Celebrate The Christmas Season With Disney+ Hotstar’s Exclusive New Originals And Beloved Holiday Classics

Get your popcorn, and eggnog ready
By: Iffah Salleh
December 8, 2022

Disney+ Hotstar will premiere exclusive new movies, series, classics, and specials throughout December to entertain everyone this holiday.

There’s no better way to start the holidays than with a Christmas or holiday movie and specials for the whole family to enjoy. Lists of new exclusive Originals releasing during the holiday season and cult-favourite known holiday classics are available on Disney+ Hotstar for you to enjoy with your entire family.

During the holidays, watching movies or series elicits emotional resonance through memory. They highlight our desire to return to fond memories through images, stories, and music that invoke sentimental and wistful associations from the past. When you look back ten years from now, you will remember the warmth and delight of the memory you created at the time. This tradition will be passed down to the following generation. 

Disney+ Hotstar 2022 Christmas Collection

    1. Donna Hay Christmas

    Donna Hay Christmas, a new four-part series, shows us how to create the most spectacular seasonal event. Donna shares her greatest time-savers and iconic tricks to create your own version of Christmas joy, from reimagined festive mains like the ideal roast turkey to delightful desserts like her iconic centrepiece pavlova.

    Release Date: Now Streaming

    2. The Santa Clauses

    Scott Calvin has returned! He’s still as joyful as ever after nearly thirty years as Santa Claus. But as the popularity of Christmas drops, so does his Santa enchantment Scott tries to keep up with the responsibilities of his profession while also being attentive to his family. Upon learning that he can retire from his profession, Scott considers stepping down as Santa Claus and finding a worthy successor so that he can become a greater loving father and spouse.

    Release Date: Now Streaming

      3. Best in Snow

      Best in Snow is a holiday special narrated by Tituss Burgess which teams from across the world are transported to a magical snowy village and put into a passionate challenge to showcase their snow-carving skills. This action-packed winter program is enjoyable for the entire family, owing to stunning snow sculptures, dynamic musical performances by DCappella, and special guest Kermit the Frog.

      Release Date: Now Streaming

      4. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

        The Guardians travel to Earth in pursuit of the right present to make Quill’s Christmas special.

        Release Date: Now Streaming

        5. The Hip Hop Nutcracker

          Rev Run takes us on a hip-hop recreation of The Nutcracker ballet set in New York City. While  Maria-Clara’s mom and pop aren’t getting along on the night of the traditional New Year’s Eve Block Party, and it’s getting to her. Maria-Clara begins a holiday adventure to reunite her parents together. Will it be enough to revive their lost love before midnight?

          Release Date: Now Streaming

          Exclusive Disney+ Hotstar Originals

          1. Zootopia+

          Zootopia+ makes its comeback to Zootopia, the fast-paced animal metropolis.  A short-form miniseries that explores deeper into the backgrounds of some of the film’s most memorable characters, such as Fru Fru, the fashion-forward arctic shrew, ZPD dispatcher Clawhauser, the sweet-toothed cheetah, and Flash, the smiling sloth full of unexpected surprises.

          Release Date: Now Streaming

          2. Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

          Chris Hemsworth is on an ambitious quest to understand how to live longer and more comfortably. With the help of world-class professionals, family, and friends, he is embarking on a series of massive challenges in order to push himself to new limits and avoid the ills of old age. Chris will share how we can maximise our chances of living richer, healthier, and more wonderful lives.

          Release Date: Now Streaming

          3. Disenchanted

          Disenchanted, a live-action musical comedy is a sequel to Disney’s box office hit “Enchanted.” Starring the original cast from the inspiring tale of Giselle, a charming, naively romantic maiden from the fairy tale world of Andalasia. Which she has grown dissatisfied with city life and travels to the suburbs with her growing family in pursuit of a more magical life.

          Release Date: Now Streaming

          4. Mickey: The Story of a Mouse

          In almost every part of the world, Mickey Mouse is viewed as an icon of happiness and purity. Mickey became an instant phenomenon after appearing in the first sync-sound animated short, Steamboat Willie. He grew into radically various iterations over the years, reflecting both his creator’s incredible career and major socio economic shifts in the country he came to define.

          Release date: Now Streaming

          5. Ejen Ali Season 3, Part 2

          Part two of the third season starts with Rizwan making an unexpected entrance during the mayhem at the Cyberaya Science Centre. Ali is forced to adjust yet again as the Arena competition advances, while the other competitors fight for the top four spots in the final showdown. Meanwhile, Cero, the dark man, initiates his plan quietly and unleashes the catastrophic strike on M.A.T.A.  

          Release Date: December 24

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