K-Drama Review: Moving – The Series That Will Keep You Glued to the Screen and Eager For More!

The hottest Korean blockbuster that you should not miss.
By: Iffah Salleh
September 1, 2023

Hold onto your popcorn, because Moving is rocking the global stage! This blockbuster has been sitting pretty at the top spot worldwide for the past few weeks – and honestly, who can blame it? We’re already 11 episodes deep, but guess what? There’s a treasure trove of nine more episodes just waiting to blow your mind!

Now, let me drop a bombshell: I’m actually loving the fact that Moving is a whopping 20 episodes long. It’s like a K-drama party that just doesn’t want to end, and I’m here for it! No quick wrap-ups in 12 or 16 episodes – this show knows how to keep us hooked.

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About Moving

This ongoing South Korean TV series, Moving, directed by the talented Park In-je, is causing a sensation worldwide. What’s more, it’s an exclusive Disney+ original that’s making waves. 

With a stellar cast featuring Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Zo In-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, Ryoo Seung-bum, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Jung-ha, Go Youn-jung, and Kim Do-hoon, prepare to dive into a captivating tale. 

Drawing inspiration from Kang Full’s intriguing webtoon, Moving weaves a supernatural drama around three high school students and their extraordinary parents. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride filled with secrets, suspense, and superpowers. 

The First 10 Episodes

Alright, let’s do a quick rewind and check out what went down in the first 10 episodes.  I’ll sprinkle in some spoilers,too – after all, I’m pretty sure you’re already tangled up in this series. 

And if you’re not? Well, consider this your golden ticket to a binge-watching adventure that you won’t regret. Buckle up, because Glitz is your co-pilot on this wild ride!

Episode One

In the first five episodes, we dive into the lives of the three main characters, led by Kim Bong Seok(played by Lee Jung Ha). He possesses the unique power of levitating, adding a captivating twist to the story’s opening. 

The first episode unfolds like an intriguing guessing game, with small details like hooks on Bong Seok’s bed gaining significance as his power is revealed.

Bong Seok’s mother, Lee Mi Hyun (played by Han Hyo Joo), serves hearty portions of Tonkatsu set meals for his son, to keep him from ‘floating’.

As the plot unfolds, Bong Seok rides a bus to school and spots Jang Hui Soo (played by Go Youn Jung), easily mesmerised by her. At school, we encounter the enigmatic teachers, who adds an aura of mystery to the school setting. 

The class leader of 3-3, Lee Kang Hoon (played by Kim Do Hoon), who appears composed, reveals layers of intelligence and superhuman abilities, hinting at a hidden temper beneath his cool exterior.

The first episode is really kind of orientation and sets a good foundation for the viewer.

Episodes Two and Three

The second and third episodes of Moving introduce more characters and illuminate their parents’ connections. 

A hitman called Frank (played by Ryeo Seung Bum) with a strong American accent and poor Korean speaking skills, systematically targets parents with special abilities, tied to an organisation of former agents. 

Frank’s power doesn’t necessarily reflect his intent, just simply a man on a mission, adding complexity to his role. Meanwhile, the parents, depicted through intense fight scenes, share a common entrepreneurial endeavour with all the retired agents on the list, hinting at their formidable pasts.

Kim Bong Seok(played by Lee Jung Ha) and Jang Hui Soo (played by Go Youn Jung)

Simultaneously, the episodes delve into the dynamics of the Bong Seok family. We have been showered with the cute deepened friendship between Bong Seok and Hui Soo– and also witnessed Bong Seok’s crushing on Hui Soo. 

Along the way, we uncover Kang Hoon’s abilities and concealed temper under his low-key style, which I must say adds intrigue to his character.

Episodes Four and Five

Episodes four and five take a pivotal turn, along with secrets that unfold, Bong Seok’s and Hui Soo’s uncover each other’s unique power.

Where Bong Seok suddenly becomes “light” when his emotions are stirred, which gives away his secret to Hui Soo. In return, she shares her ability with him, so they both can feel assured of each other’s secret. 

These two episodes highlight Hui Soo’s journey and determination to excel at school as this is her last chance to be accepted into a school. 

Episode Six

The storyline takes a turn starting from episode six, shifting the spotlight towards the adult characters and introducing background characters, including the previously glimpsed bus driver. Though his initial appearance was brief, his role gains significance as the narrative unfolds.

The bus driver, Jeon Gye Do (played by Cha Tae Hyun) , a familiar face in Bongseok’s daily routine, stands out to Gye Do for his warm greetings and consistent smiles. 

In a past episode, a connection is revealed between the electric man and the hitman’s targets. Interestingly, the usual bus is now under a new driver’s care, completing a narrative loop. 

Anticipation rises as Bongseok’s mother becomes a target in episode seven. Secret agencies dive into investigating the orchestrator behind the hitlist, leading to a temporary halt in its execution upon their discovery. 

This development adds intrigue as Frank’s departure, following a meal served by Bongseok’s mother, is put on hold due to a sudden message.

Episodes Seven to 10

Episodes seven to ten provide insight into the prime of adult characters (the parents), offering glimpses into their pasts. The tales of parents’ lives as agents and Frank’s poignant stories unfold. 

Along the way, it is finally revealed Bongseok’s superpowers origins which he inherits the abilities of levitation from his father (played by Jo In Sung), and heightened senses, from his mother. 

In Sung’s appearance clarifies the nature of levitation, sparking curiosity about Bongseok’s mother’s resistance to training and talking about his father.

Amidst this, the endearing love story between Bongseok’s parents captivates, unveiling their meetings, missions, and secretive office rendezvous.

Equally captivating is Hui Soo’s father’s transformation from a thug to a devoted father and an entrepreneur, showcasing his journey of redemption and resilience.

As episode ten reaches its conclusion, the bus driver once again becomes a focal point, leaving viewers intrigued and eager for what lies ahead.

What can we expect in the next 10 episodes?

Kang Hoon

Class president of class 3-3, Kang Hoon (played by Kim Do Hoon)

I’m genuinely intrigued by Kang Hoon, the class president of class 3-3. However, in the past 10 episodes, we’ve only scratched the surface of his character. All we know are his superpower and his father, Lee Jae Man (played by Kim Sung Kyun).

Lee Jae Man’s portrayal has depicted him as mentally unstable. Sources like press conferences and wikis reveal that he possesses remarkable abilities such as speed and monstrous strength. Strangely, these abilities have yet to make an appearance in the series.

Jeon Gye Do

As I eagerly await Kang Hoon’s backstory to be reveal, I have a feeling that the upcoming episode might delve into Gye Do’s vendetta. It seems he is on the brink of delving deeper into the enigma surrounding his father’s murder, fueled by his inheritance of his father’s unique power.

The parents

Adding to the mix, it’s my intuition that a moment could be on the horizon when all the parents and their children converge.

Given my familiarity with K-dramas, there’s a possibility of a love triangle forming among the three main young protagonists, and it may lead to strengthening their bond as a tight-knit trio.

Bong Seok’s Father’s Return

On a speculative note, I once contemplated the idea that Bong Seok’s father might not actually be deceased. Instead, there’s potential for him to be hidden away or living in seclusion, preparing for a triumphant return to dismantle the organisation using his impressive skills.


However, a critical puzzle piece remains unanswered: the reason behind the sudden urgency to eliminate them all. It’s unclear why the organisation is targeting these individuals. Could they be seeking to rebuild and assemble a fresh lineup of superheroes? 

It’s conceivable they’ve already achieved this objective, prompting the systematic elimination of retired agents and their families.

With numerous unresolved queries and my expectations soaring, I’m eagerly counting down to the next episode. The anticipation is electrifying, even though the wait feels nearly unbearable.

Where to watch?

You can stream Moving on Disney+ Hotstar, and as this is still an ongoing drama, you can anticipate new episodes weekly!

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