Fashion Revolution Week 2024: Let’s Get Involved!

The world’s largest fashion activism movement
By: Iffah Salleh
April 17, 2024

Fashion Revolution Week 2024 celebrates a decade of fashion activism, uniting global communities in seventy-five countries through engaging local events. 

The theme, ‘How to be a Fashion Revolutionary’, prompts reflection on past achievements and future aspirations, inviting individuals to contribute to a sustainable and ethical fashion industry. 

Melissa Tan, Fashion Revolution Malaysia’s Country Coordinator, emphasises the importance of collective action in shaping a healthier relationship with fashion. 

Whether as students, brands, producers, or concerned citizens, everyone is encouraged to join the movement and redefine fashion activism for a brighter future.

This year, the campaign will run from Monday, 15th April until Wednesday, 24th April. 

Engage & Learn at the Fashion Revolutionary Workshop Series

Led by Fashion Revolutionaries, acquire valuable skills, from effective communication to community engagement. 

This free global workshop series, built on a decade of insights and achievements, is designed to empower participants with the tools for impactful action, including advocacy, education, and fostering connections within the community. 

It’s a great opportunity to network locally, gain inspiration for future endeavours, and contribute to meaningful projects and campaigns.

The event includes:

  • Mend In Public Day Event
  • Clothes swaps, community circles, and workshops promoting slow and circular fashion
  • #WeAreFashionRevolution storytelling campaign
  • Launch of the Malaysian cohort for the Sustainable Fashion and the SDG Goals course (a 4-week online course, free of charge)

Sign up now and be part of these activities here.

Mend In Public Day Event (20th April 2024)

Take collective action by participating in the Mend In Public Day event on Saturday, April 20th at Gaya HQ. This global event invites citizens to come together and, just like the event name suggested, to mend their clothing as a protest against disposable fashion.

Whether you’re fixing torn pockets or stitching split seams, join this event to spark conversations about extending the life of our loved clothes. This event delivers message which is to stand against fashion waste, promoting repair and reuse as powerful solutions.

Come together and bring in your repair pile during Fashion Revolution Week in Malaysia, or organise your own event, saving planets can start from anywhere! Create your little ‘mend’ club and spread awareness with people. 

Not good with needles? No worries! All skill levels and Fashion Revolutionaries are welcome to join in resisting the cycle of excess and embracing sustainable fashion practices. #MendInPublicDay

Learn more about this event here.

For more ways to get involved with this year’s campaign, read about Get Involved Guide here.

AddressGaya HQ, a community hub located at 2, Jalan Anak Gasing 6/5, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Date20th April 2024

Join The Movement: We Are Fashion Revolution (15th – 24th April 2024)

Explore more into the untold narratives of Fashion Revolutionaries an online movement event and contribute to the conversation with the new #WeAreFashionRevolution campaign.

Fashion Revolution’s story is one of unity and advocacy. For the past decade, Fashion Revolutionaries have championed an industry that prioritises people and the planet over profits – and they want to hear your story!

#WeAreFashionRevolution encourages individuals to share their experiences as Fashion Revolutionaries. Through social media templates and story prompts, participants can reflect on their journey in fashion activism, express their aspirations for the future, or offer advice to newcomers in the movement.

This campaign serves as a tribute to the community leaders, innovative thinkers, and catalysts for change within the global movement. Join in shaping the narrative and showcasing to the world that #WeAreFashionRevolution. 

Learn more about this initiative here.

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