Oversea Restaurant Makes a Splash with Crazy Rich Flavours Mooncakes

Better than ever!
By: Balqis Ariffin
August 3, 2023

Oversea Restaurant has unveiled a remarkable twist with its lotus with four-yolk mooncakes as part of its release for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Featuring exquisite creations that merge classic and modern flavours, these mooncakes will tantalise your taste buds, leaving a long-lasting memory of delightful indulgence.

A Tantalising Selection of Mid-Autumn Festival Offerings by Oversea Restaurant 

A Symphony of Flavours 

Baked Mooncake Collection

The star offering is its four-yolk mooncake, promising a decadent treat with harmonious flavours of savoury and sweet egg yolk. These golden-brown, square-sized mooncakes feature a delightful cocktail of four yolks, ground lotus seeds, and sesame seeds. Oversea Restaurant’s best-selling mooncake selections also include a variety of fruits and nuts mooncakes, the white lotus with double yolk mooncake, Oversea Lava Mooncake series, and Oversea Snowy Mooncakes.

The Moonlight Swirl Embraces the Traditions

The Moonlight Swirl

“The Moonlight Swirl” by Oversea Restaurant makes a grand return this year, signifying the importance of family gatherings. It represents luck, prosperity, and auspiciousness, capturing the essence of tradition with the custom of “lou sang”

Oversea Premium Gift Sets and Oversea Oriental Muffin

Get ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the perfect pairings of Oversea Premium Gift Sets and Oversea Oriental Muffin. The Moonlight Treasure gift comprises a variety of signature mooncakes, such as Noble Delight with Single Yolk Mooncake, Royal Fairly with Single Yolk Mooncake, Lotus with Single Yolk Mooncake, Golden Starlight Mooncake, White Lotus with Single Yolk Mooncake, and Green Tea with Red Bean Mooncake. 

This gift set, retailing at RM238, includes Pu-Er tea and a set of exquisite golden cutlery. Oversea Restaurant also reintroduces its Opulent Treasure gift set, featuring a selection of flavours to suit every palate. Meanwhile, the Oversea Oriental Muffin is meticulously curated with premium ingredients for ultimate satisfaction.

Elegantly Crafted Packaging for Gourmet Indulgences!

Beyond its exquisite selection of offerings, the gift sets boast elegantly crafted packaging illustrated with floral patterns and vibrant colours. The gift boxes and à la carte mooncakes are now available for purchase at all Oversea Restaurants, selected shopping malls, and on their website.

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