Embark on a Flavorful Journey of Modern Indian Delights at Gin Rik Sha

Tasty fireworks on the tongue!
By: Astrid Zulhaime
April 17, 2024

The words “Gin Rik Sha” might mean “a person who pulls rickshaws” in Japanese, but you’d be searching in vain if you hope to find Japanese cuisine here. This gorgeous hideaway that exudes teal and gold elegance serves up modern Indian delicacies — which strictly adhere to its Indian roots, might we add. Owner Puan Sri Gita Menon loathes labelling her cosy restaurant and bar nestled in the vibrant Bukit Damansara neighbourhood as a “fusion” spot. Gin Rik Sha’s menu may not adhere strictly to traditional Indian recipes, but that’s the beauty of food; everyone is welcome to add their own spin to it.

We were invited to join an intimate tea party hosted by Gin Rik Sha where we sampled miniature versions of the restaurant’s most popular dishes and beverages. Each course was also explained to us by Puan Sri Gita herself, whose passion for cooking and good food was apparent in her detailed descriptions of each bite. Curious about what modern Indian cuisine might entail? Here are the highlights of Gin Rik Sha’s tea party classics.

An Inside Look At Gin Rik Sha’s Tea Party!

If you’re still hung up on why this Indian restaurant has a Japanese name, Puan Sri Gita was kind enough to enlighten us, so let us pay it forward! India was one of the first countries where rickshaws (or jinrikishas) were widely used, a lesser-known fact compared to the history of the two- or three-wheeled cart in Japan and China. In India, rickshaw pullers are renowned for their unwavering reliability, and are always ready to serve their passengers, come hell or high water. Gin Rik Sha aspires to embody this same level of dependability and become the ultimate destination for delectable modern Indian cuisine in the Klang Valley.

Now that your questions have been answered, let’s take a look at our top three favourites from Gin Rik Sha’s lively tea party!


To say that it’s difficult to choose a highlight from the ten mouthwatering mini bites we were served is the understatement of the century. Since the task is too monumental, allow us to cheat just the tiniest bit.

We were partial to the sweet offerings on the menu, such as the Kerala Fried Chicken & Rice Waffles and the Brioche Bombay Toast. Extra kudos for the decision to include saccharine bites alongside all the savoury nibbles for a varied tasting experience. We also loved the Mango Chicken Poppadom and the Bang Bang Prawns. Each protein was well-marinated, an explosion of flavours blending together sugar and spice.


gin rik sha
Twisted Elixir

Gin Rik Sha served us two cocktails, their signature Pani Poori Margarita and their cocktail of the month, Twisted Elixir. Both of these beverages are completely different from each other, yet they share a similar trait; they left us mesmerised until the final drop. The flavourful Pani Poori Margarita serves as a snack and a drink in one as it comes with a mini pani poori which you must dunk into the margarita before nomnoming in a single bite. In contrast, the vibrant purple Twisted Elixir made with Twisted Nose Gin is incredibly refreshing, given away by its rolled cucumber garnish.


With a name like Indian Summer for a dessert, the first thing that came to mind would naturally be mangoes. Sure enough, Gin Rik Sha’s Indian Summer is their take on a British dessert called Eton Mess, which is made with fresh fruit, cream, and meringue. In addition to the mangoes, Indian Summer also contains black pepper. It might sound slightly out of place, but we assure you, the taste is anything but.

All in all, Gin Rik Sha is a definite must-visit if you enjoy flavoursome and creatively made modern Indian cuisine. Whether you’re stopping in for brunch with the ladies or for a nightcap at the contemporary bar, Gin Rik Sha succeeds in being just as dependable as its namesake.

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