Best Chinese New Year Catering In Malaysia

Chinese New Year caterings for a big reunion!
By: Cherelle Lim
January 6, 2022

Chinese New Year is coming up again and that means families are planning their celebrations. Large families will no doubt be searching for catering services instead of cooking up a 20 person meal. So, Glitz is listing out all of the best Chinese New Year catering services you can find in Malaysia. They are bound to have you drooling at how tasty their food looks and tastes! It’ll definitely be a reunion dinner none can forget. With catering services, you’ll also be able to cater to family members with allergies. Instead of forgetting to whip up a different meal just for them, let the catering service know which foods are off-limits. Or, just get a bit of everything and let your guests know to steer clear of foods they are allergic to. 

Chinese New Year Catering 

1. Auntie Sim Kitchen

To experience a fusion of Canton Teochew dishes this Chinese New Year, takeaway your reunion dinner from Auntie Sim Kitchen. With two dinner sets for you to choose from, this Chinese restaurant can definitely cater to your large family needs. Each set is served with up to 7 dishes, so rest assured that you’ll be full by the end of the night! You’ll find that Auntie Sim Kitchen has something that’s just a bit special. So, make sure you order now and experience something extraordinary. 

Operating hours:Mon-Fri: 11am – 3pm & 5pm – 10pm | Sat-Sun: 11am – 10pm
Contact details:+603-77310926


2. GoCater 

As one of the leading caterers in Klang Valley, GoCater offers up to 4 options to choose from their Chinese New Year sets. GoCater is one of the best CNY catering services in Klang Valley and they can also deliver straight to your home this Chinese New Year. Starting at RM566+ get the best Chinese New Year catering sets in Klang Valley now. The best part is that most of their sets can cater up to 17 pax! Large families, rejoice!

Menu:View here
Operating hours:9am – 5pm daily
Contact details:012-223 3606


3. Ying Ker Lou @ CITTA Mall

Enjoy premium Hakka cuisine in Malaysia at Ying Ker Lou Citta Mall. They serve authentic, wholesome, healthy food that features a traditional taste. Ying Ker Lou caters to truly large families that extend beyond the 20s. If you plan to have your Chinese New Year dinner at Ying Ker Lou, they are able to cater up to 60 pax even with social distancing! Thus, their sets start at RM928++ for each table of 10 pax. 

Menu: View here
Operating hours:10am – 10pm daily
Contact details:+603-78590138


4. 8road Restaurant

A popular Chinese restaurant that has customers swarming in by 6pm is 8road Restaurant. Although, you might need a little patience if you end up dining there. As the restaurant can be packed to the max in a matter of minutes. But, we promise that the wait is definitely worth it.  Their signature Claypot Kangkung is a must-order whether you are dining in or eating out. 8road Restaurant offers exceptional flavours and textures in their dishes that are hard to find. Have them cater your Chinese New Year dinner this year. 

Menu:View here
Operating hours:11am – 3pm & 5pm – 11pm daily
Contact details:03 8070 2852


5. Loong Foong Restaurant

When it comes to Chinese food in Klang Valley, Loong Foong Restaurant is the place to go. Klang Valley residents will most likely be familiar with this restaurant. It is famous for its juicy, crispy and succulent roasted duck. Packed even during non-festive seasons, Loong Foon Restaurant is an excellent choice to dine. Loong Foong caters a wide array of Chinese dishes and roast duck. Perfect for a Chinese New Year dinner. 

Operating hours:Wed-Mon: 5pm – 10pm
Contact details:03 7876 9045


6. Wun Nam Restaurant

Having been in business since 1975, Wun Name Restaurant is now located at Damansara Perdana. All five of the owner’s sons are managing the restaurant incredibly well. Carrying on their father’s legacy. Wun Nam Restaurant has been featured in magazines and even achieved the Championship of Culinary in Taipei. The eldest son is also the chief chef and the flavours are just tantalising. What’s more, is that they offer quite affordable selections from the CNY set menu! 

Operating hours:8am – 10pm daily
Contact details:03 7729 9761


7. Yatt Moon Restaurant

Yatt Moon Restaurant is the go-to place to dine when it comes to fish. The restaurant serves fresh, plump and flavourful fish with a gravy of your choice. The Assam flavour is one of their most popular. Besides that, customers are also able to choose from the variety of fish available. Whether it is steamed fish or fried fish, they do it well and are always able to come up with something new. So, if you need one of the best Chinese New Year catering this year, Yatt Moon is perfect if your main dish is fish.  

Operating hours:9.30am – 9.30pm daily
Contact details:03 3343 0467


8. Lau Heong Seafood

Hidden in Sentul, you probably wouldn’t think of finding a restaurant like Lau Heong Seafood. A true gem, Lau Heong Seafood specialises in seafood, with the Sotong on Hot Plate and Curry Fish Head being their signature dish. With a secret concoction of a sauce leaving you wanting for more, this seafood restaurant oozes strong and satisfying flavours suitable for Chinese New Year catering. Have something different this Chinese New Year and order from Lau Heong Seafood. 

Operating hours:11am – 2.30pm & 5pm – 10pm daily
Contact details:03 4042 7857