Hosting For The Festive Season But Don’t Have Enough Time? Here Is The Only Last Minute Party Guide You Need

The all-you-need guide to preparing a successful last-minute party!
By: Nina Shahriman
December 4, 2021

We’ve all been there- procrastinating too much and you find yourself not having enough time in your hands. It’s an even bigger pain when you’re responsible for planning a party which takes a whole lot of preparation to do. There are the guests, the food spread, décor and more! With that, Glitz has come up with the all-you-need guide to preparing a successful last-minute party!

Inviting Guests

people raising wine glass in selective focus photography

When planning a last-minute party, this can assist spread the news quickly, and you’ll have just as rapid a response time on RSVPs. If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you may quickly organise an event and invite them. They can also quickly let you know if they are going or not. Remember that some of your acquaintances may not have access to a computer, in which case a brief phone call will suffice.

Cleaning Up Your Area

You won’t have time to clean your entire house while planning a last-minute party. Decide which rooms your visitors will view and focus on them while closing the doors to the rest. During a party, the kitchen, dining area, living room, foyer, and bathroom will most likely be the most used areas. Grab your vacuum cleaner and feather duster and start cleaning those designated areas.

Additionally, when cleaning the bathroom, be sure to give careful attention! Guests will come to this section of your home at least once, if not twice or three times.

Easy Décor

blue and white ceramic table decor on brown wooden table

Spending a lot of effort and money on party decorations is a waste of time and money. Using too many decorations in a small area may be overpowering, so stick to a few basic containers of fresh-cut flowers and some lighting to provide some warmth. Fairy lights can transform any space, both inside and out so do add them as part of your décor!

Preparing The Beats

It’s usually a good idea to have music playing at your party to break up the silence. If you ask me, a party isn’t complete without it. If you have a favourite party playlist or two, these perform well on continuous play. Sites like Spotify provide playlists that will suit any number of partygoers.

You may also utilise YouTube to play short and simple tracks! The most essential thing is to be able to press play and join in the fun.

Planning The Fun

Keep a couple of your favourite games on display for everyone to see in case the gaming mood strikes. The beautiful thing about last-minute parties is that visitors are mostly there to socialise and enjoy each other’s company. With that in mind, anything as an extra bonus will make your guests pleased, so have the games ready and available. Get your UNO cards and Monopoly boards out, and if you can, get your hands on any murder mystery case games!

Food For The People

person trying to pick fried food

A good old-fashioned potluck can help cut down on party prep time. Prepare the main entrée yourself, and request the aid of a few friends to prepare the side dishes. If you’re going to do everything yourself, make it simple by providing something basic.

When planning a last-minute party, buying food and having it delivered might help you save a lot of time and effort. It’s a pretty inexpensive concept that everyone will like.

Drinks Up

When organising a last-minute party, keep your drink selection minimal. Choose three items that will work best for the attendees and stick with them. Most visitors won’t mind if you don’t provide their preferred beverage.

Adding refreshing fruits like citrus, berries, and cucumber to water is also a terrific way to make it more interesting. Allow the fruits to be marinade in the water overnight for maximum flavour when serving.