The Impossible Heir Review: Episodes 1 to 4

Nothing is impossible if you are desperate enough
By: Iffah Salleh
March 15, 2024

Did you manage to catch episodes three and four, which were just released yesterday? Do you feel like you need a quick recap of the first two because the latest episodes have already filled your mind with heavy mind games? We understand!

Let’s delve into the strong and impactful start of ‘The Impossible Heir’, one of the hottest K-dramas at the moment! The drama certainly didn’t disappoint in that aspect. 

Now, let’s break down some of the best moments from the first four episodes. Let’s dive in!

The Impossible Heir

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The storyline revolves around an illegitimate chaebol son, Kang In-Ha (played by Lee Jun Young) meeting an underprivileged guy, Han Tae-Ho (played by Lee Jae Wook) with a somewhat sad background at high school. 

They agree to use each other to gain mutual benefits and strive to climb the ladder of power by any means necessary. Along the way, they both encounter a girl named Na Hye-Won (played by Hong Su-Zu), who adds a new layer of complexity to their dynamics. 

Episode 1

The episode begins with Tae-Ho finding himself in a mysterious murder scene, setting the stage for intrigue. He then arrives in his mother’s hometown and encounters Kang In-ha, a neglected son from a wealthy family. 

Despite initial conflict, Tae-ho and In-ha develop a strategic bond. Meanwhile, Tae-ho’s mother is revealed to be alive but in hiding due to threats from his abusive non-biological father. As Tae-ho and In-ha navigate university life and complex family dynamics, they form a plan involving the Kang-oh group.

Tae-ho’s interest in Na Hye-won and In-ha’s pursuit of her add layers of complexity to the story, leading to strategic manoeuvers and alliances.

Episodes 2

In Episode 2 Hye-won seeks Tae-oh’s help, but he declines, leading to strained relationships. In-ha becomes suspicious of Tae-oh and Hye-won’s interactions.

Within the Kang family, power struggles and tensions escalate as Hee-ju(played by Choi Hee Jin), In-Ha’s only family member on his side and half-sister, advocates for In-ha’s inclusion in family affairs, causing conflicts. Kang Seong-ju(played by Lee Ji Hoon), one of Inha’s uncles, makes strategic moves in business, while In-ha’s feelings for Hye-won deepen despite her rejections.

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Tae-oh navigates complex relationships, including his tutoring job for Hee-ju, which ends abruptly. Emotional turmoil ensues as Hee-ju confesses her feelings to Tae-oh, who rejects her, causing heartbreak.

Hye-won faces challenges with her mother’s actions, leading to conflicts with loan sharks and sheltering at In-ha’s house. In-ha and Hye-won’s relationship evolves, causing Tae-oh to confront his feelings and make difficult decisions about his future.

The episode concludes with a glimpse into the future, showing the development of the Co-prosperity Cooperation Centre and the characters’ roles within it.

Episodes 3

Episode 3 starts with the impression that they have finished their studies and moved into the working world with Han Tae-oh facing challenges at Kang-oh group, impressing Chairman Kang Joong-mo (played by Kang Joong Mo) also known as In-Ha’s father, and becoming his secretary. 

Five years later, tensions rise within the Kang family as power struggles intensify, centred around the ambitious Royal Road Project and the Co-prosperity Cooperation Centre. A mysterious hacker reveals insider information about Kang Seong-joo and Jo Sundong’s conspiracy against the chairman. 

Tae-oh, In-ha, and Hye-won strategise to counter these plans and protect the chairman’s interests, leading to confrontations and strategic manoeuvers.

The episode explores complex schemes involving embezzlement accusations, power plays, and alliances within the Kang family. Geum-suk, In-Ha’s stepmother, manipulates to threaten the chairman’s position, culminating in a dramatic raid at Kangoh’s office and a confrontation between the chairman and Geum-suk.

Episodes 4

In Episode 4 tensions escalate within the Kang family as Geum-suk tries to blackmail the chairman with embezzlement evidence. However, her plans are thwarted when the chairman collapses, leading to a chaotic situation.

Tae-oh takes charge of ensuring medical help for the chairman, revealing a deep-seated conflict within the family. The halted prosecutor’s raid adds to the family’s turmoil, with suspicions and tensions running high.

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Meanwhile, In-ha becomes increasingly concerned about their hidden plans being exposed, adding to the complexity of the situation. As the chairman’s collapse is revealed to be staged for strategic reasons orchestrated by Tae-oh, the dynamics within the family shift dramatically.

Hee-ju’s attempts to push for marriage meet resistance from Tae-oh, further highlighting the strained relationships within the Kang family. Seung-joo’s ascension to acting chairman brings about financial instability and a power struggle, setting the stage for intense conflicts and machinations.

The chairman’s revelation of the staged collapse confronts Geum-suk with their shared deception, while In-ha’s integration into the family signals a new phase of alliances and confrontations. 


Episodes 1 to 4 of “The Impossible Heir” dive headfirst into a tumultuous world of familial intrigue and power dynamics. The plot is a rollercoaster of deception, manipulation, and carefully crafted schemes that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Betrayal & Loyalty

Characters like Tae-oh, with his sharp intellect and hidden motivations, and In-ha, trapped in a web of family neglect and social invisibility, add depth to the narrative. The drama doesn’t shy away from exploring darker themes, such as betrayal and loyalty, painting a realistic portrait of a family torn apart by ambition and greed. 

Power & Control

With strategic twists like the staged collapse of the chairman, the storyline becomes a chessboard of strategic moves and countermoves, showcasing the lengths people will go to for power and control. 

Amidst all the drama, there are poignant moments of emotional depth, especially in In-ha’s journey of self-discovery and Tae-oh’s complex relationships with other characters. This drama is like a gripping tale of ambition, betrayal, and the high stakes of family legacy, making it a must-watch for fans of intense, character-driven narratives.

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