9 Best K-Star Documentaries To Glimpse into Their Stardom: TXT, BTS, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO and More!

Get personal with your idols
By: Iffah Salleh
August 4, 2023

Starting from January this year, there have been a lot of Korean idol documentaries it just keeps on pouring in – and we are loving it!

Fandoms are like tightly-knit communities, a kind of metaphorical phase where fans are incredibly loyal to their idols. Nowadays, we also see the rise of multinational fandoms, where fans stan multiple groups and biases. 

It’s like having a crush but on a larger scale, unless there are dating rumours that might bring on some thunderstorms.

Thanks to easily accessible platforms like Netflix, Youtube Originals, and Disney+ Hotstar, staying updated on our idols has become effortless, Glitz has listed some of the best K-Star documentaries for you to look forward to or recap! Enjoy!

9 Best K-Star Documentaries To Watch


Get ready for an exciting behind-the-scenes documentary, “Tomorrow X Together: Our Lost Summer” (pronounced “tomorrow by together”), exclusively on Disney+! Join the Korean pop group “Tomorrow X Together” as they prepare for their first world tour. 

From their groundbreaking debut on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart in 2019 to the nerve-wracking anticipation of performing at major events like Lollapalooza, this film promises a captivating look at the group’s journey.

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Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

2. SUGA: Road to D-Day

Dive into the world of Min Yoongi, also known as AgustD and SUGA of BTS, in the documentary “SUGA: Road To D-Day.” 

Discover the truth behind his music process and the story of D-Day’s sonic journey. Yoongi’s honesty shines through as he shares his views on adulthood and success, revealing that one becomes an adult when they stop dreaming. An inspiring and candid portrayal not to be missed. 

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Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

3. j-HOPE In The Box

Step into the album production process of j-hope’s first official solo album with the captivating documentary, “j-HOPE IN THE BOX”. 

This film provides an exclusive look into the making of his solo project, offering insights into his creative journey. Witness the dedication and artistry that go into shaping his music, and explore the world of j-hope like never before.

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Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

4. BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage – LA

Experience the magic of BTS on stage with “BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage – LA.” 

This concert film showcases the electrifying performances of the group’s hit songs, such as “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Permission to Dance.” Directed by Sam Wrench and Junsoo Park and produced by HYBE. 

This film captures the energy and charisma of BTS as they take the stage at the iconic Los Angeles SoFi Stadium. An absolute treat for ARMYs! 

Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar here.

5. ​​SEVENTEEN Hit the Road

Prepare for laughter, tears, and a whole lot of heart with “SEVENTEEN Hit the Road.” 

This 15-episode documentary series offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the lives of SEVENTEEN’s members during their WORLD TOUR ‘Ode to You.’ Discover the challenges and sacrifices behind the glitz and glamour of K-pop as the members reveal their true selves. An eye-opening journey you won’t want to miss.

Watch it on Seventeen’s Youtube Channel here.

6. BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky

Get into the phenomenal journey of BLACKPINK with “BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky.” 

This all-access documentary takes you behind the scenes of their debut in 2016, their day-to-day lives, recording of their debut album “The Album,” and member Rosé’s solo debut. 

Witness the highs and lows of being K-pop stars, culminating with their epic 2019 Coachella performance. A must-watch for all BLINKs!

Stream it on Netflix here.

7. Mamamoo: Where Are We Now?

Join Mamamoo on an emotional journey in “Mamamoo: Where Are We Now?”

This four-part documentary series reveals the vulnerable side of K-pop idols, rarely seen by the public. As part of the group”7-year anniversary” project, the series is a heartfelt tribute to their fans, showcasing their seven-year journey in the industry. 

An intimate and touching portrayal of the group’s growth and bond. 

Catch it on Netflix soon.

8. Monsta X: The Dreaming

Unveil the untold story of Monsta X in “Monsta X: The Dreaming.” 

This never-seen-before footage goes beyond the dazzling performances, offering a glimpse into the struggles and hardships the group faced since their debut in 2015. 

From the gruelling survival show “No Mercy” to their glamorous outputs, witness the dedication and determination that define their journey. 

Stream it on live one here.

9. Twice: Seize The Light

Celebrate Twice’s first world tour, “Twicelights,” in the documentary “Twice: Seize The Light.” 

 Watch how the nine members faced numerous challenges and hardships on their way to this remarkable breakthrough. Experience their resilience and unwavering support for each other as they overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than ever. 

A touching tribute to their journey and camaraderie.

Stream it on Youtube Originals here.

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