A Gastronomic Journey For Your Tastebuds At Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Tasting wonders with Pavilion Taste
By: Cherelle Lim
October 30, 2023

Food is one thing that we Malaysians are always bonding over. With an abundance of flavours and cuisines available at the tip of our fingers, we can easily transport our taste buds from Japan to Thailand in the span of 2 meals. So if you’re a foodie who’s hungry this weekend, come check out Pavilion Taste at Pavilion Bukit Jalil! Happening now from 19 October to 13 November 2023. 

Pavilion Taste

Happening from 19 October to 13 November 2023, Pavilion Taste is also having giveaways every day during this period! The first 50 shoppers to visit participating F&B outlets will get to receive a FREE scrumptious treat from them. So while you embark on a culinary journey of delicious meals, keep in mind that only the early birds will get a treat. With a specially curated selection of desserts, snacks and beverages, follow Pavilion Bukit Jalil on Instagram to keep up to date on the snack of the day! Moreover, there are plenty of restaurants at Pavilion Bukit Jalil for you to try. From Western to Japanese or even Chinese cuisine, they have it all! Here are just a few you might want to check out.

Must-Eat Restaurants

Muslim-Friendly Choices

If you are looking for some Halal choices for lunch, Pavilion Bukit Jalil is the perfect place to be. With over 40 Muslim-friendly options for you to choose from, get a taste of every cuisine. If you’re craving good old Korean food, Kyochon 1991 serves the most delicious and crispy fried chicken. But if you’re looking for a bowl of tummy-soothing ramen, Kagura Ramen offers a wide selection of ramen with 6 specialty broths. Moreover, their portions are just right and the price is affordable as well! If you want to eat to your stomach’s content, why not head over to an all-you-can-eat buffet? BBQ Town is an excellent choice for a blend of hotpot and barbeque. Combining Japanese shabu-shabu with Thai BBQ, enjoy unlimited sushi, prawns, lamb, chicken or Australian beef. There’s even some complimentary fried chicken to go along with your soup base of choice! 


Kyochon 1991Level 3, Pink Zone 
Kagura Ramen, Tokyo TownLevel 2, Orange Zone 
BBQ TownLevel 4, Pink Zone 

Journey to the West

Western cuisine is always a fulfilling meal to have. Arthur’s Storehouse is one Western restaurant serving Irish meals and even a fusion of Guinness bak kut teh. Pair it with a pint of Guinness and you’re all set! Healy Mac’s Irish Restaurant and Bar is another alternative if you’re here for the vibes. With friendly staff, delicious food and a lively atmosphere, who wouldn’t have fun? For meat lovers who need their daily dose of meat before heading home, wine and dine at Naughty Babe, Dirty Duck. This popular European fusion restaurant is best known for its duck and pork. The Naughty Babe Dirty Duck BBQ pork ribs are a signature you can’t miss when dining here! Winding down for the night and enjoying a nice meal with an ice-cold beer is always an excellent idea. SOUL-ed Out is the perfect place to do just that! Plan a get-together on a Friday night and snack on crispy cheese nachos and sip on a refreshing mojito. The night is just about to get started! 


Arthur’s StorehouseLevel 3, Pink Zone 
Healy Mac’s Irish Restaurant and BarLevel 3, Orange Zone 
Naughty Babe, Dirty DuckLevel 3, Orange Zone 
SOUL-ed OutLevel 3, Orange Zone 

Under the Sea

pavilion bukit jalil siong tong gai and xiangshan fish steamboat

Seafood lovers, where you at? If you can’t get enough of everything under the sea, check out Siong Tong Gai, a local brand that has perfected its steamed fish recipe for over 20 years! This seafood restaurant is a must-try if you want an extra kick and more soup base with your fish. If steamboat is your favourite meal, then head over to Xiangshan Fish Steamboat. Get ready for a tantalising experience as they serve a unique type of broth. It is simmered and boiled in wooden barrels and hot stones along with a plethora of ingredients including green peppers and fish. Offering a burst of flavours, you don’t want to miss a dinner with the family here. 


Siong Tong GaiLevel 5, Pink Zone 
Xiangshan Fish SteamboatLevel 4, Pink Zone

Drinks & Desserts

pavilion bukit jalil the grass and 117 coffee bar

What’s the best way to end a hearty meal? With dessert of course! Get a dose of your favourite Malaysian shaved ice at Kwong Wah Ice Kacang. They definitely have one of the best ice kacang and cendol as they have been serving it for over 65 years. If you’re craving for some grass jelly action, The Grass serves a variety of grass jelly-infused dessert options. Ranging from their Signature Grass Jelly Ice Dessert to Hot Glutinous Rice. Moreover, you can even add on toppings of your choice! Before heading home for the day, you can also grab a few buns and light bites from Buns by Mel. Their fluffy buns are perfect for a light breakfast the next morning. 

While shopping, you’ll probably get thirsty and want a drink in your hand. Well, 117 Coffee Bar has got you covered. Head on over for your daily dose of coffee and get re-energised to shop till you drop! With a twist to classic coffee favourites, try the Sparkling Americano or even Lemon Twist Brew. For those craving a milky concoction, Yogurt Cow offers ice-blended yoghurt drinks to quench your thirst! From Busy Mango to Grapey Grape and Smashy Strawberry, this is something even kids will enjoy. For a crowd favourite, get the Purple Rice and Mango and Pomelo! 


Kwong Wah Ice KacangLevel 3, Pink Zone 
The GrassLevel 4, Pink Zone 
Buns by MelLevel 1, Orange Zone 
117 Coffee BarLevel 5, Pink Zone
Yoghurt CowLevel 5, Pink Zone

For more information, head over to the Pavilion Bukit Jalil website at www.pavilion-bukitjalil.com, or check for real-time updates via Facebook, Instagram, or contact Customer Service at +603-8092 8833. 

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