10 Best Rolex Watch In Malaysia That Will Make Perfect Gifts

The classics and the uniques
By: agnes
March 24, 2022

Did you know that the existence of a timepiece dates back to the 1500s? By the 16th century, watches started to pop up more all throughout Europe. And while it was used to simply tell time back in the days, today it has become more than that. Watches have become more of an accessory, something to spice up or complete an outfit. Furthermore, the investment and status that comes with owning a luxury piece definitely turn heads. And although smart watches are making their way into the timepiece market, many still prefer classic ones. Thus, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got the best Rolex watch in Malaysia that you will surely want.

1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual collection has watches that are direct ancestors of the original Oyster, the world’s first waterproof timepiece, which Rolex has been known for since 1926. All of the basic elements of the Oyster Perpetual line are present in these watches. This Rolex Watch in Malaysia has exceptional chronometric precision, a watertight Oyster case, and a self-winding of the movement. These are chronometer wristwatches in their purest form, displaying hours, minutes, and seconds and built entirely of Oystersteel with a refined finish. On the latest generation Oyster Perpetual, the anti-reflective coating applied to the back of the sapphire crystal ensures maximum dial legibility.

Price: RM20,900 – RM23,850

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2. Rolex Datejust

The Datejust was made in 1945 and was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer watch to show the date in a window at 3 o’clock on the dial. Thus, it is why it was named that way. Because of its timeless looks and functions, as well as its long history, the Datejust is a watch that everyone recognises. Furthermore, the Datejust has a timeless look that makes it easy to recognise, making it the best Rolex Watch in Malaysia. The Datejust features an Oyster case, 18 ct gold fluted bezel, Cyclops lens over the date, and a five-piece link Jubilee bracelet; all of which are unique to this model.

Price: RM28,400 – RM62,850

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3. Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller is made of 18 ct yellow gold and has an Oysterflex bracelet on it. Furthermore, the bracelet is made of high-performance elastomer for the first time in the Classic line. In addition, it has a bright black, sunray-finish dial with gold hands and hour markers on it. On the sides and lugs of the 42 mm Oyster case, light reflections show off the watch’s sleek shape. This Rolex Watch in Malaysia is an elegant watch for people who travel a lot. This is because it shows the time in two time zones at the same time and has a calendar for the whole year. There is a 24-hour clock that shows the reference time on a disc off to the side, and the local time is read by conventional centre hands.

Price: RM71,050 – RM193,350

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4. Rolex Day-Date

This Rolex Watch in Malaysia was the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer watch that had a modern calendar. It has an instantaneous day display, spelt out in full in a window on the dial, as well as the date. The Day-Date was made in 1956 and has now become one of the best models to own. It has a new-generation movement, known as calibre 3255, that was all made by Rolex. This feature allows it to keep time at a very high level. Furthermore, the Day-Date has a self-winding mechanical movement that is at the cutting edge of the art of watchmaking.

Price: RM144,900 – RM157,650

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5. Lady-Datejust 

Since it was founded, Rolex has always shown a lot of drive. Back in the day, wristwatches were thought of as fragile jewellery for women. But Hans Wilsdorf was determined to give women a choice of modern and reliable wristwatches too. Thus, this is how the Lady-Datejust was born, and now it’s one of the best Rolex watch in Malaysia. Just last year, the gem-set versions of this model proved Rolex’s skills at gem-setting. Furthermore, they were just beautiful to say the least. The Lady-Datejust has so many options that people can always find one that fits them. You can find them in various designs such as Oystersteel, 18 ct yellow, and in white or Everose gold.

Price: RM26,300 – RM145,800

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6. Rolex Pearlmaster

The Rolex Pearlmaster has softly curved lines and unique dials with beautiful diamonds, truly one of the best Rolex Watch in Malaysia. However, one thing to note is that the Pearlmaster comes in only 18ct white or Everose gold. Nevertheless, the pearls on the Pearlmaster are set with diamonds that meet very strict standards. This ensures that the pearls have the most intense radiance. Thus, you can rest assured that the piece you’re getting is the best of the best. In terms of the bracelet, it has a hidden Crownclasp that is both elegant and useful. It looks just like the bezel and the dial, and its brilliant gem-setting is the final touch to a real watch.

Price: request at Rolex retail outlets

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7. Rolex Cellini

Cellini is a collection of Rolex Watch in Malaysia that celebrates the most interesting and exciting parts of watchmaking history. A noteworthy thing about the Cellini is that only 18ct white or Everose gold is used to make the cases. Furthermore, the watch is made with a round shape and a classic 39mm diameter. Other than that, it has refined lugs with a polished finish, as well as two bezels, one of which is domed and the other fluted. The dials also show expertise, as each one has a guilloche made of black or silver-plated with gold applique hour markers. You can find this particular collection in black or brown leather straps while the buckle is 18ct gold.

Price: RM59,550 – RM69,850

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8. Rolex Explorer

The Explorer, which was first made in 1953, has a simple design and a black dial with large hour markers and 3,6,9 numerals that make it easy to read. It is a tool watch that can tell the time accurately, no matter what, which is why it’s the best Rolex watch in Malaysia. At 36mm, the new Explorer is the same size as the first model that was released in 1953. The Explorer’s Chromalight hour markers and hands are made of luminescent material that gives off a blue glow that lasts even when it’s dark. Thus, when you’re out and about at night, you can still tell the time. On the other hand, when it’s sunny outside, these display elements have a bright white colour to them. 

Price: RM27,900 – RM43,550

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9. Rolex Yacht-Master II

The Yacht-Master II is based on the rich history that has linked Rolex to sailing since the 1950s. Furthermore, it brings together the best of Rolex technology to make a chronograph for yachting competition. This model is waterproof and strong, which is why it’s the best Rolex Watch in Malaysia for anyone who enjoys sailing. The Yacht-Master II comes in 44mm and is probably one of the most beautiful pieces from Rolex. The bracelet is a fun alternative to metal bracelets without sacrificing strength, water resistance, or reliability, and it looks good, too.

Price: RM170,450

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10. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The Cosmograph Daytona was first made in 1963 to meet the needs of professional racing drivers. Today, it has become a symbol that will always be linked to the high-performance world of motorsport. More than 50 years after it was made, the Cosmograph Daytona is still in a class of its own when it comes to sports chronographs. The Cosmograph Daytona has a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement called calibre 4130, which was made by Rolex and is used in the watch. Furthermore, it has fewer parts than a standard chronograph, which makes the movement more reliable. It also saves space, making it possible to have a big mainspring and have power for 72 hours.

Price: RM56,750 – RM175,400

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