From Singapore to Malaysia: PlayMade’s Handcrafted Delights Take Center Stage

PlayMade's Dazzling Debut in Malaysia
By: Farah Khan
November 27, 2023

In a burst of vibrant hues and tantalising flavours, PlayMade, Singapore’s beloved bubble tea brand, has set its creative compass on Malaysia, unveiling its first-ever Malaysian store at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Far from a conventional boba experience, PlayMade’s grand entrance into the Malaysian market isn’t just about bubbles in tea; it’s a symphony of colours, flavours, and culinary artistry that transcends the ordinary.

Bubble Tea as an Art Form

The Kitchen Studio Revolution

PlayMade’s IOI City Mall outpost isn’t just a cafe; it’s an open kitchen studio, a captivating spectacle where the magic of bubble tea comes to life. The brand’s commitment to the craft is laid bare as customers witness the meticulous creation of their signature tapioca balls, crafted by hand to a precise 1 cm diameter. It’s not just about the drink; it’s about the immersive journey from flour to boba, a testament to PlayMade’s dedication to freshness and quality.

A Playful Palette for All

Step into PlayMade’s Malaysian haven, where the store design mirrors the brand’s playful origins with vibrant rainbow swirls against a pink-hued backdrop. It’s not just a cafe; it’s a whimsical realm inviting patrons from all walks of life. The atmosphere, carefully curated, offers a warm and colorful invitation, beckoning guests to explore this imaginative world where culinary delights await.

Beyond Bubble Tea

PlayMade’s Malaysian menu isn’t just an accompaniment to bubble tea; it’s a gastronomic adventure inspired by Korean and trending Asian cuisine. Whether it’s the O’ Toast for a light meal during a leisurely gathering or a quick snack on the go, PlayMade caters to every occasion. The brand’s commitment to fresh, preservative-free bobas extends to Malaysia, introducing over 30 unique flavors, including the infamous Spicy Mala and limited seasonal tri-colored bobas.

Pink Cactus

A Malaysian Love Affair Begins

As PlayMade establishes its presence, it brings along its top-selling Pink Cactus boba, renowned for its fruity notes and floral aroma. Making its debut in Malaysia, this flavour adds a unique twist to the menu. Patrons can enjoy it as a boba topping, mix it into the Pink Cactus Smoothie, or savour the exclusive Pink Cactus Soft Serve for a refreshing dessert delight.

Amanda Poo’s Vision

Infusing Malaysia’s Culinary Tapestry with PlayMade’s Spirit

Amanda Poo, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PlayMade, expresses her excitement about the Malaysian journey. Beyond a mere expansion, it’s about infusing Malaysia’s diverse culinary landscape with PlayMade’s adventurous spirit. With a second store slated for early December, the brand is set to become a vibrant contributor to Malaysia’s colorful food culture, ensuring each sip and bite is a testament to PlayMade’s playful creativity.

From the open kitchen studio to the whimsical wonderland and the culinary symphony beyond bubble tea, PlayMade invites Malaysians to experience a taste of unparalleled creativity and dedication to craftsmanship.