Update Your Closet With These Stylish Homegrown Fashion Brands in Malaysia

Look good while supporting local brands and lessening environmental impact!
By: Ria Mirano
August 12, 2022

Amongst the wide selection of international clothing brands available, homegrown fashion brands in Malaysia are also getting their own spotlight. They continuously keep up with the trends while giving their own traditional twists to classic fashion pieces. Depending on what kind of style or aesthetic you’re going for, there is a local brand available just for you that you can easily access and shop for. Plus, most local clothing brands nowadays advocate for sustainability with the clothing they produce, which helps in lessening environmental impact and making use of their sources without room for unnecessary waste.  You can support your homegrown brands, look and feel good, and help reduce your carbon footprint with each purchase.

Looking to update your wardrobe with Malaysian clothing brands? Here are some of our top recommended homegrown fashion brands in Malaysia that will you make jump on the local trend: 

The Best Homegrown Fashion Brands in Malaysia

1. Whimsigirl

For everyday, wearable pieces, trust Whimsigirl to provide you with basic but better clothing pieces that you can easily style! Their curated, minimal pieces are designed for every woman to feel empowered, confident, and feel comfortable in what they wear. Their neutral colour palette can easily be mixed and matched with another. 

Where to Buy: Whimsigirl

2. Kanoe

Perfect casual beach wear for holidays along the beach or in a resort – that’s what Kanoe is all about. They incorporate batik in their fits – from headwear, sleeveless tops, cami dresses to kimonos and pants. Produced and designed by a small team in-house, each collection of garments is made out of sustainably sourced fabrics worldwide.

Where to Buy: Kanoe 

3. Asly

Its brand name, Asly, is derived from the Malaysian word Asli – which means original, authentic, or raw. The garments designed show exactly what the brand is all about – through their colourful, vibrant, and comfortable pieces. Asly is a local brand that aims to encourage people to embrace their individuality while being not afraid to express themselves. The brand specializes in oversized tops that come in different colours and patterns.

Where to Buy: Asly Official

4. Hanya

Motivated by sustainability with the intention of making business casual cute again, Hanya is a Malaysian homegrown clothing brand founded by a team of women They advocate for slow fashion, ensuring that each collection is produced in limited quantities and will not be restocked again once sold out. Aside from their clothing, they also make sure to package their clothing in reusable bags and are actively trying to reduce the plastic in their packaging and shipment.

Where to Buy: Hanya 

5. Terrae

With the rise of athleisure, activewear and leisure wear during the pandemic, Terrae is one of the local Malaysian brands that really stood out because of their quality clothing made out of upcycled fabrics and organic cotton. They specialize in activewear that is created for long-term durability while also lessening the environmental impact. 

Where to Buy: Terrae

6. Oh Sebenar

Oh Sebenar has curated clothing pieces that are fit for those looking for a more contemporary, minimal look. Made by women for modern women, their collections are dedicated to those who believe in trans-seasonal clothing. Most of their garments come in earthy-toned palettes and textures that are easy to layer.

Where to Buy: Oh Sebenar 


MUNI is all about minimizing the effect that fashion, especially fast fashion, produces with its industrial dyes. They makes use of natural, tropical dyes to add hues to their sustainable clothing and accessories. MUNI also aims to let people connect with nature through the clothing they wear. 

Where to Buy: Munimalism 

8. Fondest

Fondest is known to be an inclusive brand that caters to all women of any size. They aim to produce conventional pieces for any body shape and size, making sure anyone can wear their clothing that fits them perfectly. They are also known to launch collections sold in limited quantities. Likewise, they encourage people to switch more to sustainable clothing pieces that are bound to be timeless and long-lasting. Fondest is also one of the Malaysian homegrown local brands that also try their best to reduce plastic in their packaging, shipment, and deliveries. 

Where to Buy: Fondest 

9. Fern

From contemporary prints to floral patterns, Fern takes resort and beach wear to another level by adding their own version of batik into their clothing. The owner, Fern Chua, along with her team of artisans, takes inspiration from nature and landscapes to create their hand-painted, personal designs. They are also one of the homegrown clothing brands to take a step into a more sustainable fashion movement, making sure to utilise all fabric they source.

Where to Buy: Fern 

10. Anaabu

Anaabu is a Malaysian independent fashion brand that is all about producing unisex clothing pieces with minimal adornment and muted colours. Their clothing are shaped into soft silhouettes that are the perfect additions to your daily essential wear. Anaabu makes use of mostly linen and cotton textures in their collections. 

Where to Buy: Anaabu

11. Feed Clothing

Why settle for ordinary, when you can be different? That’s what defines Feed Clothing. The brand believes in launching clothing pieces that both women and men can wear. They make use of vibrant colours, colour-blocking, and their signature logo in their designs. Any wearer can get comfy in their pieces that mostly consist of tees, hoodies, sweatpants, and varsity jackets – suitable for casual, streetwear style.

Where to Buy: Feed Clothing

12. LTTL

At LTTL, they believe in pushing culture and change forward through their clothing by making women feel comfortable in themselves. Their chic designs can be worn and styled in multiple ways. Aside from that, each clothing piece is produced with zero waste, making sure that each fabric is used and maximised. Each product made is handmade, reducing conventional cutting processes that contribute to fabric waste.

Where to Buy: LTTL

13. Rexagon

Made for men and women that are all about style and comfort, you’ll find a piece or two for yourself in Rexagon’s curated collections. Their clothing pieces are ideal for those who are into casual streetwear that’s both fashionable and trendy. Aside from that, they also come out with accessories that will certainly tie your whole look together.

Where to Buy: Shopee

14. Suri Lifestyle

When it comes to denimwear, Suri Lifestyle has got them for you, ranging from clothing to bags. SURI, which means mother and queen, is also an abbreviation for Single Mum, Recreative and Innovative. They’re a local social enterprise that believes in empowering underprivileged women through handcrafting upcycled denim products. 

Where to Buy: Suri Lifestyle

15. Shals

Shals is all about incorporating unique and trendy clothing into your wardrobe. This local fashion brand is all about launching versatile pieces that cater to both men and women. Aside from making the wearers feel comfortable, they also aim to break boundaries when it comes to styling. The garments are affordable without compromising the quality. 

Where to Buy:

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