressful day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than reclining on one of these chairs and feeling the tension leave your body.

Additionally, these seats are thought to encourage the release of serotonin and dopamine, two hormones known as “feel-good” chemicals. The hormone that causes stress, cortisol, is currently being secreted at drastically reduced levels. Consequently, when employing these soothing items, you’ll at least forget about your regular problems.

Boost circulation

An individual’s health depends on healthy blood circulation since it has a direct impact on their energy levels and cardiovascular health. The majority of massage chairs have a zero-gravity posture approach, which is said to relax the heart and promote the flow of oxygen to the limbs. Additionally, better circulation guards against potential heart problems including hypertension, arrhythmia, blood clots, and other health difficulties.

Best Massage Devices In Malaysia

1. Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager

Even though it initially seems to be a scarf, it accomplishes much more than just keeping your shoulders toasty. Naipo’s Shiatsu Massager has three intensity settings and can-do Shiatsu kneading and heat. The Shiatsu technique, which has its roots mostly in Japan, concentrates on pressure points and attempts to bring the body’s equilibrium back. The back, neck, or thighs might also benefit from using it, yet the shoulders are where it shines.


Wow! This is the real deal. I seem to always have headaches. This massager allows me to pull with the handles so I have the perfect amount of pressure. The heat option and the ability to increase the speed are total pluses. My only advice is if anybody else lives with you, buy two! 🙂 My husband and I are always fighting over this!

Mforbush, Naipo

Price: RM504.00

Where to buy: Shopee

2. DIGMA Massage Chair

The DIGMA Massage Chair has a U-shaped headrest and an LCD screen control, along with heat therapy at the massage chair’s waist region. You may choose from 20 different massage settings on this massage chair to ease tension and discomfort in any region of your body. Point-to-point massage, an all-around 3-dimensional massage, and other massage options are available in this massage chair. A zero-gravity option is also available, which raises your complete body while massaging and relaxing your muscles.


The information inside manual regarding mode should be explain in details i have hard time to understand on how to use the machine. What this mode does and effect after massage the result, now i need to try and error with the mode. But overall quality its outstanding machine

Zenomax, Shopee

Price: RM1999.00

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Theragun PRO 4th Generation

The massage gun craze was started by the Theragun Pro. If adaptability is important to you, you’ll like the five pre-set settings and six different built-in attachments for meeting a variety of muscle requirements. Because it is lightweight and comes with two batteries with a combined power life of 300 minutes, you can carry it with you to all of your stops throughout the day. In comparison to other products on the market, it also claims an amplitude that penetrates muscles 60% deeper, enabling a speedy recovery after difficult rest days.


I have been dealing with tennis elbow for 5 weeks. For the past 8 days a I have used my Theragun Pro to treat the condition. I am very pleased with the results. During this 8 days I have continued to play golf 4 times a week without pain. I hope expect that the condition will be resolved in another week.

David S, Therabody

Price: RM2222.00

Where to buy: Therabody

4. OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime Massage Chair

Two heating pads in the lumbar region of the OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime Massage Chair give lower back heat therapy by expanding the blood vessels around the lumbar spine to improve blood flow. This procedure promotes the passage of oxygen while repairing muscle and tissue damage. With the built-in Bluetooth speakers on this massage chair, you can listen to your favourite podcasts or music while getting a soothing massage. It has a remote control and seven automated programme choices to improve the quality of your massage.


Superb customer service including delivery men. Everyone was really helpful and proactively rearranged my delivery so that I get it a day before my initial arranged delivery date which falls on first day of emco. Chair is very comfortable and the massages hits the right spot. Worth the money spent and no regrets buying from Ogawa

Cindy, Ogawa

Price: RM5949.00

Where to buy: Ogawa