Craving For Boba Tea? Here Are The Best Places!

Visit these boba tea shops now!
By: Cherelle Lim
March 23, 2022

Remember when ss15 was known for being bubble tea and boba tea street? Well, it doesn’t seem that way anymore. Ever since the pandemic hit and Malaysia was forced into MCO, more and more boba tea shops in ss15 have closed down. Today, there just aren’t as many as there used to. Although ss15 is no longer the reigning boba tea street in Malaysia, there are plenty of other places in KL where you can get your fix of boba tea! Whether you’re in Cheras, PJ or KL, there are new and delicious boba tea houses popping up at every corner. So, here is our Glitz list of some of the best places you should end your boba tea craving!

Check Out These Boba Tea Places

1. Xing Fu Tang

An extremely popular boba tea house from Taiwan is Xing Fu Tang. Remember when the first of its stores opened in Malaysia? Everyone was clamouring and getting in line to get a taste! Xing Fu Tang takes pride in the fact that their speciality is stir-fried pearls with brown sugar. They are one of the bubble tea shops in ss15 that is still standing strong. Stroll up to any of their outlets and you’ll be greeted with the sweet scent of brown sugar. You’ll also be able to witness them stirring the boba in real-time!

2. Gong Cha

Gong Cha is a fan-favourite boba tea place to visit when you are craving unique flavours. Like most boba tea houses, Gong Cha comes from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As the fastest growing boba tea house, it has over 1,500 outlets worldwide! So, if you are ever craving an oreo bubble tea or yam-flavoured purple boba tea, Gong Cha is the place to go. The best part is that you can adjust the sugar and ice levels to your liking! 

3. The Alley

The Alley is yet another household boba tea name. As a homegrown Taiwanese boba tea franchise, The Alley has certainly made its mark. One thing to note about The Alley is that they produce their own tapioca pearls and sugar cane syrup. Namely known as ‘Deerioca’, The Alley makes these two using quality ingredients and creating them from scratch! One of their must-try drinks is their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk. 

4. Chatto

Chatto is different from other boba tea houses in the sense that it is also a cafe! This homegrown tea cafe has over 25 outlets in Malaysia. Many of their drinks have a distinct ombre effect that shows off the different layers. So, be sure to snap a shot and post it on your Instagram! Besides that, Chatto is the perfect cafe to drop by if you’re hungry for some snacks too. They serve both Japanese bento boxes and snacks that pair well with your bubble tea. Be sure to try out their Charcoal Pearl Oolong Tea and CHATTO Milk Hojicha too!

5. Tiger Sugar

If you’ve noticed, many boba tea brands seem to love including animals in their name and mascots. Tiger Sugar is no exception as it is known for its tiger-striped appearance. This effect is created by having the brown sugar drizzle down the sides of the cup. Similar to many boba shops, the line to get a taste of Tiger Sugar was phenomenal when they popped up. Another cool thing about Tiger Sugar is that it’s recommended to shake your drink 15 times before consuming it! 

6. Daboba 

Daboba is most recognisable by its bear logo. At ss15s bubble tea street, the wait for Daboba is always the longest. Expanding quite quickly, this popular boba tea chain has a wide selection of classic milk teas, fresh teas, brown sugar milk, cheese teas and more on their menu! Whatever you are craving, you are sure to find a variation at Daboba. Besides the regular black pearls you always get, Daboba also offers golden bobas that are worth trying out! Want a taste? Try their Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea. 

7. Black Whale

Black Whale is a boba tea chain that is always trying something new. Getting with the trends, Black Whale even hopped on the dalgona coffee trend at the start of quarantine! Serving a wide array of drinks, Black Whale even offers a fruity yoghurt series and their speciality creme brulee and ice cream! This is one bubble tea shop you don’t want to miss out on. So, be sure to drop in whenever you spot their outlets in KL, ss15 PJ or anywhere else! Get a taste of their Brown Sugar Avocado Milk, or Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk. 

8. Chawanjia Tea Bubble  

Looking for something unique? Try out Chawanjia Tea Bubble! Their extensive menu offers everything from your classic pearl milk tea to filling yoghurt drink. Furthermore, this is a boba tea shop that takes things to a whole new level. Forget about boring black boba pearls, at Chawanjia Tea Bubble, you can even get rainbow pearls! Not only that, they also have multiple fruit-flavoured pearls such as dragonfruit, mango and sakura pearls. Definitely an exciting bubble tea shop to visit.

9. Yumcha Tea Bar

Jom and Yumcha with your friends at Yumcha Tea Bar! At Yumcha Tea Bar, they put a twist on boba by adding local flavours. As they also make their own boba pearls, they pride themselves on using natural and fresh ingredients. They even brew their own tea using premium tea leaves, real black sugar, fresh milk and much more. Order various drinks from ombre to vibrant drinks. The local twists come in many shapes and forms. Whether it’s a nostalgic White Rabbit Milk Cha with Butterfly Pea Boba, or seasonal drinks like the Durian Potong Milk Cha. 

10. SoyLab

Our lactose intolerant friends may be suffering while we flaunt all the boba tea shops we’ve tried. So, here’s one for them! SoyLab serves soya milk with brown sugar tapioca pearls. Aside from that, they serve many soya desserts as well. The best part is that their drinks and desserts are made with non-GMO soybeans. This is truly a dessert haven for many so be sure to try their shaved ice, classic tau fu fah, soyffle pancakes and soy soft serve! 

11. KOI Thé

KOI Thé is another popular boba tea hangout spot for youngsters. Best known for their golden pears, KOI Thé offers other drinks such as the Matcha Latte with Golden Bubble. A great bubble tea spot for a quick grab and go, their service is quick and their drinks are customisable too! 

12. Moge Tee

At Moge Tee, get a taste of the wide variety of drinks! Ranging from bubble teas to fruit tea drinks, Moge Tee serves it all. With many unique and exciting drinks on the menu, their boba souffle is one everybody must try! What’s even more intriguing is that their souffle is offered in unique flavours too. Such as meat floss, strawberry and mango. Whether it is cheese tea or dirty milk, Moge Tee will satisfy your cravings.