Bon Appétit: Our Review For Entier French Dining, Alila Bangsar

For a magnificence French dining experience
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 6, 2022

If you were to ask me, I would say it’s been a long time since I experienced a lavish dining in KL. I used to love hopping around the city to try out different exquisite dishes just to feed my appetite. Until the lockdown happened about two years ago. Now, the feeling of getting out of the house, putting on some of my best clothes and driving around to find the perfect meal spot has started to kick in again. 

And what is the best place to start other than the ever famous Entier French Dining restaurant that is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Alila Bangsar. If you’re new like us and would like to try the grandeur place but not sure what to get, which is the best time to go, and how to get there? Worry not, we got all the deets you need. 

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Get To Know Entier French Dining

The name Entier French Dining came from the mother-tongue French, which means ‘’entire’’ or wholly. It perfectly fits the concept of the restaurant which prioritises the whole tail dining concept. Not only do they offer meat-based or animal-based food on the menu, but they also have an array of vegetable options, fruity desserts and more. The restaurant is run by none other than Japanese-born chef, Masasahi Horiuchi. He spent more than 20 years training his culinary skills and gathering experience in traditional French cuisine. Mr Masasahi also helmed two more prestigious entries in London known as L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. So in terms of tasting, texture and quality takeouts, you know it’s going to be super hella good. Oh, and not to mention their plating is A+. Surely you’ll drool before you even place the food inside your mouth. 

Where Is Entier French Dining Located?

Perfectly donned in the bustle-city, Bangsar. You can find Entier French Dining nestled inside Alila Bangsar. You will need to take the elevator up to the 41st floor. Once inside, you will be greeted by modern French fine dining interiors. The place is also surrounded by Instagrammable spots all around—the hallway, the front door and the window-seat overlooking the city on top. No joke, you will need to bring your camera along. 

Entier French Dining Menu 

When it comes to the menu, Entier offers four different sets of meal all according to specific event. There’s the Breakfast menu, Weekdays Lunch menu, Weekend lunch menu and Dinner menu. Each set of menu offers a whole lot of different experiences—so you might want to choose your happy hour accordingly. We can’t really scrutinise each menu but you can check the whole menu here

How Much Does Entier French Dining Cost? 

The price range here at Entier French Dining starts from $$ to $$$. Depending on the meal you chose—(whether you opt for ala carte or pax meals). The price depends on the type of food you choose. 

Entier French Dining Must Try 

1. The Organic Garden

Of course we’ll need a good appetiser or shall we say salad right before the main course? This organic garden is also suitable for vegetarians as they serve an oven-roasted beetroot, pickles, vinaigrette and sour cream. It’s super colourful! 

2. Cauliflower Soup 

If you haven’t tried a cauliflower soup before, this is your chance. The soup is boiled in a creamy roasted cauliflower, spanish cecina beef ham and crouton. One review said that the cecina ham tasted almost like a nutty umami. Very creamy, flavourful and texturized. 

3. The Lamb Belly 

What makes this Lamb Belly super delicious is that it is covered in ratatouille, zucchini strips, mustard pickles, lamb jus and parsley puree. The lamb is super chewable though, you don’t have to munch more than five times for it to melt. The texture is super soft. 

4. The Salmon

Why we love this salmon dish is that it is perfectly-cooked in the best condition. Not too dry, and not too crispy as we usually find at other restaurants. It serves alongside spring beans, sauteed spinach, and lemon butter sauce. 

5. The Whole Duck 

Duck-y fans, you can indulge in this ala carte duck menu! You can expect a Bidor duck served in warm and drool-worthy temperature with pomelo and watercress salad, a charred garlic and duck jus. The best duck meal you’ll ever tasted in your whole life. Mark our words

6. Josper Grilled Prime Rib

Looking for a prime rib? No worries, you can opt for this delicious Josper-grilled prime rib. You can order this one for an ala carte meal. They come in with a side of roasted potatoes in a bowl. It’s really worth the money! The texture is crisp, crust and overall comforting. 

7. The Roasted Chicken 

If you prefer something ordinary, go for their roasted chicken. The roast spring chicken came in with sweet corn and Sarawak black pepper sauce. It tasted unusually good, perfect for you who wanted something that is so-not-over the top. 

8. Chocolate Macarons

Now onto the best part which is the dessert. Their heavenly-sent chocolate macarons are made specially for you with a sweet tooth! Placed neatly inside a huge cocoa nib. Surely pleasing to the eye. 

9. Dark Chocolate 

Imagine a Soufflé with 70% of it made from a single origin Pahang chocolate. They taste so flavoury rich, unlike other dark chocolates. We have to mention that it is quite heavy for those of you who prefer less sweets. 

10. Black Forest

Prefer lighter dessert? Try this Black Forest out! It is a chocolate cake covered in oat crumble, dark cherry and strawberry slices. It is super lightweight and contains a normal amount of sweetness. 

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