The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Celebrates Christmas With Returning Festive Flavours And New Goodies!

Blackcurrant Double Chocolate & more
By: agnes
December 21, 2021

Think spices with their pleasant aromas and peppermint with its energising freshness. How about freshly brewed coffee and hot cocoa with their enticing aromas? Or newly baked cakes and pastries with their wafts? What could be cosier than these while holding a steaming cup in your hands? After a year of being cooped up at home with only our screens for company, celebrating the Christmas season with friends and family over freshly prepared food and beverages feels like a holiday dream come true! Thus, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is offering the most Christmassy items you can find this year. 

Watch our personal review on their festive offerings down below, and keep reading to find out more!

Iconic Beverages And Festive Varieties

For a limited time only, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is offering the classic Double Chocolate Peppermint. You can choose from ice-blended and latte options in both hot and cold. There’s also an added cocoa option! All of these retail from RM16 to RM18 depending on the size. Alternatively, for a relaxing comfort-in-your-tummy minty sensation, try the Peppermint Nitro Latte (RM16). It’s also the perfect option for an extra caffeine kick. You can also get the Peppermint Hot Tea, delivered in a cup (RM9.60) or pot (RM12.50).

If you’re looking for something unique, you can try the Blackcurrant Cold Brew Sweet Tea or Sparkling Blackcurrant Cold Brew Tea. These are from the brand-new Blackcurrant line which promises a refreshing twist. We love the blackcurrant double chocolate ice blended, the hot double chocolate, and the holiday blend. The roasty and warm concoction of the holiday blend and hot double chocolate were hearty. While the blackcurrant double chocolate ice blended shine with its natural sweetness. We absolutely loved how blackcurrant was incorporated into every element – especially the blackcurrant whipped cream. 

Savoury Delicacies

Grab the Beef Steak Pandesal for only RM6.90 each. Featuring freshly baked and soft buttery rolls stuffed with beef, onions, green peas, and basil. We personally tried this and loved the play on curry puff vibe it gives. The filling was not too spicy and the beef was tender as ever! 

But that’s not the only savoury delight you can get. For only RM22, you can get Grandpa’s Turkey Sandwich. It’s a hearty sandwich with turkey, cheddar cheese, and spinach topped with cranberry jam encased in ciabatta bread. It makes for the perfect breakfast or teatime snack.

Indulgence In Cocoa

Don’t miss out on the Happy Holiday Log, retailing for RM14.90 per slice and RM149.90 for a whole cake. It’s generously filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. Making it the most wholesome option to have this wintery season. Other options include the Winter Forest which is priced at RM14.90 per slice, RM60 for a petite cake or RM149.90 for a whole cake. You can also get the Starry Starry Night for RM13.90 per slice and RM139.90 per whole cake if you like cranberries. There’s also the Black Forest cake layered with chocolate, apricot, and topped with sour fruit cherries.

Fun Cookies For The Young Ones

Make someone’s day by putting a grin on their face! When you see a cheerful face beaming back, it’s difficult to say no! With colourful sugar ball buttons, a chocolate smile, and gingerbread spice, who can resist the cute Jolly Breadman? Retailing for RM7.90, it’s a delight for both children and adults of all ages! 

The Lil’ Mr Snow costs RM9.90 and is the cutest and sweetest treat. The cookie on its own is not very sweet but the fondant on the top makes it a delightful bite. The attention to detail on this piece is amazing too, from the hat to the smile and even the blush!

More Sweet Treats

Feast your eyes on the Snowy Holiday gingerbread village (RM220), the ideal delicious centrepiece. Or tuck into the Warm Winter Log (RM14.90 per slice, RM149.90 for a whole cake). Don’t miss Stollen Moments (RM55 each) with fruits, almonds, and typical German Christmas spices. Or Jingle Berry Swirl (RM8.50 each) with cranberries, almonds, and lemon in a delectable swirl!

Retail Items

Thinking of getting some retail items from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? The dark-roasted Holiday Blend (RM55) will be sure to fill your home with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. On the other hand, you can get the Limited Edition Powders in French Deluxe Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peppermint Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate (RM39 per tin). They will be presented in the delicate Peace on Earth mug (RM38). There’s also a nice assortment of tumblers (RM58-88) for both hot and cold drinks to keep you hydrated on the go!

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