Perform At Your Own Shower Concert With The Best Water Heaters in Malaysia

Singing in the man-made rain is top-tier
By: Iffah Salleh
April 6, 2024

Everyone is a superstar, especially during a shower, regardless of the time of day. Each time, we don our best imaginary outfit, grasp a makeshift microphone that’s actually a shampoo bottle, and become enveloped in hot steam, making our stage even hotter. It’s like having the best concert ever!

With the best water heaters in Malaysia as your concert assistant, you can have an uninterrupted concert of your own. Let’s daydream and be the best version of ourselves when we step out of our “concert”, feeling fresh and light-hearted!

Best Water Heaters in Malaysia

1. DEKA Aquas 88TRS 

The DEKA Aquas 88TRS is a modern water heater designed to make your daily showers more enjoyable and energy-efficient. If you’ve been dealing with cold mornings, this heater can save up to 60% on energy costs while giving you a comfortable shower experience. It looks stylish and fits well in any bathroom.

Safety is a top priority with this heater. It has multiple safety features like thermostats and splash-proof protection to ensure a worry-free shower every time. One great thing about the 88TRS is its quiet pump, which won’t disturb others. It also starts smoothly even with low water pressure. Plus, it comes with a set of premium shower accessories for added comfort.

With a flow rate of 2.0L/min and a power rating of 4.5kW, the DEKA Aquas 88TRS is ideal for anyone who wants a relaxing spa-like shower at home, without using too much energy or compromising safety.

Why we love it:

  • Quiet pump
  • Save energy up to 60%
  • Splash-proof protection


  • May not be suitable for areas with low water pressure

Price: RM798

Where to buy: Shopee

2. Toshiba TWH-38EXPMY(T) Instant Water Heater DC PUMP

The Toshiba TWH-38EXPMY(T) Instant Water Heater with DC Pump is specifically designed for users who prioritise efficiency in their water heating system. 

It features several notable safety elements, including splash-proof protection, a safeguard system with real-time earth connection monitoring, and robust leakage protection. These safety measures ensure a worry-free showering experience by automatically cutting off the power in case of electrical leakage or disconnection.

In terms of performance, this water heater boasts a powerful 3.8kW rating, delivering a constant flow rate of 1.5L/min for efficient and comforting showers. Its spiral flow heating system also ensures that the water is 99.9% free from bacteria, promoting a hygienic environment during showers.

If you are seeking a reliable, safe, and efficient water heating solution, this one is for you.

Why we love it:

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Bacteria-free water
  • Great safety features


  • Require professional installation
  • Slightly noisier than other water heaters

Price: RM715

Where to buy: Harvey Norman

3. Panasonic Digital Model/Siri U DH-3UDP1MZ

The Panasonic Digital Water Heater with Pump, Model DH-3UDP1MZ, is a feature-rich and versatile option for those who love a personalised showering experience. 

With its built-in nine safety features, including protection against cold shocks and scalding, users can enjoy worry-free showers every time. The Ag+ Crystal Material adds an antibacterial layer, ensuring a hygienic environment.

Its sleek design and splash-proof construction, combine aesthetics with durability. It offers pre-set personalised profiles with U-Memory, U-mode, and a 3-way shower head for customisability.

Designed for individuals who want precise temperature control, this water is especially great during changing weather conditions like Malaysia’s monsoon season, or for those who prefer gradual temperature changes to match their mood. The low-noise DC pump makes it perfect for late-night showers without disturbing others in the household.

Why we love it:

  • Splash-proof
  • Low-noise operation
  • Pre-set convenience


  • Low in power rating with only 3.6kW

Price: RM765

Where to buy: Harvey Norman

4. ALPHA SMART 18 (With Pump) 

The ALPHA SMART 18 stands out as an intelligent water heater, featuring a powerful 55W DC pump for comfortable and eco-friendly showers. What sets it apart are its customisable pump control options, allowing users to fine-tune water pressure to their exact preferences. 

Safety and performance are enhanced with features like the Line Fault Indicator, which detects false electrical connections, and the Pump Activator, ensuring consistent water pressure even at low flows.

Its compact design and low noise level of less than 40dB make it a convenient and peaceful addition to any bathroom. Perfect for those who value adjustable power and pressure control in their showers, this water heater offers efficiency and comfort without compromising its performance.

Why we love it:

  • Customisable pump control
  • Efficiency and eco-friendly
  • Compact design


  • Limited flow rate 
  • Slightly expensive considering it has no pump

Price: RM578

Where to buy: TBM

5. ELBA Heater EWH-K3420 (Non-pump) 

The ELBA Heater EWH-K3420 (Non-pump) offers a compact yet powerful solution for upgrading your home’s water heating system. With a power rating of 3.8kW, this cute water heater packs a punch while maintaining a space-saving design. 

It features a UL-approved high-quality heating element from the UK, ensuring reliable performance and durability over time. One of the standout features of this water heater is its electronic temperature control, which allows you to adjust the temperature to your desired level with ease.

Despite its powerful performance, this water heater is noted for its lightweight and compact design, making it perfect for smaller bathrooms or spaces where space is limited. The included 3-spray pattern hand shower adds a touch of convenience to your daily routine, allowing you to customise your shower experience according to your preferences. 

Additionally, the IP25 standard splash-proof cover provides added safety and peace of mind during use. This is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable, space-saving, and efficient water heating solution for their home, especially those with smaller bathrooms or limited space.

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Space-saving design


  • Limited flow rate
  • No booster pump

Price: RM221

Where to buy: ELBA Malaysia

6. Livinox LWH-TS-DC-RMB Water Heater

The Livinox LWH-TS-DC-RMB Water Heater is designed for those who appreciate a blend of elegance and functionality in their shower experience. Its slim and elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom decor while delivering efficient performance. 

This water heater prioritises safety with DPDT Protection, ensuring peace of mind during every shower. Enjoy a quiet and smooth shower experience with the Inverter DC Pump, which provides efficient water heating without unnecessary noise.

Available in two stylish colours: black and white, with a 4.5kW power rating and 240V voltage, this water heater delivers instant warmth for a comfortable showering experience. Perfect for those seeking an elegant addition to their bathroom that not only warms water efficiently but also enhances the overall aesthetic.

Why we love it:

  • DPDT protection
  • Efficient heating
  • Quite and smooth experience


  • Limited colour options

Price: RM489

Where to buy: Shopee

7. Joven SL30iP 

The Joven SL30iP instant water heater is an affordable yet feature-packed option that brings convenience and comfort to your daily showers.

The built-in DC pump with 4x booster power ensures sufficient water pressure for a satisfying shower experience every time. You can enjoy a spa-like shower experience with the customisable 5-spray handheld shower, offering 5-adjustable massager spray patterns.

Talking about the safety features, it does feature essential safety features such as thermal cut-out to prevent scalding, a safety flow sensor to detect water flow and prevent dry heating, and an IP25 splash-proof casing cover for added protection. 

On top of its powerful performance, the SL30iP conserves up to 50% of energy, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective. With a noise level of less than 35dB, this water heater provides a comfortable showering environment without disturbing noise. 

Why we love it:

  • Powerful DC pump with 4x booster power for improved water pressure
  • Customisable 5-spray handheld shower with 5 adjustable massager spray patterns
  • Conserves up to 50% of energy


  • Limited colour options or aesthetic customisation features

Price: RM419
Where to buy: ESH

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