Iconic Characters, Timeless Fashion: Eid Wardrobe Inspiration Watchlist

Start practising your strut ladies!
By: Iffah Salleh
April 8, 2024

As Raya approaches, expect a slew of stunning fashion moments to flood your social media page. Everyone is preparing to show off their inner Cruella, and if you’re anything like us, you’re ready to impress your neighbours and maybe get into a showdown with your cousins with a parade of beautiful ensembles. Now really is the best time to go crazy!

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of Kebarung or the timeless charm of baju Melayu Teluk Belanga, here are five iconic characters from films and TV series to inspire your Eid outfit and give a bit of shine to your festivities.

5 Iconic Characters To Be Inspired By This Eid

1. Vintage Maven – Imogene Scott, Death and Other Details

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Imogene Scott epitomises practical elegance with her vintage prints, beaded embellishments, and a flair for detective fashion. Channel her style by incorporating retro prints, sparkling details, and bold accessories into your Raya outfits. Stream her adventures on Disney+ Hotstar for some vintage inspiration.

2. Silk Kimonos – Toda Mariko, Shōgun

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Transport yourself to 16th-century Japan with Toda Mariko’s silk kimonos adorned with delicate florals. Emulate her refined style by opting for an abaya for Raya morning, or a loose  Kebaya top by combining comfort and elegance effortlessly. Catch her captivating story on Disney+ Hotstar for a glimpse into timeless silk chic.

3. Gentle Glamour – Janine Teagues, Abbott Elementary

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

We understand your surprise,especially if you’re Principal Ava Coleman. Janine? Really? Yes, Janine. Miss Teagues is a hidden gem at Abbott Elementary, renowned for her signature style of cosy sweaters, flowing skirts, and hoop earrings! While Janine’s fashion choices can be bold, as a primary school teacher with a genuine care for comfort and practicality, we’d give her an A+ for dressing with confidence and functionality.

To mimic Janine’s Eid look, go for a baju kurung Kedah made of cotton or linen. This combo provides a stylish and modern design while allowing for easy movement. It’s an excellent choice for energetic people and those who appreciate spending time with their children during family events. Watch Janine’s fashion sense for inspiration by streaming Abbott Elementary on Disney+ Hotstar!

4. The Style Slayer – Cruella de Vil, Cruella

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

For those looking for an extravagant and bold style that will make an impression, be inspired by Cruella’s courageous fashion choices this Eid. Embrace avant-garde style by wearing a bold baju kurung with dramatic black and white colour blocking. Elevate the style with edgy details like faux fur or leather trims, and finish with striking accessories like bold sunglasses or a dramatic headpiece. Discover more fashion inspiration by watching it right now on Disney+ Hotstar!

5. Timeless Elegance – Cinderella, Cinderella

Cinderella is universally admired for her timeless elegance, and rightly so. In her favourite story, her fairy godmother dresses her in beautiful embroidery and glittering gems, exemplifying mythical splendour. This Raya, create your own Cinderella moment by choosing a colour palette of light pastels like baby blue or pale pink, which are reminiscent of the princess’ classic gown.

Choose chiffon fabrics with delicate shine, such as sequins or crystals, for an ethereal look. Pair a fitted bodice with a flowing skirt and tiny pearl earrings for Cinderella-style elegance that is ideal for Eid celebrations. Explore this fascinating style by watching it right now on Disney+ Hotstar!

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