Plane For Your Next Vacation Already? Here’s Where to Stay in Pulau Redang

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By: Iffah Salleh
October 13, 2023

Invite yourself into the tropical haven of Pulau Redang, where cerulean waters meet immaculate beaches and vibrant coral reefs beckon your discovery. 

Amidst this Malaysian gem, the initial query arises – ‘Where to Stay?’ Worry not, intrepid explorer, as we unveil a charming guide to the finest lodgings on the island. From seaside serenity to jungle retreats, your idyllic stay in Pulau Redang commences right here!

Best Resorts To Stay in Pulau Redang

1. Redang Beach Resort

Nestled right on the shoreline, Redang Beach Resort is your VIP pass to sun-soaked bliss.

You will be putting your shades on, legs stretched out, and the ocean breeze giving you a warm embrace. With direct beach access, you might just catch a wave from your room—almost like a personal ocean show!

This sunny haven boasts 120 freshly built chalets, each equipped with AC and attached bathrooms. Whether it’s a romantic escape or a squad retreat, Redang Beach Resort has room for everyone– absolutely unforgettable.

Room rates: Starting from RM489

Check-in: 11 am
Check out: 12 pm

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AddressPulau Redang, 21090 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Contact Details+603 2031 5079

2. Wisana Village

Wisana Village, where the sea serenades your stay. 

Tucked along the tranquil shores of Teluk Kalong Kechil, this intimate retreat, crafted with love by a close-knit team, promises a melody-filled escape. The sole dweller on the ivory beach, it guarantees unmatched privacy. 

Packages cover accommodation and meals, leaving you immersed in the rhythmic embrace of waves (excluding boat transfers and aquatic adventures). With breathtaking island vistas and a doorstep house reef teeming with life, Wisana Village is a haven of tranquility. 

While there’s no spa, a charming open-air reading spot offers a front-row seat to the sea’s timeless serenade.

Room rates: Click here for more information.

Check-in: 1 pm
Check out: 11 am

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AddressTeluk Kalong Kecil, Pulau Redang, 21090 Kuala Terengganu,
Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia.
Contact Details
+63 9369 7587 |

3. The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Greet the day with a breathtaking sunrise at The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, a haven of opulence on the shores of Pulau Redang. 

Spacious rooms beckon with balconies, inviting you to unwind with a book or a cuppa while surrounded by the mesmerising hues of the sea. Some rooms even boast tubs for a soak with a view!

If the island’s allure keeps you indoors, fret not. Dive into the hotel’s swimming pool, break a sweat at the fully-equipped fitness center, or surrender to bliss with a spa treatment. Pampering is an art here, and leaving the resort might become a tough decision. 

Dreaming of an intimate island wedding? The Taaras turns dreams into reality—imagine exchanging vows under the open sky, surrounded by nature’s wonders, just amazing.

Room rates: Starting from RM500

Check-in: 3 pm
Check out: 12 pm

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AddressPeti Surat 126, Main Post Office, 20928 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Contact Details+609 630 8888

4. Redang Island Resort

Get ready to be wowed by the fabulous Redang Island Resort, tucked away in the sunny south at Teluk Siang. The entrance? A chic main building that’ll have you snapping pics from every angle – think open-air lobby, wooden vibes, and a ceiling so high it’s practically waving at clouds!

Now, let’s talk chalets: all 98 of them are like holiday dreams with a private balcony, a super snazzy modern bathroom, cable TV, and all the holiday feels. Oh, and the big choice – Rainforest Chalet or Seaview Chalet? Your call, but it sets the mood for your getaway!

Redang Island Resort is all about the full package – ferry transfers, a dip into the marine park, and snorkelling adventures thrown in. And if you’re not feeling the sun vibes, head straight to the resort’s spa for some body TLC! 

Quick tip: Slots are flying off the shelves, so hit them up with a call to lock in your slice of paradise!

Room rates: Starting from RM350

Check-in: 3 pm
Check out: 12 pm

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AddressRedang Island Resort, Teluk Siang, Redang Island, 21090 Kuala Terengganu,
Terengganu, Malaysia.
Contact Details+609 630 8787 | +609 630 8888 (Reservation)

5. Laguna Redang Island Resort

Laguna Redang Island Resort, nestled along one of Redang Island’s finest beaches, this resort boasts majestic traditional Malay architecture with a modern twist, earning its blockbuster status!

Take your pick from six types of rooms, including connecting and disabled-friendly options. Whether you prefer a sea or forest view, each room is a comfy haven with ample space. 

Picture this: extended balconies with lounge chairs, perfect for soaking up the sun in style.

But wait, there’s more! Laguna Resort isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a treasure trove of facilities.

Hold your breath – it flaunts the island’s largest swimming pool and the ultimate Dive Centre. Dive into adventure with equipment rental, lessons, and courses from their PADI-certified instructors. Laguna Redang Island Resort: where holiday dreams and Hollywood glam blend seamlessly!

Room rates: Click here for more information

Check-in: 3 pm
Check out: 11 am

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AddressPasir Panjang, Redang Island, Malaysia.
Contact Details +609 6307 888 |

6. Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa Redang Island

Experience a touch of English Renaissance on the stunning shores of Pasir Panjang at Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa. This boutique gem, inspired by the architectural allure of English Tudor styles, is a unique blend of sophistication and island living. 

Beyond its picturesque design, the resort stands out for its welcoming staff, top-notch facilities (hello, spa and poolside bar!), and an overall commitment to exquisite experiences.

With over 70 villas to choose from, this haven caters to every taste. The Seafront Villas offer direct beach access for the ultimate seaside escape. 

Yet, our personal picks are the Lagoon Villas or Country Villas, overlooking the enchanting “Lily Pond,” a man-made lagoon graced by a mesmerizing 3-tier fountain at the heart of the resort. At Sari Pacifica, it’s not just a stay; it’s an English-inspired island adventure!

Room rates: Click here for more information

Check-in: 2 pm
Check out: 10:30 am

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AddressLot 87 & 88 Pantai Pasir Panjang, Redang Island, Terengganu, Malaysia
Contact Details+603 9770 1055 | +603 9770 1050

7. Redang Pelangi Resort

Meet the trailblazer of full-board packages in Pulau Redang – Redang Pelangi Resort, a timeless haven welcoming tourists since the ’90s. 

This laidback gem prides itself on delivering unbeatable value with cozy accommodation, scrumptious buffet meals, and thrilling snorkelling escapades.

Dive into a world of relaxation and adventure with amenities like a bar, pool table, beach volleyball, board games, and a dive centre.

For those seeking a stress-free stay, this is your sweet spot. The resort’s simplicity is its charm, offering comfortable rooms just steps away from the beach.

Feel the warmth of home with friendly and swift service, not to mention a variety of packages (Minimum stays is 3D/2D) catering to your every travel whim–making it a perennial favorite for tropical getaways!

Room rates: Click here for more information

Check-in: Depending on the packages
Check out: Depending on the packages

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AddressPasir Panjang, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Contact Details+609 624 2158 |

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