Gamuda Cove Levels Up: Wetlands Arboretum Centre and Discovery Park’s Heart-Pounding Additions

Where Suburbia Gets a Shot of Adrenaline and a Dose…
By: Farah Khan
September 16, 2023

In a world filled with the mundane and the ordinary, one township is on a mission to redefine leisure and adventure. Gamuda Cove, nestled in the heart of Klang Valley, is not your average suburban development. No siree, it’s a leisure, entertainment, and eco-tourism extravaganza that’s raising eyebrows and heart rates in equal measure.

The Oasis of Fun

If you thought suburbs were all about white picket fences and garden gnomes, think again. Gamuda Cove is breaking the mold, and they’re doing it with flair. It’s not just about houses anymore; it’s about a lifestyle, an experience, and they’re taking it up a notch.

Mr. N. Sanjay, the General Manager of Leisure & Hospitality at Gamuda Land, said “Being a township developer gives us the unique opportunity to design our masterplan right.” Right indeed! Imagine 1,530 acres of canvas, and on it, they’re painting the portrait of the coolest suburban utopia ever.

Discovery Park: The Adventure Awaits

It’s not a park; it’s an adventure playground for all ages. The Discovery Park at Gamuda Cove is a sprawling 23-acre adrenaline junkie’s paradise. Now, they’ve added more fuel to the adventure fire with Electric Go-karting, Paintball Target Shooting, and ATV rides.

  • Electric Go-karting is not your kid’s bumper car ride. It’s Asia’s most advanced kart racing experience. Picture yourself hurtling down a track at speeds of up to 60km/h, and you’re not dreaming. It’s real, and it’s only RM75.
  • Paintball Target Shooting is your chance to live out your action movie fantasies. Grab your pals, channel your inner Rambo, and unleash your competitive spirit. At just RM10 for 15 pellets, it’s super worth it!
  • ATV rides are for the off-road daredevils. Zoom through multi-terrain trails, conquer hills, mud, and sand, and do it all in style. Prices start at RM80 for a 20-minute session, and RM120 for a 40-minute adrenaline overdose. You’ve got to be 16 or older to hop on these bad boys.

Wetlands Arboretum Centre: Where Nature Meets Entertainment

In the midst of all this adventure, Gamuda Cove knows the importance of preserving the natural world. That’s why they’ve unveiled the Wetlands Arboretum Centre, a place where education and nature conservation blend seamlessly.

LAr. Khariza Abd Khalid, Executive Director of Gamuda Land, gushed, “This ambitious undertaking will not only preserve and restore native species but also support the recovery of endangered plant and animal populations.”

But wait, there’s more! The Wetlands Arboretum Centre isn’t just for scientists in lab coats. They’ve got a Jungle School Programme that’ll turn your kids into mini Indiana Joneses. For RM75, they’ll embark on an adventure led by experienced rangers.

Gamuda Cove

Gamuda Cove isn’t just a township; it’s a living, breathing entity. Mr. Sanjay hit the nail on the head when he said, “People remember the place they grow up in.” They’re not just building houses; they’re creating memories, friendships, and a sense of community that’s as rare as a unicorn.

So, whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, or just someone who wants to escape the humdrum of everyday life, Gamuda Cove is calling your name. It’s time to redefine suburbia, one adventure at a time. Welcome to the future of leisure, entertainment, and eco-tourism. Welcome to Gamuda Cove.