Fluffy & Co Turns Your House into Your Home with Handmade Scented Soy Candles

Now you’ve probably got the perfect set up in your…
By: Farah Khan
December 22, 2021

What makes a house a home? We think it’s your favourite scent. Walking into our house and just inhaling a calming, beautiful scent just immediately makes us feel good and of course, feel at home. So, how can you complete your abode? Well, it’s simple. Scented candles, signature scents, room, and linen sprays, that is how! With that said, allow us to introduce you to Fluffy & Co !

Now you’ve probably got the perfect set up in your home, and need that final touch. Therefore, let us introduce you to the following scents from Fluffy & Co.

Fluffy & Co.

Fluffy & Co. is a homegrown brand that sells primarily handmade scented soy candles. Delivering beautiful scents to homes since 2017, the brand provides personalisation of their products as well. This makes their products perfect as meaningful gifts, especially since the biggest gifting day of the year is only a few days away. Loved by many around the country (including us at Glitz), we are delighted to show you some of their Christmas offerings this holiday 2021 season.

Gift Box 1

This first gift box is packed with three of their 160g Christmas themed candles. With three scents; Rudolph Farts, Tree Farm, and Grandma’s Kitchen, this gift box is the perfect gift for your home, and your loved ones! Why get on when you can get three, right?

If you’re wondering what makes these candles so special, besides their unique scents, it is that they are soy candles. Soy candles are made with soy wax. Which as you may be able to guess, are made from soybeans. Hence, making them environmentally friendly as they are derived from renewable resources.

Soy wax also burns at a slower rate compared to paraffin wax. Thus, resulting in a longer-lasting candle. And, while all candles produce some black soot when they burn, soy wax burns cleanly and produces less soot than paraffin. Soy is also a superb fragrance carrier, requiring no chemical amplifiers to increase smell throw and provide a well-balanced, candle that is true-to-scent. Need we say more?

Gift Box 2

We are honestly loving the minimalistic aesthetic of Fluffy & Co. This gift box contains 3 of their 80g scented soy candles from their Holiday Collection. So, if you’re looking for smaller sized candles for a trial run, this would be the box for you! Plus, they come in tin packaging making them lighter and easy to travel with, in case you want to bring them along on vacation. Your vacation bath time might be a little more enjoyable companied by these candles, and maybe a glass of wine too!

Gift Box 3

This gift box gives you the best of all worlds. With one 160g scented soy candle, one 80g scented soy candle, and one room and linen spray, it is the perfect gift AND addition to your home. Having tried all three of these, we are totally in love. The scents are unique and brings that Christmas feel to your home. Plus, they’ll make a great scent to add to your Christmas party, as your guests will enjoy and fall in love with them too!

We’ve got to say, we enjoyed all three unique scents from their Holiday Collection. Grandma’s Kitchen smells like you’re entering a room filled with baked goods. It’ll surely complete any room with a nostalgic scent. As expected by the name, Tree Farm gives a fresh scent that is most definitely to be enjoyed if you love the great outdoors. Rudolph Farts on the other hand, is probably our favourite. Who knew our favourite reindeer would release such a beautiful scent? View the post below for a deeper insight as to what these scents encompasses.

For more information and to order your very own Scented Soy Candle, visit Fluffy & Co. on their Instagram here.