We’re Obsessed With These Trendy TikTok Foods And We’ve Got The Recipes

let's get cooking
By: Nina Shahriman
January 22, 2022

When a video becomes viral on TikTok, it goes viral in a big way. Food videos are notorious for going viral and gaining millions of views in a single day. When anything gains that much popularity, it is frequently duplicated thousands of times by others who want to test it out for themselves. Huge TikTok food trends might be a little crazy, but they can also be a lot of fun and tasty and Glitz is doing a rundown of our faves!

1. Salmon Rice

On TikTok, videos with the hashtag #SalmonRiceBowl has received over 61 million views, all due to Emily Mariko. After her ASMR-styled cooking videos went popular, this creator attracted millions of fans. A salmon rice bowl was the dish that launched one of the most popular TikTok culinary trends.

Emily’s portrayal of how easy it is to do it yourself is part of the appeal. Take a look at her visually appealing films and try her signature dish!

2. Halfway Quesadilla

The year 2021 began with a delectable viral quesadilla hack. Simply cut a tortilla in half, fill each of the four quadrants with various ingredients, fold it, brown it on a skillet, and voila! In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a wonderful, healthy meal on the table. The taste choices are unlimited, from breakfast to supper to dessert.

These are also convenient to eat with one hand and are quite mess-free. Over the course of the year, this trend took on many other shapes, including this nori-based variant.

3. Pasta Chips

Chips made with spaghetti The TikTok fad may be the most inventive way to consume spaghetti we’ve seen in a long time. Pasta chips, which have received over 22 million video views on TikTok, are made by boiling pasta as usual, then seasoning it with your favourite spices, adding olive oil and cheese, then throwing it into an air fryer or oven until crispy.

What’s the end result? Handheld pasta that’s crunchy and tasty and ready to eat. The wonderful thing about pasta chips is that they can be readily customised to fit any noodles, sauces, cooking techniques, or even time limits. It’s a highly adaptable snack that takes only a few minutes to prepare.

4. Spicy Vodka Pasta

Gigi Hadid did not invent vodka spaghetti, but she did make it a culinary craze by sharing the recipe she uses on Instagram. The hashtag #GigiHadidPasta quickly became a trend, and people began recreating this delectable meal for themselves. Choose your favourite spaghetti noodle, and you may make this sauce with or without vodka.

To give it a kick, Gigi uses red pepper flakes. Depending on how much your taste buds can bear, add as few or as many tablespoons as you choose. With the addition of parmesan cheese, you’ve created a dinner suitable for a supermodel.

5. Baked Feta Pasta

What else can we say about the Baked Feta craze that hasn’t been stated already? It produces tasty pasta, a tasty dip, and has even been turned into a soup by some. This trend resulted in a plethora of delectable baked cheese dishes that were surprisingly simple to prepare. Jenni Häyrinen (@liemessa on Instagram and TikTok), a Finnish culinary artist and blogger, is to thank for that.

The baked feta pasta is made with only six ingredients—cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, garlic, chilis, basil, and pasta—and is ready in about 25 minutes, making it ideal for hectic weeknights. It all comes together in only two pans, which is an added bonus. Use whole-wheat pasta or a higher-fibre bean-based pasta to make this hearty supper a little healthier, and throw in some additional veggies wherever you can.

6. Dalgona Coffee

When the virus first broke out and the entire globe was quarantined, it appeared like everyone and their neighbour was preparing creamed coffee. The drink, properly known as Dalgona coffee, became extremely popular. On TikTok, the hashtag #WhippedCoffee has received 2.4 billion views.

One day, try replicating this delicious beverage instead of your usual morning brew. It’s made using an equal amount of instant coffee, sugar, and water. Blend those things together, add some ice, and toss in your preferred creamer before serving.

7. Nature’s Cereal

This TikTok craze is a mix of a smoothie, slushie, infused water, and fruit salad. After receiving an “I’m addicted y’all” review from Lizzo, Nature’s Cereal received a lot of popularity on the internet. Fruit (typically berries and pomegranate arils) is covered with ice and coconut water and served in bowl-like bran flakes with milk, according to the dish, which was initially published by TikTok user @natures food. It’s hydrating, electrolyte-rich, and fibre-rich, but it’s deficient in fat and protein to be considered a complete meal.

8. Pesto Eggs

One of the reasons we enjoy various TikTok food trends is that they provide simple methods to improve everyday dishes that you may not have considered. The pesto eggs TikTok fad, which appears to have started with a post from user @amywilichowski, is an easy method to add robust flavour to otherwise bland eggs.

You place a tablespoon of pesto onto your non-stick pan before breaking a couple of eggs in the centre, rather than frying eggs in oil, butter, or cooking spray. According to @amywilichowski, the approach may be used for fried or scrambled eggs. Substituting pesto for frying oil is a simple method to boost taste.