GAIAS Home Bedsheets Provides A 5-Star Sleep Experience

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By: agnes
March 16, 2022

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel foggy and grouchy instead of well-rested? It’s possible that your bed linens and pillows are to blame. The importance of a good night’s sleep for productivity begins with your bedding selection. Wouldn’t it be the worst if the only thing standing between you and a nice night’s sleep was that thin layer between you and your mattress? GAIAS Home, a Malaysian bedsheet maker, wants to prevent this by offering great sleep to Malaysians through its specifically woven, fully customizable bedsheets. Glitz by Beauty Insider got the opportunity to try these sheets out ourselves and here’s what we have to say!

Getting To Know GAIAS

GAIAS Home, based in Batu Pahat, Johor, specialises in handcrafted bed linens made from carefully selected raw materials and modern weave technology handled by skilled in-house tailors. GAIAS Home linens prioritise breathability, durability, and softness, combining only the best, organically derived cotton and Tencel to offer first-rate comfort and a quick send-off to dreamland. The cotton-Tencel blend also has a crisp finish that is light and delicate to the touch, making it suitable for sensitive skin users. This is due in part to the fact that Tencel is made up of very fine hydrophilic (literally “water-loving”) threads that absorb excess moisture from the skin and avoid discomfort.

Personalised For You

GAIAS Home bedsheets are fully customised and made-to-order to fit mattresses of any size and specifications. In order to provide further value to sleepyheads everywhere, GAIAS Homes offers a 100-day free trial. This allows consumers to return products in any condition if they are not satisfied.

“As a founder, I believe that everyone deserves great sleep, night or day. When we created GAIAS Homes, we wanted people to feel instantly relaxed, comforted, and untroubled as they tuck themselves into bed. More than that, we aim to give people the 5-star treatment that many often feel they can only get when they stay at hotels on holiday. This is simply not true because quality sleep and pampering should be available to anyone, anytime and we hope that this sense of ease can be replicated on a daily basis through our products,” says Lee Jia Wei the Founder of GAIAS Home.

More Than Just Sheets

GAIAS Home sells more than just bedsheets; it also sells pillows, duvets, comforters, curtains, and travel accessories like towels, sleep masks, mattress toppers, and blankets.

GAIAS Home will help Women’s Aid Organizations (WOA) to promote women’s rights, end violence against women, and maintain gender equality in honour of International Women’s Day. Through storewide promotions (15% off every purchase), the company hopes to raise RM 10,000. With all earnings going to the WAO. This reflects the company’s tagline, “Everyone Deserves an Equal Chance to Pursue Better.”

Our Say

Never in a million years would I have thought that a simple change in bedsheets would help me sleep better. As someone who suffers from insomnia, my nights are usually filled with lots of tossing, turning, and overthinking. But as soon as I tried the fitted bedsheet from GAIAS, my sleep improved tremendously! Of course, a bit of tossing and turning was still present. But not as much as before and I definitely woke up feeling more refreshed.

I love how incredibly soft and airy the material was – blanketing me in comfort every night. However, what I love even more was how friendly the material was for my sensitive skin. I also suffer from eczema and had my fair share of blister breakouts from different types of material. Thus, I was amazed at how this one did not cause a single breakout. Truth be told, I’m already adding another set to my cart and so should you!

GAIAS Home’s standard package, which consists of one fitted bed sheet, bolster case and 2 pillowcases retail at RM199. For more information and to purchase, click here.

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