Love, Bonito’s Rachel Lim and Dione Song: The Unstoppable Forces Shaping Fashion’s Future

Rachel Lim and Dione Song have reshaped the fashion landscape
By: Farah Khan
October 16, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends come and go like fleeting moments, it takes a special kind of innovation and determination to make a lasting mark. Rachel Lim and Dione Song, the dynamic co-founders and CEOs of Love, Bonito, have not only made their mark but have blasted their way into the fashion industry’s elite club, earning their well-deserved spots on The Business of Fashion’s (BoF) 2023 edition of The BoF 500. This achievement marks a triumphant return for Singapore after an eight-year hiatus from the prestigious list, signalling a resurgence in the region’s fashion influence.

Rachel Lim and Dione Song have, over the years, reshaped the landscape of fashion, and their inclusion in The BoF 500 is a testament to their unwavering dedication and transformative vision. Their rise to prominence has been a journey filled with passion, purpose, and a dash of rebellious spirit that is truly edgy.

“We do not exist merely to sell womenswear, but more than that, through the brand, the aim is for women to be empowered, and to have the confidence to become the best version of themselves,” says Rachel Lim, as she reflects on their mission. This sentiment goes beyond mere clothing; it’s a movement, a promise to empower women across the globe. Fashion is the vehicle, but their destination is much more profound.

Love, Bonito has been setting the world on fire since its Series C funding in 2021. Their ambition to create a female ecosystem that transcends fashion has led them to international expansion, category diversification, and even investment in health and wellness. The acquisition of butter., a women-led activewear brand, now rebranded as cheak, demonstrates their commitment to providing women with the tools to succeed in all aspects of life.

And it’s not just fashion and fitness; Love, Bonito’s vision extends to healthcare as well. With an investment in Moom Health, a natural healthcare company specialising in expert-formulated remedies for the modern Asian woman, they are redefining well-being for their community.

On the international front, Love, Bonito has been fearless in realising its global expansion dreams. From a pop-up store in the fashion capital of the world, New York City, to the opening of their largest flagship outlet in Hong Kong’s bustling Causeway Bay, they are rewriting the rules of how a brand expands its reach.

Today, Love, Bonito boasts an impressive 21 stores across Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, and they ship to 20 countries worldwide. Their vision is limitless, and the horizon keeps expanding as they serve a growing community of women.

Being recognised on The BoF 500 is not just an accolade; it’s a responsibility and a chance to inspire. Dione Song, CEO of Love, Bonito, believes that their inclusion should be a catalyst for change. “I hope that our nomination will inspire change and push for more Asian representation across major industries where we’ve been severely underrepresented,” she boldly asserts.

The 2023 edition of The BoF 500 is a testament to the unstoppable forces of Rachel Lim and Dione Song. It’s a reflection of their commitment to empowering women, their fearless approach to fashion and life, and their unrelenting pursuit of innovation.