TXT Takes the World Stage in ‘OUR LOST SUMMER’ – A Captivating Disney+ Documentary

A journey that feels like a dream
By: Iffah Salleh
August 3, 2023

Disney+ has released an enthralling full-length documentary starring the sensational K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)! For those curious about the pronunciation, it’s “Tomorrow by Together.”

“TOMORROW X TOGETHER: OUR LOST SUMMER” follows TXT on their first-ever world tour. Despite delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group finally fulfilled their dream with the “ACT: LOVE SICK” world tour in 2022. This documentary offers an emotional and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their journey and preparations.

The documentary showcases highlights from TXT’s U.S. concerts and intimate interviews with each of the five members. The film also captures their groundbreaking performance at Lollapalooza 2022, where they became the first K-pop group to take the stage at the prestigious U.S. festival.

Our Lost Summer 

The documentary begins with TXT members expressing the significance of their first world tour, honing their skills in Korea, and then transitioning to their historic Lollapalooza performance. 

Each stop of their momentous first world tour is meticulously documented, providing a comprehensive and engaging narrative. Throughout the film, the members each share their personal interpretations of the “lost summer,” revealing the brilliance behind the documentary’s title.

Chasing Dreams

Witness the surreal transformation of five rookies, who debuted with their first showcase in New York in 2019, into global stars embarking on their world tour. 

The realisation of their dreams as idols – connecting with fans and performing on their own stage – became a reality in a short time since their debut, which is truly remarkable and something they are deeply grateful for.

One of the members noted that the passion and diligence behind their performances, unnoticed by the changing seasons, add depth to their artistic journey.

Memories Across Borders 

However, an unforeseen obstacle emerged when COVID struck, halting their schedules and pushing them to adapt their concerts online. 

Fast forward three years later, post-pandemic, the group returns with renewed vigour and excitement to perform in front of their fans face-to-face through their very first world tour.

As the tour progresses, the documentary takes fans behind-the-scenes in each city, capturing TXT’s exploration of new places and encounters with their dedicated MOA (Moment Of Alwaysness) fanbase. 

Fun fact: TXT’s fandom name, MOA, represents the bond between the members and their fans, signifying that they are always together — isn’t it just adorable!

Despite facing challenges, they continue delivering exceptional performances, cherishing each opportunity to create unforgettable memories for their fans and themselves.

Fan Connections 

The film features heartwarming interviews with lucky fans, highlighting the mutual appreciation between TXT and MOA. Reconnecting with their fans in person fills both parties with joy and excitement.

The documentary concludes with a poignant moment at the opening of their Lollapalooza performance. 

TXT nervously awaits their turn on stage, hoping to win over the mixed crowd of fans and festival-goers. They seize this moment to showcase their talent, eager to broaden their fanbase and captivate new hearts.

A Sneak Peek

If you need further convincing, watch the highlight to get a glimpse of their inspiring journey before immersing yourself fully in their international adventures!

Be inspired by the extraordinary journey of “TOMORROW X TOGETHER: OUR LOST SUMMER” on Disney Hotstar today. 

Stream it now and join the global fandom of TXT!

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