REXFEST: Unleashing Urban Anarchy – A Three-Day Rebellion of Art, Music, and Connor’s Stout Porter

Live music, digital art, workshops, performances, and more!
By: Farah Khan
November 28, 2023

Last weekend, REXKL, the badass art and culture hub housed in the former Rex Cinema, cranked things up to eleven as it marked its 5th anniversary with the first-ever REXFEST. From November 24 to November 26, 2023, downtown Kuala Lumpur was injected with a shot of energy, thanks to a concoction of live music, digital art, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and mouthwatering delights, all dished out in partnership with Connor’s Stout Porter.

The night kicked off with AFTERLIFE x GOEN – DIVERGENCE, a fully immersive party. DJs like Suhsi, Hazel, Raven, and WCKD hit the decks, blasting out Psytrance, Techno, Melodic, and Hard Techno beats. Azarikh, the digital artist with collabs featuring international sensation Joji and local songstress Yuna, dropped a visual bomb that left the crowd in awe.

REXFEST’s exclusive ticketed events continued with ‘KUANTUM: FORGOTTEN FACADES,’ a rebellious blend of electronic music and visual arts crafted by the collective of renegade artists known as Kuantum. The DJ lineup featured rebels like Rimka, Lzzy, Gasing, Nazreth, and Intermissions’ 535 EYE, promising an evening of sonic insurgency. REXPERIENCE’s fully immersive projection and sound system added an extra layer of stunning visuals, blending futuristic electronic beats with architectural anarchy inspired by REXKL.

SOUNDSCAPE RECORDS x FILAMEN: ODYSSEY, curated by Soundscape Records and Filamen, presented a ticketed event with performances by The Times, Kyoto Protocol, Shelhiel, Dirgahayu, and The Filters. Visual insurgents Grasshopper, Futuresigner, Jiajia, and Vasflow added a upbeat touch to the performances, creating an amazing audio-visual experience.

Throughout REXFEST, attendees had free access to a lineup of events and activations, including Homeground—a showcase orchestrated alongside the rebels at Tong Tong Asia and Breaking Music. Pop Rising shook things up with rising Malaysian pop rebels, while fono kl made a one-night return to REXKL with fono Got Jazz, featuring note/void and Lawrence Wright Jazz Ensemble.

The Connor’s Bar became a den of good times, offering an immersive experience centered around the cool and crafty world of Connor’s. The festival also featured an exclusive menu at REXFEST, with collaborations between Connor’s Stout Porter and REXKL food vendors. Street Art Sesh provided a live graffiti show off with renowned local graffiti and street artists, Nestwo and KOS, while the Biang-Biang 911 Challenge tested the limits of ones’ taste buds.

REXFEST proved to be a three-day fest that is etched in everyone’s memory. It not only celebrated the city’s rich history and arts but also created a space for unapologetic creativity, and collaboration. As the last chord echoed and the dust settled, REXFEST left behind a trail of chaos, unforgettable memories, and a city forever changed by the spirit of art and culture.