Experience Elegance and Seize Good Fortune with EVA Air

Crafted exclusively for Malaysians.
By: Iffah Salleh
August 26, 2023

EVA Air arrives with bold confidence, extending an invitation to all Malaysians to catch a glimpse into their world. 

With a resolute mission to provide unparalleled comfort and introduce an elevated flight experience tailored exclusively for locals, EVA Air sets the stage for a remarkable adventure.

Hailing from Taiwan, the esteemed airline unveils its captivating ‘Elevating Your Experience’ campaign, beckoning all Malaysians to join in an incomparable journey

A Tailored Experience Designed for You

EVA Air welcomes  all Malaysian wanderers with warm hospitality to take part in this exclusively crafted campaign in the pursuit of unparalleled comfort, convenience, and travel moments that last a lifetime.

This campaign promises to be an experience unlike any other. As the world of travel continues to evolve, EVA Air recognizes the growing significance of transformative journeys.

Captivating Connections: Europe Awaits

Within this remarkable campaign, EVA Air showcases its array of routes connecting Kuala Lumpur to Europe’s most captivating cities: Milan, Munich, Paris, Vienna, London, and Amsterdam. 

For those venturing to Europe through Taiwan, anticipate a seamless flight that gracefully weaves Taiwan’s charm and hospitality into every precious moment.

A Visionary Invitation from EVA Air’s General Manager

EVA Air expressed its enthusiasm for the campaign, as Jack Tseng, General Manager of EVA Air, Malaysia, shares, “With the ‘Elevating Your Experience’ campaign, we beckon Malaysians to embark on an extraordinary flight adventure. 

“We consider it our privilege to inspire and uplift fellow travellers, ensuring each journey with EVA Air unfolds as an exceptional odyssey of discovery, comfort, and pure transformative joy.”

A Tapestry of Accolades for Excellence

The ‘Elevating Your Experience’ campaign also serves as a testament to EVA Air’s unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service. 

Its accolades span realms of service quality, innovation, in-flight dining, and safety. Proudly maintaining the prestigious SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline certification for eight consecutive years, the airline stands as the sole Taiwanese airline to hold this esteemed honour and one of only ten globally.

Safety, Innovation, and Gastronomic Delights

Safety and reliability are deeply ingrained in EVA Air’s ethos, recognised by AirlineRatings.com for a decade among the World’s Top 20 Safest Airlines. 

Beyond these, EVA Air is dedicated to enhancing your travel with innovative technology, from effortless automated check-ins to an array of electronic reading materials for your journey. 

Gastronomic delights reach new heights as EVA Air collaborates with Michelin-starred Chef Nakamura, Chef Paul Lee, and renowned gourmet Chinese food celebrity chef, Ching-Biao Huang. 

Notably, EVA Air offers award-winning inflight beverages crafted by World Barista Champion Berg Wu and World Brewers Cup Champion Chad Wang. 

Catering to diverse preferences, special meals like vegetarian and Halal options can be pre-ordered at evaair.com, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience tailored to your needs.

Spot the Truck, Embrace Good Fortune

A remarkable facet of the ongoing campaign introduces EVA Air’s in-flight offerings via an Augmented Reality (AR) Truck, which will be at:

  • The Starhill, Bukit Bintang (24 – 27 August) 
  • The Sphere, Bangsar South (28 August), from 10 AM to 10 PM

Your Journey to Luck: Four Delightful Steps

  • Step 1: Embark on this adventure by scanning the QR code. A magical Instagram filter will be unveiled within the EVA Air Adventures Elevator. Step inside and let enchantment sweep you away.
  • Step 2: Unleash your creativity and craft unique IG stories. Share your creations by mentioning @evaairmy and using the hashtag #elevatingyourexperience.
  • Step 3: Transform your daring IG stories into a brand-new “highlight” named #elevatingyou. Remember to set your profile as public!
  • Step 4: Scan the QR code on the folded card to access the contest form. Fill in your details and respond to this question: Which three captivating destinations were showcased, and which one has stolen your heart?

Claim Your Boarding Pass and Potential Victory

Upon completing these captivating steps, you’ll be rewarded with a Boarding Pass card and a potential notification as the chosen winner.

Explore Further, Dive Deeper

For further details, immerse yourself in EVA Air’s world by visiting their official Facebook and Instagram pages. Get ready to elevate your journey with EVA Air: where each flight is a masterpiece of inspiration and every moment,a symphony of joy.

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