The Best Gift Sets And Hampers To Get This Chinese New Year

For home visits this festive season
By: agnes
January 25, 2022

Now that house visits are allowed during Chinese New Year, you must be asking – what should I get as a gift? Gift-giving when visiting a person’s house during Chinese New Year signifies gratefulness. However, there are many superstitions when it comes to buying gifts for house visits. One of them is that you should never buy a gift that’s black or white. Furthermore, it is preferred that you do not give items in 4’s as this is the taboo number. Other than that, there are also a few items you shouldn’t give as gifts. For example, don’t give clocks, umbrellas, pears, chrysanthemums, and more. Getting too much for you to handle? Fret not then, because we’ve compiled some of the best gift sets and hampers you can get this Chinese New Year.

1. Signature Market Gift Bundles

Signature Market has introduced a slew of new gift sets, including a selection of Plant Origins items, to coincide with the arrival of the Lunar New Year. The business has put together a variety of thoughtful and eye-catching gift sets, including everything from gourmet delights and healthy snacks to aromatherapy products and hand lotions. To ensure a complete gifting experience, customers will also receive a complimentary, exclusive Chinese New Year greeting card with plenty of space for personalised messages. 

Price: Starts from RM68

Where to buy: Click here

2. Oh Cha Matcha x Lo Hong Ka

This Chinese New Year, you can get the limited edition Oh Cha Matcha x Lo Hong Ka Prosperity Basket. It includes four different types of delectable and healthful bottled matcha drinks. A handcrafted dairy-free matcha pineapple tart and a greeting card are also included. You’ll also receive a surprise goodie, all bundled in a reusable bamboo basket. Bird’s Nest Konnyaku Jelly makes its debut. Each box comprises 6 pieces of Konnyaku Jelly in a variety of flavours. This includes Matcha, Ong Lai (Pineapple), Red Dates, and Coconut, all of which are well complimented by Gold Bird’s Nest’s nutritional richness.

Price: RM168 for Prosperity Basket & RM68 for Bird’s Nest Konnyaku Jelly

Where to buy: Click here

3. Icon Brewings Ang Pao Strudels

Icon Brewings is already well-known for its flaky and crumbly strudels, which have piqued guests’ interest and appetites for months. Their beautiful Classic Fruit Strudels have earned excellent reviews. But this Chinese New Year, they are stepping up by adding a gorgeous festive feel to its original fruit strudels. Aptly named Ang Pao Strudels, the limited-time series sports a prosperous red flaky pastry. The best part? It’s made naturally by infusing beetroot. Between the flaky pastry are sweet rich custard and juicy fresh fruits. You can opt to get them individually or in a pack of five!

Price: RM18 per piece or RM80 for a pack of 5

Where to buy: 24, Jalan Manis 3, Taman Bukit Segar, 56100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur ( near Leisure Mall) or click here

4. Hennessy Limited Edition CNY

For this year’s Chinese New Year celebration, Hennessy collaborated with internationally known artist Zhang Enli to create a bright artwork and exclusive gift versions. There is a strong emphasis on tiger power, success and confidence in this rendition, which is conveyed through dynamic lines and brilliant colour. As a symbol for change and the passage of time, he has chosen to honour the serene beauty of Cognac’s Charente River for his theme this year.

Price: RM345

Where to buy: Click here

5. The Tapping Tapir CNY Packs

Whether you’re making a drink or just quenching your thirst in the summer heat, we’ve got you covered. This Chinese New Year, The Tapping Tapir is releasing a variety of limited-edition gift sets. First is the Fortune Peach-Perity Pack, which features Peach & Osmanthus sodas. In addition, you get an adorable Fortune Peach-Perity Pouch. The next limited-edition gift set is the Keep Calm & Carry ONG 2.0. This pack features 12 different soda flavours and comes with a free Keep Calm & Carry Ong red canvas bag. However, do note that the latter is based on while stocks last.

Price: RM58 and RM88 respectively

Where to buy: Click here

6. Crème De La Crème Handcrafted Petits Gâteaux Gift Set

With Crème De La Crème’s handcrafted petits gâteaux gift set, ring in the Chinese Lunar New Year with a bang. This gift package, which is made entirely of natural handmade ice cream, is sure to impress your friends, family, and loved ones. What you get in this gift set is: Paws, featuring Genmaicha ice cream and caramelised apple compote, alongside 2 Big Gams (Orange) made of Madagascar vanilla ice cream with Chicken floss and French dark chocolate ice cream. In addition, you also get 6 Small Gams where you get 2 flavours per 3 piece, featuring Madagascar vanilla and milk hazelnut ice cream. Lastly, you get 2 Gold Ingots featuring salted caramel ice cream and honeycomb.

Price: RM138 (inclusive of Crème De La Crème metallic cooler bag)

Where to buy: Whatsapp or call 017-394 0735 to order

7. Piacere Fine Foods Compound Butter CNY Set

If your family is an adventurous foodie, we recommend you try Piacere Fine Food’s compound butter. They have a selected variety of standard and premium flavours that are sure to blow your guests away. The standard selections feature black garlic herb, red wine shallot, spicy carribbean and kombu. Furthermore, the premium selections feature truffle, roasted bone marrow, and white wine scallop. You can choose from two CNY gift sets: the 3 jar package or 5 jar package. The first comes with 3 standard flavours of your choice while the latter comes with 4 standard flavours of your choice + 1 premium flavour of your choice. Every package also comes with a complimentary cooler bag, decorations, and oranges. Our favourites include truffle butter (which is made from fresh truffles!), kombu, and red wine shallot. In addition to spreading it on toast, you can also melt them over steak!

Price: RM118 for 3 jars & RM148 for 5 jars

Where to buy: Whatsapp +60-14 636 8436 to order

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