Must-Visits and Fun Things to Do in Cameron Highlands

Come to Cameron!
By: Aina Shamshuri
June 30, 2023

Did you know that Cameron Highlands is named after geologist and explorer, William Cameron, after he discovered the area in 1885? And there’s so much to love about Cameron Highlands – the cool temperatures, the chill (pun totally intended) ambiance, the scenic views. But we tend to only think of strawberry farms and tea plantations whenever we talk about this slice of paradise. There’s actually so many other cool (again, pun completely intended) and fun things to do in Cameron Highlands! We’ve compiled a list of the must-visit places, attractions, and activities that you can do while you’re in this beautiful region of Pahang.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Cameron Highlands

1. Have a Picnic at the Cameron Highlands Flora Park

Image via Mai Singgah

Cottagecore girlies, you’re gonna love this. A relatively new attraction in Cameron Highlands, the Flora Park is *the* place to take the most aesthetic, cottagecore, fairycore pictures you’ll ever take in your life. It’s a six minute walk from Kea Farm Market, and there are tons of different species of flora that’ll make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos. There are lots of staircases and walkways that you can explore, and if you don’t feel like walking around, the place also rents out outdoor picnic sets for couples and groups, which comes with a delicious spread with desserts and tea. Plus, you can even host private events there! Anyone fancy a Bridgerton-style picnic?

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Address:GC35+48, Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang
Operating hours:9.30am – 7pm daily
Contact details:+6012 654 3657

2. Get Lost at the Time Tunnel Museum

Image via Holidify

You’ll be amazed at how many items are at this place. In our opinion, this one of the most interesting things to do in Cameron Highlands, and definitely the quirkiest place there. The Time Tunnel Museum is said to be the first memorabilia museum in Malaysia, and it’s filled to the brim with nostalgic pieces that will transport you back in time. There are rooms that look exactly like a typical grandparent’s home, as well as antiques and older versions of popular Malaysian household items like old Milo tin cans and enamel tiffin carriers. It’s super fun to explore, and you can also learn about the history of Cameron Highlands there.

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Address:Time Tunnel UT/MR/F-255, Jalan Sungai Burong, 39100 Brinchang
Cameron Highlands
Operating hours:9am – 6pm daily
Contact details:

3. Gunung Brinchang

Image via Tripadvisor

Doesn’t it look just like a scene out of The Sound of Music? Gunung Brinchang stands at 2,000 meters above sea level, and is the second highest mountain in Cameron Highlands (after Gunung Irau). But the best part about Gunung Brinchang is that you just drive up to the top! The road leading up to the top of the mountain is the highest tarmac road in Malaysia, which is why it’s so popular. If you’re up for the challenge however, you can totally hike up the mountain through a jungle trail that starts near Brinchang town. From the observation tower at the summit, you’ll get a full view of the Titiwangsa Mountains. And trust us, the view and the vibes alone make the trip so worth it.

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4. Fall in Love at Robinson Falls

Image via Travelswithsun

I just said that for the wordplay, but who knows, maybe you’ll get your meet-cute at the very picturesque Robinson Falls as it’s pretty popular, and it’s one of the most romantic places in Cameron Highlands. Don’t let its popularity deter you, however, as it’s so worth the hike. Hidden away in Tanah Rata, Robinson Falls is a beautiful, cascading waterfall that’s accessible through a short forest trek. There are a few trails to follow to get to the waterfall, so be sure to do your research ahead of time. The vibes are absolutely immaculate at wonder of nature, and you’ll definitely feel more relaxed and at peace once you see the flowing rush of water. It’s not the kind of waterfall where you can chill in the water, but it’s for sure a sight to see.

5. Pretend to be a Forest Fairy at the Mossy Forest

Image via The Star

Trees that have grown to look like a gateway to another world? How mysterious. The Mossy Forest, near the peak of Gunung Brinchang, has been dubbed the most Instagrammable jungle in Malaysia, and we don’t disagree. It has an elevated position of 2,032 metres, and it’s lowkey alway covered in a shroud of mist, which just adds to its mysterious and fantastical vibes. This hike isn’t really for newbies, but active hikers and nature lovers should definitely give this hike a go. We recommend joining a tour, lest you accidentally get lost and wander off into more spooky areas of the forest.

Address:Mossy Forest, Gunung Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang
Operating hours:
Contact details:6013 674 1406

6. Hit the Golden Hills Weekend Night Market

If you’re looking for a night activity in Cameron Highlands, why not stroll around a night market? This pasar malam is super popular for its rows and rows of stalls selling everything from snacks to trinkets. It’s a great place to just find some food to tapau or to find souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones. The best part? You won’t be sweating nearly as much as at other night markets in Malaysia! The Golden Hills night market is open from 4pm until 11pm, but only on weekends and school holidays.

7. Make Friends with Sheep at the Sheep Sanctuary

Image via Puri and Sue

Located right behind Kea Valley Hotel in Brinchang, the Sheep Sanctuary is an amazing place for animal lovers and families. One of the most fun things to do in Cameron Highlands, you can feed, pet, and just hang out with these fuzzy creatures. You can get up close and personal with the sheep, and they’re very friendly, too. Plus, there’s also alpacas! Entrance fee is priced at RM12 for adults, and RM7 for kids, and you’ll definitely want to bring a sheep home after spending some time with these adorable animals.

Address:Pasar Malam Kea Farm, Brinchang, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang
Operating hours:Fri – Wed: 9am – 5:30pm
Thur: 9am – 7:30pm
Contact details:05 491 4638

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