Best Movies & TV Series in August 2023: A Whirlwind of Entertainment! 

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By: Iffah Salleh
August 24, 2023

Welcome to the best movies & TV series in August 2023! As the summer sun continues to shine, so does the world of entertainment, gifting us with a treasure trove of new movies and TV series to delight in. 

From heart-pounding adventures to side-splitting comedies, and heartwarming tales to galaxy-spanning epics, this August is poised to be an unforgettable journey through the realm of storytelling. 

So, gather your snacks, fluff your cushions, and prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as we dive into the best that the world of entertainment has to offer this month!

Best Movies & TV Series in August 2023

1. Moving

This blockbuster has been the talk of the town! Easily seal the top spot for the best movies & TV series in August 2023. Prepare for an enthralling TV series that’s not just for K-drama aficionados – “Moving” is here to sweep us off our feet! This uniquely Korean superhero saga is an absolute must-watch. 

Adapted from a beloved webtoon by writer-turned-screenwriter Kangfull and directed by Park In-je, the live-action ensemble includes Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Zo In-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, and the triumphant return of Ryoo Seung-bum to the small screen. 

As we follow three high school students and their hidden superpowers, a relentless adversary’s pursuit adds an edge of suspense to their captivating journey. 

With 20 episodes on the horizon, expect a tapestry of emotions, growth, and connection that will leave you eagerly waiting for more.

Stream it now on Disney Hotstar.

2. Concrete Utopia

Hold onto your hats for “Concrete Utopia,” an intense disaster-thriller that’s about to shake up the silver screen this August. Directed by Um Tae-hwa and starring Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, and Park Bo-young, this cinematic experience takes us through the aftermath of a cataclysmic earthquake. 

Adapted from the gripping webtoon Pleasant Bullying, the film promises a whirlwind of emotions as it unveils the tales of survival and resilience in the face of nature’s fury. Mark your calendars for August 9, when the tension and triumphs will unfold before your very eyes.

Catch it on the big screen starting from August 9, 2023.

3. One Piece

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as the live-action “One Piece” series drops anchor on Netflix this August 31. 

The first eight episodes dive headfirst into the captivating East Blue Saga, immersing us in the vivid world of pirates, treasures, and unbreakable bonds. Covering a staggering 11 volumes of manga and a treasure trove of anime episodes, this binge-worthy spectacle promises to be an unforgettable voyage. 

So, stock up on popcorn and join the crew for an adventure of a lifetime!

Stream it on Netflix starting from August 31, 2023.

4. Mask Girl

The list of the best movies & TV series in August 2023 won’t be perfect without this one, as it has become one of the most anticipated K-drama this year!

Unveil your alter ego and immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of “Mask Girl.” This captivating South Korean streaming television series, under the direction of Kim Yong-hoon, features a star-studded ensemble including Lee Han-byeol, Nana, Go Hyun-Jung, Ahn Jae-hong, and Yeom Hye-ran. 

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Naver webtoon, the series follows the transformation of Kim Mo-mi, an office worker plagued by insecurities, into a mysterious masked persona by night. Brace yourself for unexpected twists as fate takes a turn in her life. Delve into this thrilling journey, streaming now on Netflix!

Stream it now on Netflix.

5. Blue Beetle

Gear up for action as “Blue Beetle,” a DC superhero film, makes its eagerly anticipated arrival. The timing couldn’t be more intriguing, given the transition phase in the DC universe. 

Xolo Maridueña takes the spotlight as Jaime Reyes, a recent college graduate who discovers an alien relic that transforms him into the formidable Blue Beetle. 

The film’s place in the DC universe might be shrouded in mystery, but one thing’s for sure – this plot is bound to electrify. Get ready to catch it on the big screen!

Catch it on the big screen now.

6. Stone of Heart

Step into the shoes of international intelligence officer Rachel Stone, portrayed by the remarkable Gal Gadot. Embark on a perilous journey to safeguard “The Heart,” a mysterious linchpin in the heart-pounding plot of the film. 

Tasked with a vital peacekeeping mission, “Stone of Heart” promises a pulse-pounding adventure perfect for lovers of all things action. If your cinematic taste resonates with the likes of Mission Impossible or Indiana Jones, add this to your watchlist today! It’s a date with destiny for your next movie night.

Stream it now on Netflix.

7. Only Murder in the Building Season 3

Rejoice, for the beloved series “Only Murders in the Building” returns this August with a third instalment that promises even more intrigue and laughter. 

Hollywood icons Paul Rudd and Meryl Streep join the already formidable cast, featuring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. The tale of three strangers united by their fascination with true crime takes a dark twist within the confines of their Upper West Side abode. Tune in and immerse yourself in a blend of mystery and comedy!

Stream it now on Disney Hotstar.

8. NCT 127: The Lost Boys

In a riveting four-part series, the charismatic members of K-pop sensation NCT 127 – including Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan – gather for captivating conversations.

Embark on a journey through their formative years, sharing anecdotes from their diverse global backgrounds. Get ready to be inspired as they reflect on their rise to international stardom, navigating both the soaring highs and unexpected curveballs that fame brings. 

Dive into the personal stories of these global K-pop stars, with each episode shining a spotlight on a subset of two to three members. Exclusive stories and unseen footage await – tune in now on Disney Hotstar!

Stream it now on Disney Hotstar from August 30, 2023.

9. Painkiller

Prepare for a riveting history lesson with “Painkiller,” a TV mini-series inspired by Barry Meier’s book and a New Yorker article that chronicles the origin and aftermath of the U.S. opioid epidemic. 

This series promises to captivate the minds of history enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Step into a world of intrigue, uncover the hidden truths and explore the roots of a critical moment in time.

Stream it now on Netflix.

10. Star Wars: Ahsoka

Attention, all aficionados of the Star Wars universe! A new threat looms over the distant galaxy, and the call for Jedi intervention is urgent. Rosario Dawson reprises her role as former Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano, following her compelling portrayal in The Mandalorian (2019). 

The TV mini-series follows Ahsoka’s quest to prevent a catastrophe in a galaxy on the brink. With the debut episode slated for August 23, “Star Wars: Ahsoka” promises eight gripping episodes – perfect for an enthralling Saturday night binge with fellow science fiction enthusiasts. 

Stream it on Disney Hotstar starting from August 23, 2023.

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