Dispatch’s New Year Couple For 2022: T-ARA’s Hyomin Is Dating Soccer Star Hwang Ui Jo

The new couple confirmed the news
By: Balqis Ariffin
January 5, 2022

Hyomin from T-ARA is reportedly dating Soccer Star Hwang Ui Jo who is currently based in France for the French Ligue 1 club Bordeaux. It was believed that the pair were initially introduced to each other by their acquaintances. According to Dispatch, the couple has been in a long-distance relationship since they began dating in November 2021.

The news was first broken by Sports Chosun last Monday before Dispatch revealed that the couple confirmed their relationship status through their respective agencies. 

A series of photos published by Dispatch showed that T-ARA’s Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo were spotted together in front of a luxury hotel in Basel, Switzerland around the end of last year. The photos were allegedly taken when Hwang Ui Jo was on a two-week break from the French Ligue 1. 

Several news outlets reported that they have been a source of comfort for each other especially when Hwang Ui Jo suffered from a hamstring injury last October. Their agencies stated that both of them are in the early stages of a relationship and still in the midst of getting to know each other. 

Hyomin debuted as a member of a girl group, T-ARA in 2009 and they recently made a highly anticipated comeback after four years with a single album, Re: T-ara. Hwang Ui Jo is a member of the Korean national team and he made headlines in the 2018 Asian Games when he managed to score nine goals over seven games that they played, helping the team to win gold. 

Dispatch is an online media outlet based in South Korea that has an annual tradition of spilling the dating news between Korean top stars on New Year. Previously, they revealed that Crash Landing on You stars, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were in a relationship. 

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