Tweeting Sweets, Ending 2021 with Delicious Holiday Meringues, Cookies, and More!

You need to check out Tweeting Sweets; a local bakery…
By: Farah Khan
December 21, 2021

Christmas is almost here and New Years is right around the corner. What are your plans for these highly anticipated holidays? Well, at Glitz we always think that holidays (and every other day) are best celebrated with some sweet treats. What is your dessert of choice? Are you a cookie, meringue, or chocolate person? Honestly, it is quite a hard choice to make. However, you need to check out Tweeting Sweets; a local bakery based in the beautiful state of Penang.

Tweeting Sweets

Tweeting Sweets creates stunning pastries that adds cheer to your day. Providing customised baked goods, the bakery delivers delicious meringues and cookies that are stunning on the eyes and irresistible to the taste buds. Whether you’re planning a corporate party or a fun private gathering, their desserts are sure to make your guests happy. Just to give you a glimpse of their sweet treats, we’re reviewing the Christmas offerings that (spoiler alert) we enjoyed to the core!

Jingle Set

Delicious Coffee Chocolate Chips, and cute Christmas-themed meringue sticks in a box! Enjoy these sweet treats for yourself or share them with your loved ones this holiday season. The Coffee Chocolate Chips taste remarkable with a good balance between chocolate and coffee. The meringues are picture perfect for that Instagram feed post. But not only that, they taste good too without being overly sweet, making it good for both adults and children. Even if you’re not much of a dessert person, this set is still worth the try.

Christmas Faithful Set

Leave some cookies for Santa because he’ll love them! These cookies are delicious and the aroma alone will tell you just that. Each cookie has a very balanced mix of flavours that blends well on your tastebuds. With each bite you can feel the passion the baker pours into each and every cookie she makes. The Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies are a personal favourite. The salty taste mixed with the sweetness of the chocolate makes snacking on them irresistible.

Merry Set

The Merry Set brings merry and joy to everyone’s home with a pinch of cuteness. The Christmas themed meringues make a cute display and delicious snacks for your beloved guests. When we got these meringues we felt bad about eating them since they were so beautifully designed. Although, after a taste we couldn’t stop grabbing more and coming back to them for snacks.

Find out what else Tweeting Sweets is offering all year round on the Instagram page.